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USA Solidarity With Western Equatoria State [SWES]

By Sam, kabbashi, SWES.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.31.31 AMOct 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Solidarity with WES would like to make the following Statements in connection with the brutal attack on the innocent people of Mundri in WES:

Good evening!

Over 500 innocent civilians have been killed including women and children and thousands of people in the greater Mundri in Western equatoria state of south Sudan have been displaced by the current armed conflict in the area.

According to the eye witness, SPLA troops were deployed into the area with Helicopter gunship, and at least one Jetfighter was seen flying over the Town of Mundri in the past few weeks. Report reaching us from the ground is that; the SPLA soldiers in the area does not exercise control and are not acting professionally. They have engaged in looting properties, burning churches, killing innocent civilian most of whom are Women and children at random, at least 6 bombs have been dropped on innocent civilians, and ultimately a total village has been brought to ashes sending thousands of civilians into bushes. A situation many locals considered an ethnic cleansing and an act of genocide.

This attack comes after a ceasefire was signed as provided in the document of the CPA agreement. This is a clear indication of violation of Chapter 11 art, 1.7.4, 1.7.5 of the CPA which prohibits the act of hostility, intimidation, provocative or retaliatory actions such as dissemination of hostile propaganda, mobilizing, redeployment and movement of forces and any other activities that may jeopardize CPA. It clearly prohibit targeted attack against civil population including humanitarian Aid workers.

Therefore, Solidarity with WES would like to condemn in a very strong term the killing of innocent civil population. We appeal to the government of South Sudan to fully exercise control over its army; stop all hostilities, violence and attack against innocent people of WES and respect the ceasefire signed as stipulated in CPA that was signed on August 26 in the capital Juba.

We are calling on all parties involved in this conflict, civil population, organized community groups and armed forces to come to the negotiating table to find ways how to end the conflict that has taken the lives of many innocent civilians most of whom are women and children.

We strongly appeal to IGAD plus, all its Allies and the international community to fully investigate into this incident and intervene to stop the killing of innocent people and open channels for the provision of humanitarian assistance to reach over thousands of people who are trapped in bushes with their clothes on their back.


Samkabbashi October 14, 2015

Sam Kabbashi


USA Solidarity with WES.

SWES are Friends of WES, activists and concerned South Sudanese group base in North America. The writer of this statement can be reached on kabbashisr@gmail.com

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