The distortion of Bor Genocide by Toby Lanzer

By Puot Kang Chol



April 24, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — We the SPLM Youth League( Opposition) would like to give a clear view on the subject of fallacious denunciation shaped by Kiir regime in Juba and the Toby Lanzer concerning the recapturing of the most oil producing hub of Bentiu on the 16/April 2014.

We want to be clear to every body all over the world that, we the people movement didn’t butchered any civilian as claimed by the Toby Lanzer and Kiir regime whether from South Sudanese or Sudanese. The people who unfortunately succumb happened to be those fighting a long side Kiir and the claimed massacre didn’t pick out any unarmed person but only combatants involved in a fight in the battle field but the said allegation was simply a claim to distort and overshadow the case of the Bor genocide at the UN base which we thought Toby would have talk about but only to pay deaf ears.

Furthermore, Bentiu have never been a trade off zone for the last three month of the havoc due to trepidation of citizen both national and foreigners. Killing innocent live is not our agenda and it will never be until we bring about a free and just nation for all South Sudanese.

The alleged massacre against innocent live was not Cary out by our gallant forces but the desperado Sudanese rebels were dislodge and that resulted into the increment of make a mountain out of molehill figure of casualties. People must be informed that the Sudan’s rebels never had uniforms specially the Darfur rebels and that is why Toby when and pick it and he think this are civilian. We have no problem with civilian from Darfur and we have them all over our control areas example Nasir County,Uror, Langkeen and Waat  they are there in a big numbers.

Secondly, we condemn Salva Kiir for destroying/dismantling the abiemnhom bridge. We are wondering what Uganda and the entire world will say about this because they were sent under the pretext of protecting the critical infrastructures. Now the question is what kind of a critical infrastructure that is more than a bridge in South Sudan?

Long live SPLM/SPLA

Long live the people struggle

Long live our gallant forces

Long live Dr. Riek Machar

SPLM/SPLA(opposition) Oyeeeeeeeeee



Cde. Puot Kang Chol

SPLM Youth League(Opposition) Chairperson

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