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The Journey To Peace And Unity Of The Southern Sudanese People Is 25% Only

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

South Sudanese painters decorating a wall in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: via UN/AfricaRenewal)
South Sudanese painters decorating a wall in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: via UN/AfricaRenewal)

March 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– (1) Historical Journey: Peace and Unity in South Sudan are a political issue whereby every regime came to power in a united Sudan happened to address these issues and a lot of time was wasted in scheming, scrutinizing and shaping the nature of peace and unity it had wanted. All their initiatives were in vein simple because their concepts about peace and unity were constrained to their knowledge and culture; philosophy and ideology; therefore their efforts had not materialized and as a result peace and unity were not realized in Sudan since the independence in 1956. We lost a lot of human resources, natural resources and intellectual resources due to lack of wise and sound leaders and politicians from both sides. The same dilemma is now happening in South Sudan since it gained its independence in 2011, history is repeating itself, and it’s now losing huge resources as a result of the same reasons which occurred in the past when Sudan was still one country. This journey to peace and unity of the Southern Sudanese is restricted between the players who wanted to liberate their people and those who wanted to sabotage them.

Started from 1947 to 1972 the rhythm and rhyme of political peace and unity were so high and elusive meaning. Though many initiatives and efforts had been endeavoring in order to realize accurate peace and unity in the old Sudan, we failed to create and establish them for fear of losing identity and culture, promoting and developing the entire people of Sudan without considering their race, color, religion and sex, which seem to be very difficult for the Sudanese to clutch and accept their reality. As a result, they failed to build a nation for all, which each and every one could feel at home wherever he/she may be in Sudan. The same phenomena are now undergoing and being developed by the new leaders and politicians who found themselves at the peak ruling in South Sudan. A lot of mess and ugly agenda have been triggered and feared by them aiming at creating a new class of society, which had never been existed in our history and culture at all.

Geographical Journey:

Peace and Unity in South Sudan are related to geographical location and the people of South Sudan originally, we all know very well that Southern Sudanese are geographically distributed and located in all parts of South Sudan. South Sudanese are categorically divided into groups and tribes, whereby each and every group and tribe has its own geographical area and village. Originally, they were all villagers who later on came to the towns as a result of modernization seeking for treatment, schooling and marketing or human normal aspect of the movements. In all their movement, they had to seek for peace first and they had to be peacemakers because while they were moving, they were crossing the borders and boundaries and encountering with others who also doing and practicing the same movements.

What were requested as you cross enter into someone’s property is respected and faithfulness, sincerity and humility? These are human personality which we all ought to for have and imitate. Otherwise, our humanity is in danger and our code of conduct is paralyzed and our activities are materialized instead. Geographical settlements for no good reason are a crime against human property, disrespect against human rights; devalue against human identity and terror against human development. We should act against our moral call in order to obtain our human needs and meet our daily desires by wrong means and evil behavior which is not ours, originally. Remember, when God Almighty created human being, He said: “Very beautiful”, this is your nature and supposed to be your behavior instead. Unfortunately, we have renounced it and adopted a strange one. Likewise, in His Ten Commandments, He also said: Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not accuse anyone falsely, Do not desire another man’s house, his wife, his cattle, his donkey, or anything else that he owns,”(Ex. 20: 12-17). If we don’t live and respect these instructions and mandates, then that, do you think would keep them?

(2) Political Journey:

Politics, Peace and Unity may not be realized today or tomorrow, even in the future, because politics has no fix means and friends, friends of today might become enemy tomorrow, enemies of today might change to friends tomorrow. We in South Sudan are still at the beginning of this journey which may take ten years or more for us to understand and comprehend ourselves and our politics. Political approaches cannot address and solve our negative and limited political perspectives without our clear will and desire to work for peace and unity in South Sudan. It goes without saying, when Sudan was one country, both leaders and politicians failed to realize, achieve and build peace and unity at home, do you think that after we have got our own nation we will be able to work and build peace and unity in South Sudan? December 15, 2013 was a cleared evidence that we too failed to apprehend and recognize peace to our people leave apart unity which impossible because each and every one wants to be the BOSS. The military people are leaving their tasks and responsibilities and want to be the BOSS, so do the rest. By doing so, we would continue to fail to achieve peace and unity of our people, what I would like to say here is that political journey to peace and unity of the Southern people is 25%. Even this percentage is unstable and fluctuating everyday so the general situation is regarded as the time bomb.

(3) Military Journey:

It’s really very strange and whimsical that 80% of Southern Sudanese are soldiers it seems that militarism is the only most available vacancies in the country. South Sudan has the highest number of high rank offices in the world, and those jackboots are not well trained due to lack of political understanding. One of the reasons why there are many armies at home is that each and every commander is recruiting his very own tribesmen, brothers and relatives not with the aim of guarding that nation, but many, power and protection. You would get two to five members of the same family are soldiers so this aspect is widely spread in the whole of South Sudan among the military officers and they called militarism. When war erupted in December, 2013, some families lost two to three or even five to six its members.

So far, the situation in Juba, Malakal and Wau is not reflecting about peace and security instead it reveals hints about second war and the suffering of our people South Sudanese. Militarism will never bring lasting peace and unity in South Sudan but dilemma and imaginative peace and unity. South Suda had already witnessed a huge number of genocide which will not be forgotten easily by the people concern. Those of you who trigger war and inflame war are the General of war and war mongers, they think by doing so, they would gain reputations and praises or they think that they are championing a war for the sake of peace and unity of the people of South Sudan, frankly speaking you are wasting your time and ours too. War has never won any victory before and will never win friends and partners, but enemies and rivals as a replacement for your hatred in life and circumstances notwithstanding. Who responsible for peace and unity in South Sudan in 2016 – 2020.

(4) Power and wealth Journey:

By these two demanded aspects South Sudan leaders and politicians have misdirected their vision and aspirations of the people of South Sudan simply because of the above mentioned theme and by changing it, they have disgraced and defiled their long struggle to meet and liberate their people. They hadn’t just disgraced their historical work and struggle, but also they have introduced into our community spirit of hatred, vengeance, dislike, disrespect and dishonor which were about to diminish and contain as a result of the liberation struggle for justice, equality, freedom and rights the people of South Sudan. Unfortunately, our so called leaders, freedom fighters and politicians have altered all the agenda by focusing on their own personal interest and agenda which later on engineered the whole move into a dry landscape of South Sudan politics. The power was used wrongly and ugly and against the people for fear of losing it and they didn’t know that people are the power and the power is the people. Respecting them would guarantee for persistent and long stay in power, but disrespecting them by looting their properties, intimidating their general atmosphere and killing them like animals and mercilessly just to maintain power and to empower your own people on the expenses of others is a grave crime against humanity and God.

You all have past inequities and they were recorded in the book of the history of your struggle if don’t know, check out and assess yourself fervently. You will come to know that you are the same person of yesterday who committed that same crime and is committing them nowadays. See, it’s not easy to finish this journey of peace and unity in South Sudan. Remember, South Sudan is not yours and it will never ever be yours for the years to come. Likewise, the power and wealth issue in South Sudan are not yours and they will never ever be yours forever. You can possess them today, but tomorrow you won’t possess them whatsoever this is according to the law of attraction, whereby changing and transformation must take place whether we like it or not. The best nothing is before that era, one had better reconcile with himself without external influences so as to be at peace with oneself and other before it could be too late. Simply because power comes and goes for no return.

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