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Gawaar Community In Juba: “We Do Not Support Corrupt Government of Salva Kiir”

Members of Gawaar-Nuer community performing their traditions dance(Photo: supplied)
Members of Gawaar-Nuer community performing their traditions dance(Photo: supplied)

July 31, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Speaking in Juba, members of Gawaar-Nuer Community took a bold decision to dismiss a news article that was published by the citizen newspaper and widely distributed in the capital last week.

According to members of Gawaar-Nuer community, who felt irritated by the political article, any individual who works for the regime must not generalize the community for their individual self-interest.

We the Gawaar community that living in UN house poc-3 campsite dismiss & condemn the allegations wrote on news papers by money lover or Nuer betrayer that are working with the government that we are supporting corrupt government of Salva Kirr who killed innocence Nuer.” Said Raan Gawaar in Juba.

“For your advice don’t begs money in name of Gawaar community. We cannot & will never support the illegitimate president.”  he continued.

According to the chairman of Gawaar-Nuer community in Juba, the article was authored by Mary Nyaulang Chany, the wife of Director of external security, Thomas Duoth Guet.

Nyaulang is a former MP of the county and the first wife of Thomas Duoth. She’s currently a member of negotiating committee on the government side.

The news article was published a few days after a similar article was published on the online Sudan Tribune and Nyamilepedia urging the members of Gawaar Community in Uganda to work for peace.

The first article, which created many chaos in Kampala and retributions from other countries, was authored by the chairman of Gawaar Community Association in Uganda on behave of the second wife of Thomas Duoth, Nyachoap.

The chairman, Mr. Ter Manyang, has been dismissed for making unilateral decisions for the community.

The community formed a committee, as required by the community’s constitution, to fully investigate the former chairman of the association.

Duoth family is one of the few members of Gawaar-Nuer Community, who remain in the government of Salva Kiir after a mass defection of Gawaar-Nuer in the county and also in Juba.

Gawaar community blames the government of Salva Kiir for destruction of lives and property.

Prominent members, children and unarmed civilians, including the member of parliament (MP) representing Ayod County were killed during the door-to-door targeting of Nuer civilians in Juba.

Today, many members of Gawaar-Nuer community remain in IDPs camps in major towns like Bor and Juba.

Majority others occupy over 90% of Ayod county as the local civil defense, White Army, and opposition forces battle a unit of government troop, entrenched in Palieth Forest of Ayod town.

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