Updf Should Evacuate From Jonglei And Juba Or, The Mighty Nuer Will Coach Them Tough Lesson This Time.

By Mak Banguot Gok,


White army
A contingent of the white army matching to frontline(Photo: supplied)

April 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Despite the word of warning or whatever assertion which, the so-called Ugandan People Defense Force (UPDF) put in force  on to the mighty Nuer revolutionary fighters after the rebel overflowed Ugandan and Salva Kiir’s  dissident army garrisons  outside Bor town on Tuesday the 22th, April, 2014. These series of military confrontation justifies a fresh start by the rebel toward Juba. Lightening Speed Operation as repeatedly putted by the rebel commands.

The last comprehensive operation against the odds and ends nonconformist soldiers still trustworthy to the brutal primitive warlord Salva Kiir, has kick-off in various fronts by the men and women demanding removal of brutal dictator and his genocidal government. The scuffle launched in all the fronts heading to Juba and, the Ugandan Army will never contain rebel occupying Bhar- El Ghazel region, Upper Nile and the greater Equatoria.  Their presence in most part of the country, particularly Jonglei and Central Equatoria is at their own expense.

I promise if the mighty Nuer rebel fails to swarm Bor in this lightening speed operation because of the existence of UPDF which has no track record in winning foreign war, I will surrender to Salva Kiir. \

No fear whatsoever of hungry mercenaries serving money against their will.  Ugandan culturally skilled only eating Matoke and, their fighting at the side of the cowards tribal army of Salva Kiir cannot stop us (the Nuer-lead revolution) ousting dictator who massacre our innocent people for no reason.

Paddy Kunda, the UPDF spokesman reportedly tip off the Nuer rebel to put up with the burden of stern mislay when try to attack Bor town in what the mighty rebel called ‘’ Lightening Speed toward Bor’’ that is nonsense since UPDF knew well the mighty rebel.

This revolution spearheaded by Nuer against Dinka-lead government is marking the initial and should be however the end toward reshaping the distorted history of this country. If individuals’ personalities from Ugandan government and/or the Ugandan general public still believe Salva Kiir the president of South Sudan after massacred thousands of blameless Nuer civilians in Juba which is disillusion. The innocent souls of the perished Nuer will not forgive us the one still alive. No reason for person exterminates our children and women to rule us.

In the intervening time, Only God will prevent Gen. Simon Gatwech Duel meet head-on whoever plunk on his way toward Juba. .

This warning by Ugandan sees as voice expressing grief and tactical call for more army from Ugandan mercenaries to be deploys in Bor and around Jonglei in some hours to come. Paddy Kaunda is urging his government to consider more troops or assured of risk of their stay in Bor. And, to rumble the number of already existed UPDF force in Bor so that the rebel’s lightening attack cause no extreme harm to UPDF while pulling out of the war front. They knew very well the mighty white army and the revolutionary regular force when skirmishing

UPDF will either retreat to Juba a head of direct confrontation with Nuer rebel or, a very drastic lesson which Uganda as a country won’t forget in their history, will be coach to them.

This is only, if they (the Ugandan) do care of the lives of their thousands children dragged in to a war which they don’t concern whatsoever. Nuer-lead rebellion against Dinka-lead government cannot be enclose by Ugandan which has no history of thrive in foreign war rather than Ugandan killing Ugandan on tribal-base since that nation’s creation. Tanzanian taught them lesson during Amin in midst 1970s. Now, their relation with that country is on mutual understanding after Ugandan learns who Tanzanians are. They will also learns who are the Nuer of South Sudan.

Nuer are amongst the very few African tribes known of self defense and retaliation if offended. There is no human being can massacre innocent Nuer women and children, destructing Nuer properties and their livelihoods fabric and, foully think to get away with no price pays.

We don’t feel it as an obstacle to see Ugandan siding with Dinka-lead government against the Nuer-lead revolution. As we says, this year is for the primitive-warlord to end rhetoric and,  let people of South Sudan  revive what were their history and , what required of themselves to form the new nation based a democratic foundation. Salva Kiir is finish and, you can hold responsible only the opportunists Dinka men allied to him as to why they are failing to realize and accept the defeat so that, innocent civilians are not suffering in the rest of the States which are not yet affected directly by the conflicts.

SPLA/IO under overall commanding of Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual has a mission to reach this time. The Chairman and the supreme commander of the Revolutionary Council -Dr. Riek Machar Teny has clearly stated to the world and the country that, the only solution to this entire power struggle is only Salva Kiir admitted that, he failed the nation and voluntarily steps down to open opportunity for dialogue. If Salva Kiir keeps ardent to lead the country in impunity, military solution will determine.

And, now no more time to waits since the historic capture of Bentiu that shacked Warrap, the home town of the tyranny- Salva Kiir has appeared a turning point in the whole liberation struggle. If Ugandan is wise, they should withdraw their force and not waiting for disgrace defeats by rebel.  Ugandan Army is all about selling to supplies the bankrupted totalitarian government of Museveni to continue humiliating Ugandan citizens. But, this time, things are different in South Sudan This rebellion cannot be contains by mercenaries who have never wined their mission in either of the African nation which they, Uganda usually involves in their internal matters.

Mak Banguot Gok, is youth desk representative for the SPLM/A [in opposition] who lives in Upper Nile State/ Malakal. He can be reached at makjohnson2005@yahoo.com

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Adeemtoch David April 25, 2014 at 12:08 am

It would be better if learnt nuers like you preach peace than war because no side whatsoever will win this war. I can assure you that if you people don’t come to terms with reality of the current conflict you will live to regret, believe me not.


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