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Lakes State Unelected Governor Fires The Elected State Speaker of Parliament

South Sudanese members of parliament stand up during one of the parliamentary sessions in Juba.
South Sudanese members of parliament stand up during one of the parliamentary sessions in Juba.

June 19, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) – The Speaker of Lakes State Legislative Assembly, Hon. Baipath Majuech, has accused the State executive body under caretaker governor Gen. Matur Chut of violating the constitution and promoting lawlessness in the state by forcing him out of his position as speaker without lawful procedures.

The assembly speaker Baipath Majuech, who is an elected member of the state parliament has been fired by the caretaker governor Gen. Matur Chut who is an appointed not elected governor.

Gen. Matur Chut was appointed without elections as caretaker governor by President Salva Kiir after Kiir fired Lakes State first democratically elected governor Engineer Chol Mayai.

South Sudan’s constitution requires a caretaker governor to serve for only three month after which new elections should be held, however President Kiir decided to bypass that part of the constitution and kept Gen. Matur as governor contrary to the constitution, that has lead to widespread insecurity and instability in the state.

Hon. Baipath Majuech was fired after being accused by the governor and other members of parliament for mismanaging parliamentary affairs and not promoting official policies of the government, MPs close to the governor had earlier warned Mr Majuech to resign or be forced out, Hon. Majuech denies any mismanagement accusations saying he’s being targeted due to his calls for reforms and for criticising state goverment failure to provide services.

The fired speaker blasted caretaker governor Matur Chut and accused him of abusing the system.

“I have been removed from my position not by the assembly regulations, but by a governor’s decree,” Majuech told the media.

Majuech says the Executive body of the state under the governor does not have the right to interfere in Parliamentary activities and that any issues within the parliament are to be resolved as per parliamentary regulations and not by Decree.

“They did not follow the assembly procedures, the branches of the government are three, the executive, the legislature assembly, and the judiciary, each one of them is independent but have connections. Now, to bypass all these things, it means that we are teaching our generation that is coming behind not to respect laws.” fired MP and speaker Baipath Majuech said.

However Hon. Majuech has been told by a new acting speaker Hon. Nhial Enock that the governors decision was final and not subjected to negotiations or complains.


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