Eight Compliments That Are Actually Insulting

Couple in an intense conversation(Photo credit: Listen Hard)
Couple in an intense conversation(Photo credit: Listen Hard)

Mar 23rd (Nyamilepedia)  — Perhaps you are driven by the best intentions, but there are compliments that can offend a person. If you don’t want to offend your interlocutor, try to think carefully before you say something like that.
Here are 8 compliments from https://natalydate.com/ which are really insulting

1. “You’re on time!”
When you congratulate friends who are always late for meetings with the fact that they come on time, they may think that you approvingly respond to such a behavior. But a compliment should lead to the opposite consequences and you just show that being late is the norm for such a person and draw attention to this behavior. Think well before praising a friend this way.

2. “Your new haircut makes you look younger!”

Women like compliments about a new hairstyle. But such compliments for women may seem rude. She may think that before she looked worse and the previous version of her hairstyle added years. It’s better just to praise the changes without making any clarifications.

3. “It’s amazing that you cope so well with children!”

If you tell your soulmate that you are impressed with how he/she copes with children, a partner may think that you are surprised that he/she does it at all. Especially this applies to situations where a parent, who deals with children more often (usually a mother), says such a compliment to another parent (usually a father). If you don’t want to say insulting compliments, it is enough to emphasize that a parent manages to cope with hysteria particularly successfully. But it is not necessary to generalize.

4. “What a strong person you are!”

When someone is going through a difficult moment in life, you probably want to show support and praise the person’s ability to cope with hardship. Nevertheless, when you say a compliment about strength, you emphasize that there is a bad moment and he/she must overcome it. Many people don’t want to be strong, they feel doubts about themselves and don’t believe that they can cope, so such odd compliments make them feel even more uncomfortable – they think that they don’t do what they should.

5. “You drive perfectly despite you are a woman!”

This compliment may have a different formulation, but the problem is obvious. This is an unpleasant form of sexism and negative stereotypes. Never use the word “despite” saying compliments for girls. It’s enough just to praise one or another skill of a person.

6. “You have perfectly coped with this project by yourself!”

Perhaps you think that thus you show support and well-deserved approval. But it can also be a way to show that a person doesn’t seem to you a good team player. This phrase will be a compliment only for people who tend to be individualists. If a person values the achievements of a group or a family more than an individual, he or she may be upset that you emphasize his/her abilities separately from everyone else.

7. “You look great!”

Who doesn’t want to hear that he or she seems attractive to someone else? In fact, this is one of the compliments that women find insulting. If you comment on the appearance of a woman with whom you are not in close personal relationships, this can cause discomfort. The most positive compliments are specific phrases that allow a person to feel closer to you. Not sure what to say? In any case, don’t choose common phrases.

8. “I’m proud that you are promoted!”
When you praise your partner solely for his/her achievements, he/she begins to feel only a source of financial gain for you and not a full-fledged person with different strengths. In addition, a person may be tormented by some lack of self-confidence and such a compliment may only aggravate his/her feeling of restraint.

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