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Down to Salva Kiir and his stooges and congratulations to Dr Riek Machar Teny and the entire SPLM/A Leadership.

SG Pagan Amum and Dr. Riek Machar signing a peace agreement for their respective parties in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Salva Kiir refused to sign(Photo: file)
SG Pagan Amum and Dr. Riek Machar signing a peace agreement for their respective parties in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Salva Kiir refused to sign(Photo: file)

August 21, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—The SPLM/A Mission in Australia take this opportunity to congratulate Your Excellencies, Dr Machar Teny Dhurgon, Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of the SPLM/A, for signing the Compromise Document.

Signing the Compromise Document to end the suffering of our people and to rescue our nation from foreign occupation and internal fragmentations demonstrates that SPLM/A is for the people, by the people and will forever remains aware of the fact that all South Sudanese shared the resources of this young nation, uphold its values dearly in their hearts and have collective right and responsibility to decide its future instead of naively few or foreign governments.

It is now up to Salve Kiir and his spin-doctors to prove to the world that the fate of our nation on the SPLM faction that he leads is in the hand of Yoweri Museveni of Uganda instead of him.

To our Chief Mediators led by General Taban Deng Gai, we applauded your tireless effort and relentless work. You might have been mentally, physically, financially and emotionally exhausted; however, you have proven to South Sudanese and the world at large that you are and will forever be fellow men and women of this young nation whose effort would forever be remembered for proving wrong Kiir and his partner in crimes. You have given up anything that you humanly can to end this war of reform and your effort has resulted in the Compromise Document’s production and signatory.

Thanks-giving is not enough too to our freedom fighters led by the Chief of General Staff, Comrade Gatwech Dual and his entire command officers and the White Army. Your intrepid spirits have kept this war of reform alive and we are confident that we shall achieve this golden reform for our people to prosper, live in harmony and share their God given collective resources with each other in peaceful mean. We have no-words to describe how thankful we are to you. The International Community have seen our collective effort and Kiir and his foreign stooges have now realised that we have the right to decide the fate of this nation collectively.

To media warriors, scholars, supporters and the people of good-will, you have magnificently demonstrated what it means to be active citizens who have the duty of care for the nation. Serving the nation from collapsing and mismanagement is not a ‘CHARITY’ but ‘DUTY’. You spoke louder, stood taller, named, shamed and condemned in strongest term possible the acts and insanity of Kiir and his god-father, Museveni.

We are encouraging you to remain exposing this madness until we claimed back our young nation from their criminal and corruptive leadership. Kiir and Museveni have proven beyond responsible doubt that their ongoing deals will remain massacring us, dividing us, continuing to loot our previous resources and hindering the services that we all have the rights to access as citizens of this young nation.

Driven by madness and incapability to occupy the nation’s highest position the nation is too big for Kiir to lead and managed.

His lack of effective organizational knowledge has led to absence of seeing the goodness in others, exclusion and isolation of those who have the intellectual capacity to assist him in running the nation’s affairs. He is more keen to extend the life-span of his weak leadership by appointing individuals who are known most with personality disorders, anger management issues, poor communication skills and oppositional define disorders.

History has proven that appointing incapable and people who are suffering from issues such as the ones identified above, contribute significantly not only to poor government policies, development and implementation but also ineffective foreign relations, ineffective administrative management and poor internal and external security handling. The current situation we are in proves this claim beyond reasonable doubt.

We are remaining you the honourable members of this young nation of Kiir’s leadership as a major threat to all of us and will continue to do so unless we take put aisde our differences and implement crucial and immense measures to defence our collective existence and resuce our nation from his divisive rule.

The following are evidences: Kiir had ordered the killing of Murlie Tribe in 2011, 2012 and 2013. He organised and funds the training of private army from a particular section of his tribe, which is responsible for the massacre of the Nuer nation in 2013 and caused us the current human catastrophes. Kiir has hired foreign mercenaries to massacres his fellow citizens that he shameless claims he leads. He continues to rules with iron fist and incompetently resolves even simple and minor issues through the use of decree.

The recent relocation of livestock from the national’s Capital-Juba to Awarrap State is an example. Kiir continues to relieve the democratically elected governors, retires his fellow comrades who fought along his side during the struggle with our predecessor north and assumed the leadership of the nation as his and his stooges. Kiir continues to oppose the reformation of the SPLM ‘s leadership guidelines, does not support the SPLM Convention and Political Bureau leaderships to be held and appears adamant, impulsive and fears for his status quo to be endangered. Worst of all, Kiir has no-plans for how South Sudan can be a revival, peaceful, prosperous and economically progressive state in the years to come.

He surrounded the leadership of the nation with gold-diggers, incompetent stooges, family members, relatives and loyalists. Corruption is in its highest peak, whistle bellowers are imprisoned, major contracts are awarded to inner circles and family members, freedom of press is absent, divide and rule strategies are at the core of the leadership’s survival and individuals who maybe criticising the government’s poor performance are merciless tortured if not killed.

Any sound minded leader who is mindful of the suffering of his people cannot hesitate to sign a piece of document that can end the suffering of his people. Kiir has not signed the document because his god-father, Museveni, has not consented. We are calling upon them and their so-called Dinka Elders, the most shameful and faceless Elders with blood in their hands, to abandon their egos and put the interest of the people first.

We are also calling upon the young Dinka men and women to discipline the shameless elders who are currently spoiling their names and future many young Dinka in the supreme eyes of South Sudanese. Like any other sons and daughters of South Sudanese who have given up nothing else but only their lives for our collective freedom, the great Dinka community’s sons and daughters have endured significent suffering togeher with all other South Sudanese and this bond should remind the Elders that the nation and its resources and leadership are for us all. As the Elders have damaged the nation’s social fabrics, leadership and created more divisive existene we are urging the youth to assert pressure on them in anyway they can and remain united in our cause.

Regardless of our differences and tribal backgrounds, there is no-doubt that we will forever be bonded by our inter-married blood relationships, our flag and national anthem, the resource and values we shared and the sufferings we have been through from the 80s to 2015. Our tribes, clans, class, religious backgrounds should not be used to divide us as we have seen from criminal minded group of Elders and Kiir.

They are our collective identities and beauties of our existence. Those who are capitalizing on these traits are traitors and should be disciplined swiftly for if they continue to divide us we will fall and if we united we will withstand their evil attempts.

Long live the people of Movement
Long live Dr Riek Machar Teny
Long the people of South Sudan.

Cc: Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Chairman of the National Committee for External Affairs
Cc: Stephen Mach Malual Jal, Representative to Australia.

Yours in Struggle
Comrade Magach Akocdit, Deputy Representative to Australia (makurbaaryol@gmail.com)
Comrade Gatluak Puok Puoch, SPLM Country National Coordinator (mccluak@hotmail.com

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AGUMUT August 21, 2015 at 11:22 am

Young Africa,i like that above picture.I love that.

Karab August 21, 2015 at 9:27 pm

I think Pagan Amum is thanking Dr Riek machar for working hard to release him from prison. I see machar saying It is ok. I always do the right thing. Even if you are arrested again unfairly, I will struggle for you. That is what integrity is all about & when there is no rule of law, the next one may be me. So, Dont worry my friend.


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