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I think polygamy is very much prevalent and justifiable whichever way one looks at it today

By Mary Nyajima Peter Nget,

July 08, 2021 — Many people pretends to say that polygamy does not fit the imagine of our modern society but walks in it. The truth is, polygamy was to do with status and wealth. The more wives a man had the more his wealth grew, because it was women and their children who worked the land. Then religion and financial restrictions arrived, These come along with the Western idea of loving, honoring and obeying one person until death do you a part which is perfect. But unfortunately they have a hidden culture which allows them to have mistresses and illegitimate children.

Author, Mary Nyajima Peter Nget...
Author, Mary Nyajima Peter Nget…

Despite growing modernity and awareness of women’s rights, and feminism movements, polygamy rate is higher than before in south Sudan from the poorest to the richest. Yes, some women still depend on men financially but that’s not the case. Majority of diplomat youths are genuinely happy practicing polygamy and that’s very good for them. polygamy is about status and part of the fabric of African Life.(MSA)

To contextualize polygamy in south Sudan, many young ladies, both educated and none are married to married men and still getting married, some are even engaged right now. The most unanswerable question is why these ladies agree to get into such polygamous settings, Could it be that unknowingly women are fanning the embers of polygamy by agreeing to be part of such unions? I think That’s their decision and most importantly if responsibilities are being accepted by the both couples.

I also think we need to get away from the idea that polygamy is always patriarchal and always oppressive of women because majority of ladies still agree to be in that Zone, thus the polygamy works in different ways. Honestly I think Polygamous marriages should not even be an issue today for it’s a personal decision to make and not a community or society decision. however, for it to work, wives must buy into the practice and the husbands should have enough income to look after all of them and their children.

I don’t support the practice by any chance but I dearly respect an African man who stands boldly, consulting his wife and declaring his second or third marriage to public than a double thinker who has a one wife at home but a lot of mistresses hidden. ,Yes, it’s a more honest way of behaving than hiding mistresses and illegitimate children as many men do in Europe and America. know what you want men! be either a polygamist or a monogamist. However, the Biblical view of polygamy from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the consequences of such a marriage are recorded in the OT.

The author is a concerned daughter of South Sudan, she can be reached through her social media accounts.

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