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SSPDF officer and civilian killed in Nasir County armed clashes

Juba, South Sudan,

June 22, 2021 – At least one member of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) and a civilian have been killed in deadly armed clashes in Nasir County, a senior official told Nyamilepedia.

SSPD officer and civilian killed in Nasir County armed clashes
Armed conflict in Nasir County is a recurring phenomenon (photo credit: Alchetron)

Mr. Duol Kun Thian, Nasir County Commissioner said on Sunday 20th June 2021, armed criminals attacked and killed SSPDF officer 2nd. Lt. Deng Marol at Wath-wäär Check Point and the attackers confiscated two guns from civilians, two guns from soldiers, and another one from police, totaling five guns.

Around 6 PM the same day, Kun said SSPDF elements detained an unarmed civilians couple who came through Dinkar Payam and intentionally killed the man by the name Duol Wanding Thich from Cië-Mach-Lony in Ulang County.

As the tension rages on, the Commissioner said around 8 PM, elements from SSPDF went and attacked an SPLA-IO Military Barrack at Ketbek. As a result, two civilian women were badly wounded and have been transferred to Ulang County for further treatment.

Mr. Kun said the County authority and security forces are working to contain the situation.

Nasir is a city in Latjoor, in the Greater Upper Nile region of northeastern South Sudan. The city is on the north side of the Sobat River, about 30 kilometers from the Ethiopian border. It is the administrative center of Luakpiny or Nasir County.

The armed clashes are the latest spate of armed violence in the County and South Sudan.

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