Nazi Government of Kiir must Go!!!!

By Tut John Tuach,


President Salva Kiir(photo: past file)
President Salva Kiir(photo: past file)

May 07, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Why world support Nazi Government of Salva Kiir who massacre Nuer, and the World since then denounce the Killing of Jews people of Israel after being killed in million?

American use to fought war outside homeland saying our freedom is taken away, why not us Nuer in our home country if we loss our identity,dignity and respect is that not our right to fight? Coming to what is happening now a day in South Sudan is true genocide? If not let whoever call native Britain and ask about true definition of word genocide.To my understanding,the term Genocide means the systematic killing of racial or culture group.

My justification to the killing as genocide is that Nuer are being targeted from the day one of Kiir war against Nuer. Good example is the decree by Nazi Kiir to order Maj. Gen. Marial Cinour to clear Nuer element from his presidential Guard is that not systematic killing, second, from Dec. 16-19 ordering Gen. Puol Malong Awan to search Nuer civilian in Juba killing them is that not systematic killing of racial? Thirdly, Ordering his father in Law Gen. Sava Mathok  Gangdit, to identity Nuer official and massacred them, the true example, when his team break to home of Gabriel lew Chang and took changson if it would not been some who was feed by changson lew and disagreement among themselves they would have kill him like his bodyguard, Salva Mathok fear to kill  by saying he is not among the people we needed is this not systematic killing, fourth, Nazi Kiir order is tribemen to disarm Nuer element in all military barrack in South Sudan for them to become helpless is that not systematic killing, example the Mechanize unit in Maple is that not systematic killing?

Why world still supporting this racial government which does not have any different with Nazism, this government has committed all the crime against humanity, Genocide and war crime. Nazi kiir when to the extend of selling my country, when Nuer are in the South Sudan Army there was no foreign forces agreement while the South and Sudan where in war. After Nazi Kiir and Museveni fail to clear Nuer with in Four days, and three Greater UpperNile States under control of Freedom Fighter kiir send his team to Egypt. His first agenda is to pleased Arab League through Egypt  by submitting application letter to member of Arab League why during the War? Second agenda is to offer Egypt with construction of canal in Jongle state to get more agriculture land in South Sudan, why now during the war. The last demand is the military hardware why now with your own internal affairs, my question to Egyptian is Egypt going to fight Sudan if it is going to be border issue but not ethnic cleansing of Kiir and his group? Why Egypt military council respect change in Egypt why not in South Sudan? To be honest any treaty, agreement and construct signed during the war will not have legality.

Finally, the state department should not come up with time table of interim Government without identifying the cause of war in South Sudan, is that the same Nazi Salva Kiir and Riek remain your interim proposal? Let me make it clear, the unification of Anyanya || and SPLM/A is did not disclose the route cause, that come the division in 1991, formation of Nasir Faction , again Dr. Riek told by International community to join Dr. Garang with out disclosing the cause of difference and their agenda for people of South Sudan. Many rebellion emerge the solution for kiir is to parading them through presidential decree. Learning from the past the United State, EU, AU, Arab League, United Nations, International and national Human Right watch, Civil society and World Religious leaders should condemn the killing of innocent citizens of South Sudan by Nazi Kiir illegitimate government, frozen oil money, removing all foreign force from South Sudan, bringing Nazi Kiir and Dr. Machar to discussion and identify the route cause of conflict.
For your referral you can refer from the narrative of the history of war from Dec. 15 and background  history.
This is what kiir and his Ugandan friends,  president Yuweri Museveni did to our people

  • Nuer are being target and kill because dr.Riek from Nuer despite the fact that majority of his senior political supporter are from Dinka and other ethnicity of South Sudan
  • many deceased are intentional killing
  • people are force to eat composed human body
  • man are being fuck by man
  • women are rape by soldiers loyal to president kiir
  • properties being looted by his forces
  • Ugandan Air force and infantry being use and massacre Nuer civilian in three state of Greater Uppernile
  • President Kiir order his force to destroy Juba Bridge that cross Nile river connecting Juba and Uganda unexpected from the president to destroy country resource.
  • kiir the dictator of 21 century is now in military uniform taking all the power of state back to his hand, powers of chief of staffs of the Army and Inspector General of Police event of National security that being inflicated by untrained people from Bahra Gazal for fact that they are his tribemen
  • Kiir is using governor of Northern Bahra Gazal, Puol Malong Awan as his operation commander to the extant of threatening senior Nuer in national security who are loyal to kiir for the fact that they are Nuer.
  • kiir looted  national bank of South Sudan knowing that he is going
  • Kiir divided our people by region before he declare war against Machar and his team he when to Greater Bahra Gazal  and declare to them that they should

support him because Nuer want to take power from him. To quote one of his speech against former Secretary General of SPLM Pagan Amom ” he says pagan must agree with the Investigation team otherwise the angry mob will come and remove him. He also added that his party will rule the country for coming 100 yrs despite being corrupted country in the world. Accusing Riek Machar of treason.
Few point about Riek Machar and his team:

  • Riek told president Kiir his intention for leadership of ruling party, the  lead to postponement of convention by kiir and to the extend of avoiding Poltical Bureau meeting.
  • Riek told president kiir it is enough you rule this country for 8 yrs and you lead our people to Independence , you become the founder of the nation open the way for other Political leader to rule, the history of this country will be drafts and your legacy will remain in the history of South Sudan.
  • Riek accepted his removal by kiir he calm all his supporters by saying it is constitutional Right of president to remove his vice and appoint another, cautioning them of no violent and he need peace for all South Sudanese but kiir still want to destroy the nation by telling illusion to his tribemen that Dr. Riek is against him.
  • Dr. Riek conduct press conference to inform the party supporter about the illusion of kiir that they are in need to change him with out due democracy process and he told his supporter to rally with him,however kiir divert the event into fighting by order his presidential guards maj. Gen Marial Cinuor to make forceful disarmament and arrest the those who resist that. He plan to arrest Dr. Riek and other supporters who stand with him in press conference. Kiir did this because he knew that he don’t have supporters in the country that is way he did this and he accused Riek of attempted coup against his government.

Above all the person who mastermind the current event in South Sudan is Ugandan President Dictator and term extend Yuweri Museveni , to be clear he always advising president on bad will, initially he told kiir to remove all his comrades for him to rule for life. To mention some names, , Dr. Riek Machar , Gen. Okay  Deng Ajak, Pagan Amum,Deng Alor, Gier Chuang Aluong,John Luk Jock, Majak Agoot Atem, lado Geri and more. Secondly he shows him the casket of general and his colleagues he murder for him to stay in power.

Thirdly, he told him to use the opposition  to bow for him.

Lastly he deeply involve in South Sudan Affairs by taking action of military which did not happened in other peace lover country like Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan who get big interest on oil resource did not order  his forces to control  the oil installation in South Sudan.

Ugandan Government is the country that his leader will  face the charge of war crime next to Charles Taylor in ICC after his involvement in other country.

My message to East Africa countries, United Nations, International Community should not allows our people to finish under the leadership of illiterate president, womaniser, alcohol addicted, corrupted, resource destroyer, ruling by decree while there is legislative, person with no vision.

All international organs should refer back to comment posted by international and social media about the leadership in South Sudan, alarming the world about the country leadership who give out country resource to his own village few corrupted individual to looted south Sudan. We need change kiir must go, we need the founder of the nation, the father of the nation and the leader who should build this country with the resource we have. South Sudan is for South Sudanese not for President Kiir, let our people have say in south Sudan, enough is enough kiir must go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tut John Tuach is a concern South Sudanese who can be reached at e-mail address sweettut@gmail.com

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Deng Mangok Ayuel May 8, 2014 at 3:45 am

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lualmagok May 8, 2014 at 10:17 am

The regional and international are completely confused and are facing lot of challenges in dealing with very complicated and complex situation like the crisis in South Sudan because all parties to the conflict shown their true color to the international and regional powers that , they have no program for this country and it is people as expected when the same powers supported the people of South Sudan to gain their independence from the Northern Sudan. The way the leadership of the Republic of South Sudan handled the recent crisis has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the future of this country and it is people had been compromised by those who call themselves leaders of this young country. The lack capability from both what so call dinka dominated government and Nuer rebel lead rebellion allow the recent crisis which is political and national by nature to completely shifted to Tribal crisis which both side are committing atrocities against innocents and helpless people who are not even aware about the political crisis in the country. The shift of the political crisis to Tribal crisis make it very complicated and complex to the regional and international system to resolve the crisis using the available regional and international instruments . As result the solution of this crisis will not easily come from International or Regional body without commitment from the people of the republic of south Sudan who are now suffering and dying in very senseless conflict. The solutions is within the hand of the Dinka kingdom and Nuer kingdom before regional and international community could come to assist. The parties to the conflict should tried to accept their mistakes and ask for the forgiveness from the people who unnecessarily loss their lives and properties in conflict that they may have no idea about. It also need courage from the people who loss their love one and those who were wounded and disabled by this senseless conflict to forgive those who did bad things to them and embrace the diversity of this country as our strength . Though we need international and regional support to make sustainable peace in this country . The duty bearer remain the people of south sudan to forget about the past and work for the future of this country before it completely get out of hand and become war theater from those who want to exploit our weakness . Let our leaders from both rebel and government accept their mistakes and apology to our poor people who perish on this conflict and those million who are now living under miserable condition in displacement camps as result of conflict and let them put this country first and it is people and finally we will have long lasting peace

Mading Makuac Mading May 9, 2014 at 4:29 am

It is must for Dinka’s to rule forever!
South Sudan is in the hand of Dinkas let the Sky fall down.


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