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Vice President Rebecca Mabior calls on parties to join The National Dialogue

Oct 21, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Addressing the National Dialogue committee in Juba, South Sudan Vice President Rebecca Mabior, who declared her support for the national dialogue, calls on all parties to join the National Dialogue for the sake of reconciliation.

Mama Rebecca Mabior tells Al Jazeera that South Sudan famine was created by Salva Kiir or bad leadership from the leaders (Photo: file)
Mama Rebecca Mabior tells Al Jazeera that South Sudan famine was created by Salva Kiir or bad leadership from the leaders (Photo: file)

Speaking at the Freedom Hall in Juba, Hon. Mabior said she had reservations about the National Dialogue given that it was formed as a monologue by the government entities, however, she has accepted to be part of the national dialogue and called on others to join it.

“Like hundreds of South Sudanese who question the National Dialogue genesia, I felt that it was not an inclusive discourse but rather a process that looks a lot like a monologue, not dialogue,” Hon. Rebecca Mabior said.

“But the signing of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and the way our people got to express their grievances forced me to reconsider my concerns and join you in this effort to repair our society’s social fabric,” she continued.

Mrs. Mabior calls on all parties to come and join the dialogue saying it has a healing power.

“All of us in this nation must consent to discuss our political and ideological differences, not for ourselves but for our grandchildren. The Pretoria declaration brought more parties on board of the National Dialogue,” Mrs. Mabior said.

“So, I am here to support the National Dialogue process and call on all parties to agree to dialogue faithfully as people of one nation, not parties. I accepted the National Dialogue idea because of its healing power to grant every citizen’s opportunity to speak the truth,” She reiterated..

Mrs. Mabior believes that the National Dialogue can be used as a platform to create conducive environment for sustainable peace.

“it must be our moral responsibility to strengthen this National Dialogue Platform to create a conducive environment for sustainable peace. As South Sudanese, we need the National Dialogue because we must speak to each other about our grievances.” Mrs. Mabior said.

Mama Rebecca believes that South Sudanese have wronged one and therefore they must come forward to forgive themselves and mediate their differences.

“After all, the reconciliation dialogue is the means to restore the social fabric. The truth is that for several years, we have done horrible things to each other with impunity and no accountability.”

“Dialoguing can help us address the problem of inter-communal conflict and bring healing from the grassroots level. Moreover, national dialogue can help this nation restore individual respect, human dignity, and regard for the rule of law.” She added.

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