Spiritless slaughter of human being and disobeying globe call a pompous for Salva Kiir regime.

Winston Churchill: Of this I’ m quite sure that if we open a quarrel between the past and the presence, we shall find that we have lost the future

By Gariay Gile

Kiir wipes 2
Photo of Kiir with handkerchief ‘destroying the image of South Sudan’Ateny Wek (photo: UAH web files)

April 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Since the outbreak of war that started on 15 December 2013, as rivalry disputes within the Ruling party SPLM leadership and defiance to party democratic reform. Thousands of people were direct forcefully killed, most of them including children, women, and elders, young were killed and even animals and valuable properties got lose and destroyed.

The citizens of south Sudan who still dragged into genocidal practices by the president kiir’s order, the president who enmity closed his eyes on one tribe in the country simple because he has ignorance to cultural diversification and democratic reform, are still not safe. Thanks God the regime will not escapes his culpable defeat economically and militarily both internally and externally.

An ugly onslaught by SPLA army on Nuer civilians sheltering at UNMISS camp in Bor killed about 130 people, created a new ugly image on The SPLA-kiir lead government. Shooting dead in an execution style the innocent and unarmed victims whom had no chance to escape is strongly legally and humanity unacceptable and condemned. Happiness was scaring my lovely vulnerable IDPs in the camp, indeed people do celebrate when you again a victory, Why not celebrating the fall of Bentiu wherever you are?

This cheap cowardly killing of innocent Nuer IDPs seeking protection in UN is a direct ‘’war crime ‘’as usual by kiir regime. They were massacre as did to their lovely relatives, students, Medical doctors, Lawyers, engineers, laborers and Nuer civil officers on 15 December 2013 in Juba. And I hope they died proudly because they are truly ‘’nei ti naath ‘’ (Nuer).

Freedom Fighters will too, bravely revenge you in double, with not only unarmy civilians, but full army ones because they are fighting a ‘’just war’’ against dictatorial genocidal regime.

Those who match to Bor UN compound and massacred the Nuer IDPs were:

      • The same drunkard commanders and their SPLA Soldiers who gun downed and eliminating Nuer in juba while government uses to nick name it as ‘’sporadic shooting’’ in juba every night and day by indiscipline army elements.
      • They are the same soldiers who killed Nuer‘s kiir loyalists in Commando Units on 5th March 2014, when malaak Ayuen called it ‘’indiscipline soldiers’’ because they were denied to their rightful salaries.
      • They are the same SPLA who killed people in Church, including late former Presbyterian moderator Pastor Daniel Giel Pal in malakal.
      • They are the same tribal presenters on SSTV, the only national tribal preaching Television in the globe, in which kiir government use to blindfold those who still listen to the propagandas, singing fake Dinka songs. Telling the world the truth of tribal war they commence in juba on15 Dec 2013.If they go wrong they say ‘’we are going well’’ and if they go well, the statement is the same.

Of course, Democratic forces under the leadership of Dr. Riek are fighting a just war, with no violations. For instance, we keep POW alive, this is a victory.

Salva Kiir was elected, but What does elected president mean? Yes he was elected not to kill his recent voters. And I think the same people you enjoyed their support during general election in 2010, and you slaughtered in 2013 and you still exterminating them, will not only make your leadership term short, but even your life and your personal image too.

Nuer IDPs in all UNMISS camps are there because their fellow countrymen who were armed in order to protect the sovereignty of this country fall short on their duties, then turn to those they supposed to protect. The training they gone through, the speech they listened to, the morals and orientations they got, the doctrines, the mandate they were taught with, the person they were told to protect and trust most become kiir not the country.

The place they know during the training and even tradition name and traditional identity they know and recognize all are Gokrialism thought against building the nation free of tribalism. These brainwashed private Gogrial (Gelweng) armies were recruited to destroy the rich diversification the South Sudanese dreaming about.

Challenges to our security are many. And it is not just our safety, cohesion and prosperity in the here and now that is threatened, but also our future, for no country can be prosperous and free if its people fear for their lives or property.

Going back to struggle of our people that neglected by Juba Regime .the sacrificed we did during our liberation, would it be possible to forget our historical contribution, and simply, introducing ethnicity division in the country?

Of course things would not go wrong, if Salva Kiir regime did not forget the liberators and freedom figures in south Sudan History. Would it be easy to forget the nationalism of Late Dr John Garang,Late Nyacigak Nyaciluk,Late Samuel Gai Tut, Late Stephen Duol Chol,Late William Nyuon Bany and late Abdala Chuol Deng.forgeting such alive visionary martyrs is a permanent insecurity curse to Kiir Regime.mr President your nightmares will not stop forever.

Of course, things would not go wrong, if the president Salva Kiir did not dishonor his constitutional oath’s quotation, as he was reading;

“ I…Salva Kiir., do hereby swear by the Almighty God/ solemnly affirm,

That as the President of the Government of Southern Sudan, I shall be faithful and

Bear true allegiance to Southern Sudan.. ..……; and that I shall protect and promote the unity of the people of South Sudan and consolidate the democratic decentralized system of government and

Preserve the integrity and dignity of the people of South Sudan; so help me

God/ and God is my witness”.

Now you’re joking with God, how can God be witness while your regime is doing opposite? Too, would it be easy to deny historical part of Cdrs in your illegally prisons? The Nation pokes fun at the genocidal regime at large.

The 15-18 Dec.2013 massacre and 17 April Bor UNMISS IDPs massacre are well documented, not only International community, Human Right watchs and UN, but also God.The darkest places on earth are reserved for those who remain silent with truth or who give false testimony in time of crisis.

My Culture and tradition is my natural lifestyle.

It’s noticeable that most of Nuer, who died during this war, were murdered because of their human creation known as ethnicity. Kiir technique of war is to eliminate Nuer ethnic out from South Sudan, and future presidency aspiration in the nation cheaply because the democratic reformists and echoers are headed by a Nuer, Dr Riek Machar, and the charismatic democratic leader of the people of South Sudan. For sure, Democratic is a natural system culturally in this movement.

The attack on Nuer civilians is the first deadly onslaught by the government forces in Bor. however, if it’s in that way, is it a mistake or wrong to died in the name of your tribe or culture? Emphatically, NO!

On the other hand, any tribe or group of organized society has a culture and traditions. Culture include all that man made in the form of tools,weapons,shelter,and other material goods and processes, all that elaborated in the way of attitudes and beliefs, ideas and judgement,codes and institutions etc. in such away,Kiir Regime is so against cultural diversifications richness in the State, cheering a war crime, globally witnessed.

Oh dear! My lovely Nuer IDPs exterminated in Bor UNMISS Camp, May God rest your souls in his eternal peace.. You have not died in vain. You are killed by internationally now known criminals while you were innocents.Kiir and his team are held account for their decisions, actions, or omissions. Lamently,I urge the UN and the International Community to put the human rights records they have in immediate action.

Gariay Gile is a concern south Sudanese, He is living inside the country. he can be reach him via ggyual@gmail.com and ggyualkon@yahoo.com

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John Yual Nguth April 21, 2014 at 11:47 pm

Wonderful brother let the other have a good look at what is what is happening.
We pray for peace to prevail by anytime.


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