Civil war in south Sudan will affect Economic investment to Neighboring Countries Especially Ethiopia and Sudan, and also will form National War in East Africa

Dina Maruach Yat, Spokesperson of Greater Upper Nile (photo: Dina)
Dina Maruach Yat, Spokesperson of Greater Upper Nile (photo: Dina)

By Ruach Wal Yat,





  • South Sudan Signed Cooperation with Uganda.
  • South Sudan Signed Cooperation with Sudan Rebels.
  • South Sudan Signed Cooperation with Egypt.
  • The Treaty of IGADS.


May 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Sudan is the largest country in Africa and is a part of the group of countries considered as the ‘Horn of Africa’. Sudan it borders nine countries which are include Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central African, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. But Ethiopia and Sudan are most near close bordering to south Sudan rather than other. Since the war dragged in south Sudan most of displacement people were fled to Ethiopia and Sudan to join refugee camp. Most displacement people are from single tribe (Nuer) because government of south Sudan targeted to genocide them and end up the life of innocent people.

Sudan located immediately up the Nile from Egypt, enjoys a very rich diversity of terrain, climate and ethnic compositions and is endowed with many natural resources. Many consider it the African country with the greatest potential after South Africa. The time when there is war in Sudan, it becomes poorest countries nation in all over the world. For more than 55 years, south and north Sudan were unified as a country, but divided internally and both separated recently 2011. Their separation occurred last two years, and followed decades of civil war, which describes broadly as a conflict between Muslim north Sudan and Christian of South Sudan.

The origin cause of Civil war in south Sudan:

When Dr. Riek Machar has been seen his rival represent the country without development process for change, then he become grievance to proclaim his intention to criticize President (Salva Kiir) for upcoming election 2015. Back then the story from last civil war between south Sudan and North Sudan, Machar explained about Salva Kiir conduct to imitate an echo of his earlier critique of Garang’s leadership. Machar remained first deputy chairman of the SPLA Party, but he accused the president of ignoring the view strategy of the party and admits his decision to be dictated by regional and ethnic lobbies and block business associates. Criticism of President to run government in tyranny rule went intentionally in public, and influences two groups (Dinka and Nuer) to accuse each other and brought division ethnic lines. Since the rumors go around and come around close to President of south Sudan, and also leak out to the public, Vice- President will contest upcoming election on 2015, then President took action against to relieve his Vice-President an immediately.

When President of south Sudan realized high political authorities figure criticize his activity for the way to run government to fail the state then he decided to dissolve all the entire cabinet, and bring new cabinet to represent his current regime. President believed to relieve all cabinet will make more sensitive in public and will convince all citizens of south Sudan and the rest of other countries in the world. During National Liberation Council (NLC) meeting, President was announcing coup before the war broke out. If you view situation the cause of outbreak war on December 15, 2015, nobody has been planed coup against President. But Salva Kiir has been hidden agenda to carry assassination attempt against his Vice. Rumor source said from entirely Dinka community, when Dr. Riek Machar will declare himself to run upcoming election 2015, then south Sudan will be destroy extremely and become failure state like Somalia.

Dinka domination believed in tyranny rule to become control sovereign in country and lead all south Sudanese tribes for more than 200 years. President has prepared himself to take another term upcoming election on 2015. Declared of Vice President to contest upcoming election, and also criticize the activities strategy of President of south Sudan to run government was the main critical issue which cause civil war of south Sudan, and end up the life of innocent people especially Nuer tribe. South Sudan civil war was linked to inter-communities conflict violence during raiding cattle 18th, 19th centuries. President becomes more aggressive against Nuer tribe because Vice President from Nuer was declared himself to run upcoming election on 2015 for Presidential seat. Estimate most like 10,000 people from single tribe (Nuer) were die on December 15, 2013 in Juba massacre which ordered by President of south Sudan (Salva Kiir).

South Sudan Government and Uganda had been Signed Military Cooperation Deal to targeted south Sudanese Rebel.

Salva Kiir signed cooperation deal last mid-December with Yoweri Museveni to intervene and back up south government to crush out Nuer tribe. With Uganda entry into war, the Uganda air force loomed as a new and potentially powerful addition to use cluster bomb for offensive to Nuer White army. The ground force troops of Uganda did tolerate the fight with White army, but the government of south Sudan told Uganda to use air force to offensive Nuer White army and crush them all with cluster bomb. South Sudan President (Salva Kiir) from Dinka tribe link current conflict violence with raiding cattle conflict late 18 & 19 centuries for targeted single tribe (Nuer) out from 63 tribes in south Sudan, and he ordered Presidential Guards militia from Dinka tribe to use genocide against innocent Nuer to harm the power of his opponent rival (Dr. Riek Machar). His intention is about Dinka and Nuer conflict to order Uganda Air Force and offensive Nuer with cluster bomb. Salva Kiir use cluster bomb against Nuer to remain in power for upcoming election to dominate 63 tribes and build Empire kingdom of Dinka. South Sudan government threatened 62 tribes to use them against single tribe (Nuer) addition foreign troops including, JEM, SPLM-North, south Kordofan, Darfur, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Egypt.

What does meaning of “White army” from Nuer tribe? White armies are civilians who didn’t well equipped with ammunitions but they organized themselves after when south Sudan President (Salva Kiir) took tension and targeted to genocide their children and women in Juba. The war between Uganda and Nuer White army had been lost at least 20 thousands both sides. Uganda expected to win war and fulfill their mission. Uganda hopes to back up government of south Sudan to threatened Nuer tribe for surrendering under administration of Salva Kiir. Cooperation between south Sudan and Uganda concentrate to reconstruct new oil pipe line directly toward Uganda. This promise had been forced Uganda government to sent troops and back up south Sudan government. Uganda back up Sudanese rebels with ammunitions because it is part secrete for cooperation between two countries. Uganda signed cooperation deal with high political authorities in south Sudan in order to benefit each other and share resources in oilfield refinery. Uganda troops fought alongside and endorse government almost within four months, but they failed to accomplish their mission to arrest leadership of rebel. The cooperation between Uganda and south Sudan will affect most population of single tribe (Nuer) for displacement and leave the country to Ethiopia and Sudan.

South Sudan Government and Sudanese Rebels had been Signed Military Cooperation Deal to back up the current Regime to targeted south Sudanese Rebel.

South Sudan and Sudanese rebels signed cooperation in order to get ammunitions to carried offensive combatant to Sudan Government. Sudanese rebels entry into war in south Sudan for purpose to overthrow the regime of Basher. Salva Kiir signed cooperation with Yoweri Museveni to back up Sudan rebels as strategy plot against Sudan government. South Sudan and Sudan rebels signed cooperation to offensive south Sudan rebels in Bentiu and Malakal. Sudan rebels agree strong ally with south Sudan to crush out single tribe (Nuer) in Bentiu and Malakal to build headquarter base in two areas. JEM, Darfur, and south Kordofan will take Bentiu as their headquarter base, and SPLA-North will take Malakal city as headquarter base after when they defeat south Sudan rebels. Sudan rebels accepted cooperation strategies with south Sudan government to help each other to offensive Nuer tribe and Sudan government. South Sudan civil war will affect Sudan government because south Sudan and Uganda back up Sudanese rebels to overthrow the current regime.

South Sudan Government and Egypt had been Signed New Military Cooperation Deal to build Headquarter base in Nassir near close Ethiopia to carry offensive attack directly toward Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam.

Salva Kiir current regime has been signing new cooperation deal with Egyptian government to build base in south Sudan in order to carry heavy combat and bombing Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam. Egyptian government interfere in war to south Sudan for reason to begin war against Ethiopia to bomb Renaissance Dam in order the water will follow normally running toward Egypt. Egyptians have shortage hydropower of water in order to do some growth development process. And now, Egyptian get new cooperation deal with government of south Sudan to build new base in Nassir near close to Ethiopia to carry huge offensive attack to destroy Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam. Salva Kiir has made very strong ally with Egyptian to allow their forces to destroy headquarter base rebel in Nassir for purpose because Egypt will begin another outbreak war to Ethiopia.

Another cooperation deal between south Sudan and Egypt concentrate to reconstruct Jonglei Canal and follow the previous construction toward Egypt. An Egypt Government agrees and accepts this cooperation, and also will help growth development for future generations to benefit.

On March 2014, south Sudan government sent two delegations, who are named and followed; Benjamin Marial and Kuol Manyang Juuk to negotiated cooperation ally with Egypt to back up government south Sudan for targeting single tribe (Nuer). But on this cooperation, Ethiopia suspicious and condemn south Sudan government to propose another project war against Ethiopia. Ethiopians editor web monitor note some suspicious criteria some agenda.

Read the bottom commencement from Ethiopian intelligence web moderator and take attention to understand the issue accordingly tesfanews.net;

“Any deal that involves Egypt in this part of Africa must have a relation to its confrontation with Ethiopia over the Nile. Such deal is part of the political measures Egypt wants to apply on Ethiopia that ranges from strengthening economic and military ties with all countries bordering Ethiopia to a worst case scenario of bombing the dam.

South Sudan was under intense pressure from Ethiopia on a constant basis to sign for the Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) that was designed to strip off Egypt’s colonial right over the Nile though it is known that it relies almost totally on the waters of the Nile.

South Sudan almost have no leverage upon Ethiopia to counter its systematic political and economic pressure. As it was evidently observed in recent times, Ethiopia, along with the U.S., have tried to frustrate the South Sudanese government through dragging the peace talks, demanding neighboring troops to withdraw support for the government and even to covertly support the rebels with weapons through its peace keeping mission in the country.

Despite Ethiopia’s insistence to demand the withdrawal of the Ugandan troops from South Sudan for the obvious reason, the rest of the IGAD member states unanimously authorized for the prompt deployment of regional forces in order to restore and maintain the peace and stability in South Sudan. Soon after, South Sudan foreign minister arrives in Cairo to request troop contribution from Egypt. Egypt, who is eager to set foot next to the Ethiopian borders, answered the call with pleasure and in fact went even to a greater extent of signing a military cooperation agreement with South Sudan.

For regional spoiler Ethiopia, the military cooperation agreement between Egypt and South Sudan will be considered as an “Insane Deal” and will look at it suspiciously. However, its success depends on how much Ethiopia reacts to that. Provoking and undermining the South Sudanese government works no more.”

Basic on this notice, there is progressing war between Ethiopia and Egypt, and this war will involve other countries in East Africa to form national war. This war will affect AU and IGAD to break out the unity. These two organizations are most important and strong organization in Africa to help crisis conflict between ethnicities.

Ethiopia has been suspicious Egypt to cooperate with Oromo rebels to back them with ammunitions to overthrow Ethiopian current regime. Egyptian came to coordinate war in south Sudan to control rebels for surrender because to begin another war to bombard Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam. Oromo rebels has been made strong ally with Egypt to topple current regime. This war will bring national war in East Africa to involve Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, and other.

Treaty IGAD in Addis Ababa will not resolve Cessation Hostility and bring Peace in south Sudan.

When cessation hostility in Addis Ababa will fail totally without solution to bring south Sudanese together for unity, then south Sudan civil war will remain there for several years to affect livelihoods. Failure cessation hostility will force minority’s tribes to claim another option. Outbreak Mid-December, single tribes were targeted and cause massacre innocent Nuer to force them and fled to Ethiopia and Sudan. Salva Kiir targeted three regions where Nuer tribes live especially Jonglei, Unity, and Upper Nile to attempted genocide and end up the life innocent. Nuerland has been remaining empty without civilians because it is became Warfield between Dinka and Nuer. South Sudan government has been using 63 tribes and addition foreign troops against single tribe (Nuer). This threatening troops foreigners has been made to force millions single tribe (Nuer) to fled away to neighboring countries.

International community’s has been watching quietly without rescue south Sudanese single tribe (Nuer) ongoing war in south Sudan. There were more evidence foreigners troops used cluster bomb for killing innocent people but no voice coming from superpower (America) for rescue. A Diaspora Great Nuer community has been condemning ongoing war in south Sudan because nobody sanctioned south Sudan government the way to kill innocent people.

If the Treaty IGAD investigation will failed without evidence to show massacre last year Mid-December crisis, then Nuer and minorities will claim Great Upper Nile to be by itself separate country. Conflict between Dinka and Nuer has been linked with raiding cattle, and this conflict will remain there for more than 30-50 years without ending.

Separation of Great Upper Nile from south Sudan will be the main objective solution that will bring positive cessation hostility between two tribes. Ongoing war in south Sudan to include foreigners’ troop will intensify the violence until international community will decide quick option to separate south Sudan to be two countries.

I believe the most positive idea to end cessation hostility unless Salva Kiir must step down and withdrawal of all foreigners’ troop in south Sudan. If IGAD will not force Salva Kiir to step down to leave President Seat then south Sudan will be failure state referring to Somalia. I believe if Salva Kiir will remain in his position to represent south Sudan as President then single tribe (Nuer) and other minority tribes will claim separate country especially Great Upper Nile ( Jonglei, Bentiu, Malakal).


South Sudan civil war will form national war in East Africa because ongoing war. Most of the foreigners’ troops were interfering for self-interest in war to signed cooperation with President of South Sudan. Foreigners troop interfere in the war with different interest to intervene south Sudan government. This civil war existing in south Sudan will affect most of neighboring countries to create national war as “African War.”

Failure withdrawal foreigners’ troop and step down President of south Sudan will intensify the violence to bring national war in East Africa, and also will force minority groups to claim Great Upper Nile as independence country. South Sudan existing war will remain there for almost 30-50 years if President will not step down. Cessation hostility will be reachable positively if Salva Kiir will step down period.


Ruach Wal Yat

Nassir base of Headquarter; the State of Latjhor:

Spokesperson of Greater Upper Nile:

Intelligences politician research from root causes conflict between indigenous tribes in south Sudan.

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