By Simon Tongyik Dahel,


Toby gave controversial reports on Bentiu. The UN later refutes some of the reports on May 08, 2014(Photo: Reuters)
Toby gave controversial reports on Bentiu. The UN later refutes some of the reports on May 08, 2014(Photo: Reuters)

May 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It is too concern for U.N organization to be too biased on the issue of human violation committed in Republic of South Sudan. Am wondering what motivate the United Nation Human right watch in South Sudan record. The whole world is aware about the atrocities that had been committed between December 15, and 19, 2013 in Juba under President Salva Kiir regime against Nuer in a board day light and yet they want to cover up the whole issue by creating a cheap laid allegation the so call Bentiu atrocities.

In a sincere sense, once could wonder what make United Nation bypass the real killer and look for innocence people who are fighting for self-depend. In town of Bentiu, there is no civilians or traders residing in the town since the town was taken by the rebels, those who were in the town were the Nuer indigenous and after the town were recapture by the government and the mecenenrece, the Nuer resident of Bentiu were murdered in cold blood and only government troops, Jem and Northern faction were residing in Bentiu town the rest of the vulnerable were living in Un compound.

At the first when the government forces capture the town from the rebel in Bentiu, multitudes of Nuer civilians were intentionally murdered particularly women and Kids, the United Nation did not put them in a proper record. In Leer town thousands of people were murdered in cold blood and no record were issue up to present days. The current recapturing of Bentiu a cheap allegation propaganda by the somebody calling himself expert in U.N alleged that about 200 Sudanese traders including the South Sudanese women and men from different ethnics groups including Nuer who are not supportive to rebels were executed in Churches, mosques and Hospitals and he could not even talk about those innocence Nuer who were murdered in UN compound in Bor town in a board days light.

As matter of fact, the recent recapturing of Bentiu town by the rebel there were no extrajudicial killing, those who were killed are combatants soldiers who were warring uniforms and because the so call UN expert detest the rebels with unknown reasons, he decided to covered up the real murder of Nuer to attracted the dictator government of Dinka in Juba.

The real atrocities that been committed in Bor town by the SPLA soldiers in UN compound killing innocence unarmed women, men and kids were bypass and the United Nation could not even give an exact numbers which were killed. That was an indication for the UN not being serious about the genocide practices against Nuer descents in Juba, Bor, Leer, Malakal, Mapel, and elsewhere in South Sudan. As matter of fact, we would want to know clearly that United Nation and the international community would declared themselves that they are pro- Salva Kiir who intentional decided to killed Nuer only Nuer in South Sudan and mobilized all difference ethnics group including the entirely mercenaries around the world with the help of United Nation and the United States of America. Base on this facts, we would like to let the world know that, Nuer as the one among 64 differences ethnics groups have a minding right to protect itself and his people even will remain one man.

On the side of United States particularly the Obama administration, we are fully aware that, Killing of innocence population of Nuer by President Kiir and Uganda America have a full blood hand on these massacred. Uganda, who has used a cholesterol bomb against our people, was authorized by the government of United States to intervene. After Nuer indigenous resist the enemy could America came against trying to forcefully Nuer to sign or surrender the arms that could allow Kiir and his Dinka alliance to slaughters them. Is this the democratic principles is America talking about? Well, if America was not aware that Nuer are human being who was created by the same God America was created with, we are bound to inform America to come to South Sudan with is all mighty soldiers and we are ready to face them in a battle field regardless of what and we hope this message would be clear America and the west should stay away into this tactical war the was created by President Kiir and his Dinka against Nuer, what America should do if I were them, they should concentrate on withdrawing of foreign troops which are fighting alongside of Kiir government in juba because the man Salva Kiir is intent to clean up the Nuer population in the face of the South, but he forget that no human race could be clean up by other human being.


The author,Simon Tongyik Dahel, is a concern South Sudanese living in the United State of America. He can be reached at dahelnguth@gmail.com

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