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Dismissal Of The Allegation on Akobo East Nyandit Payam Attack By the SPLA Forces.

Forces of Lul Ruai Koang planing attacks on Lou-Nuer territory through Murel Land(Photo: supplied)
Forces of Lul Ruai Koang planing attacks on Lou-Nuer territory through Murel Land(Photo: supplied)

June 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On Friday 12 June 2015 SPLA Juba forces under Brig.Gen Lul Ruai Koang and Gen Lual Chuol Dol combined with Yau Yau forces in Pibor plan to attack Akobo via Likwangole not knowing that the Murle community living in and around Likwangole had strong existing peace agreement with Lou Nuer back in the year 2014 with various resolutions, and one of the resolution which was signed was not to allow any attack to come through Likwangole and the vice versa applies.

They tried to find their way to Akobo via Likwangole but the Murle community in Likwangole who had signed peace agreement with Lou Nuer in Akobo resisted. Since they were resisted they tried to find a way through the bushes so that they can make it to Akobo but it is not familiar to them.

On 17 June 2015 Akobo East County Commissioner Hon.Tut Choat Rial Gaw reveal to our Nyamilepedia corresponden:

“Yes, Juba regime forces, David Yau Yau forces and some of the Nuer Generals who originate from Akobo but supporting Juba regime who plan to attack Akobo via Likwangole route arrived in Likwangole from 10-12 June 2015 and we are fully aware of that and their location because our intelligent were following them and monitoring them closely”. Mr. Tut said.

Commissioner Tut Choat added that since their arrival in Likwangole we have deployed our forces and the mighty white army outside to the bushes to patrol the area and ready to defend their land from any strangers’ penetration.

We are aware also of their attacking tactics, their troops are at Lanam River an area outside Likwangole and their Generals are in Likwangole including David Yau Yau himself who came on footing on gumboots to Likwangole from Pibor.

“’Nyandit Payam of Akobo East County is not attack, those rumors and propagandas air out by Juba Government are baseless with no foundation and reality in it and it will never fall under the government, they are dead dreaming. It is still under full control of the SPLAiO under Akobo East County”” Said Hon.Tut Chot Rial Gaw.

“Therefore this is to inform and assure the public that the security situation in Akobo East County is normal, people are still on their day to day activities and Humanitarian operation are normal. I want to assure you that Lou Nuer areas are well protected by the sleepless SPLAiO forces and the mighty White army who are outside the county in protection of their territory””…Said the Akobo East County Commissioner.


Akobo East County Commissioner Hon.Tut Choat Rial Gaw urged the Murle community especially Likwangole Youth and leaders to response positively to reject the assembling of Nuer Generals and their Dinka friends of Juba not to destroyed the peaceful living condition and harmony between the two sisterly Counties of Greater Akobo and Likwangole, Continuous accommodation of Juba regime and the Nuer Generals in Likwangole is complete violations of Two years Peace Agreement signed by Murle and Lou Nuer of Greater Akobo.

Result of the violation of this resolutions will force us to prepare our forces and White army youths to visit Likwangole ourselves this will result worse to loss of lives and property which is not our wish.

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waat nyang June 21, 2015 at 11:59 pm

I don’t really understand the game-game for some one to feel happy when his/her community and family members are all killed.
I have no doubt, all this idiotic acts will finish, where will some one like Lul and other people go once situation is harmonized and situation is back to normal?

God knows the suffering of the innocent women, children.


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