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GRECOR public Statement: Governor Konga Is Not In Uganda!

GRECOR Press Release,

Maj.Gen. Clement Wani Konga, Governor of Central Equatoria State(photo: via CES Israel)
Maj.Gen. Clement Wani Konga, Governor of Central Equatoria State(photo: via CES Israel)

July 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It is unfortunate that the Deputy Governor of Central Equatoria States resorted to fabrication of stories rather than giving the public facts. The Deputy Governor and everyone within the Central Equatoria Government know that General Clement Wani Konga is not in Uganda and has never planned to go to Uganda but they might be taking their cues from Chief fabricator Salva Kiir and company. Maybe the Deputy governor is aspiring or been groom for fabricator in Chief himself. In South Sudan certainty has no meaning. Mr. Kiir and the company had master the art of lying to the point that they seems to be camouflage from the world around them and cannot sense the public mood. In other words, the lying has put them out of touch with reality.

The planned to take Juba from Slava Kiir and company is already in the advance stages. And the Equatorian might not have to do much since Salva Kiir and company already admitted through Ministry of Foreign Affair spoke person Mawien Makol Arik that South Sudan is at the break of collapse within few months if the international community do not step in and help. Those are Mawien Makol Arik words not mine. The international community wanted Salva Kiir and the company out as much as majority of South Sudanese citizens themselves do and so don’t expect much from the international community.

GRECOR knows that the government is going to blame the opposition for not wanting to engage in Addis Ababa peace talks because they wanted to resort to war. The truth is, the government of Salva Kiir is not interested in peace. Any person with common sense will know that peace loving leader will not be drawing red line and expect the opposition to join negotiating table in good faith. No one need reminding that secession of hostility agreement was sign between Dr Riek Machar and Salva Kiir not with General Lado Gore or Dr Wani Tombe Lako Lokatiri. These Equatorian are going to take charge planning and executing the capturing of Juba which is known as “Project Juba Dawn.”

GRECOR is mindful of public frustrations to go through another war after emerging from a long war. We share your frustrations and pain but we tried the alternatives with no avail. Like the Nuer who were dared, dragged and pushed to the bush, we Equatorians found ourselves to be walking targets on the streets of Juba. It is only natural under the doctrine of self defense recognize internationally that we defend ourselves from the tyrants in Juba. If there is something that a man can live for, it is his dignity. Equatorian understood Salva Kiir and company mentality of born to rule. The question that many of us always like to ask regard born to rule mentality is who was born to be rule?

In the land like ours patience is not virtuous otherwise the like of Salva Kiir and company would have worked hard to avoid war. As the world now knows, Mr. Kiir and company are busy drawing red lines rather than finding workable solutions to addressing challenging issues facing the country.

You see, solutions become viable in any circumstances when there is an open atmosphere for dialogue. When there is an acknowledgement that opposition to public policy does not equate to unpatriotic charges. When debate of public policy is commonplace. When there is respect for human life. When there is a realization that we are all in this together as one people. When people approach any national issue with acknowledgement that the people on the table might not have the answers. A realization that no one person has monopoly on reasoning but rather promotion of collective approach to problem solving on the national stage. That multi-ethnic society like ours requires multi dimensional approach to problem solving. That bringing the public along in any decision making process is a risk worth taking because the public will sense ownership of the success therefore become tolerant of policy.

Participatory democracy requires elected leaders to be conscious and considerate of the voices of the people whose lives will mostly be affected by a decision. Citizens must be part and partial of the decision making process to reduce and eliminate fear. That leadership means facilitating the national dialogue rather than imposing draconian policies that turned to create division between the masses. This is the leadership that has been missing in Juba and GRECOR and company intends to bring to Juba. People of South Sudan are tired dealing with tyrant whose intelligences defy reason and the only way to stay sane is to suspend disbelieved.

We Equatorian do not wanted to drag out the war to villages because we know it is going to take us longer than the public has stomach for so Project Juba Dawn is going to be short and precise with the target being Juba. As we planned to confront Juba, we are going to take out strategic routes to Juba. The first on the list is Juba Nimule road follow by Yei Juba road and Torit Juba road. And don’t get us wrong, the intends is not to starved the public by closing the roads but rather to prevent Mr. Kiir and company from running from justices. Contrary to the popular beliefs, GRECOR and SPLM in Opposition want Mr Salva Kiir alive to put him on trail.

We are aware of possible civilian casualties during the operation Project Juba Dawn that is why we are advising our people to do the following: Those who can and are able to leave Juba to the country side ought to do so at their earliest convenient. For those who cannot please moved away from military installation in Juba. We already lost a lot of lives and it is not worth loosing more lives unnecessarily. If Mr. Kiir share our concerns for civilians casualties, than he ought to move his forces to the outskirts of Juba where we can engage them fair and square. Arresting your own officers because of unjustified fear is not going to do any good because Equatorians have reserved of Arrow boys from the West and Anya Aya boys from East.

Those who choose to listen are wisher than their age and education indicate but those who do not wanted to listen pray that you will be safe on the dawn of reckoning. If the arrow boys and Anya Aya veteran do not moved fast, they might be late to “Project Juba Dawn party.” It is an invitational only party.

Lado Lodoka

GRECOR South Sudan

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GRECOR advocates for rights and freedoms based governance of the Sovereign Federal Republic of South Sudan; imbued with the principles and doctrines of Constitutionalism; The rule of law; Equality; Democracy; Meritocracy; Accountability; Transparency; and positive foreign policy guided by the respect of all species of International Law for cordial regional and international relations.

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Kuach Kuach July 3, 2014 at 5:21 am

It is a grossly mistake for Equatorians whatever they called themselves to join the rebellion of Riek Machar for the following reasons:
•Destructions for the region will be more merciless than that of Upper Nile because most of the developmental projects took place in the region-this brings jealousy already from other regions and wanted to start again from scratch,
•Dinkas will move to this region in great numbers because it is the region many want all the time but no excuses to invade it,
•Equatorians will never be hardly forgiven but Nuers will be forgiven because of common similarity with Dinkas,
•Trust to elevate Equatorian in a higher office will indefinitely end,
•Its population will be reduced as a result of this senseless war,
•The region will lag behind like Upper Nile in terms of development when war ends,
•Number of their intellects will diminish as seen in Nuers community already in this war,
•Since Equatorian is only closer to Uganda, Equatorian refugees will be mistreated deliberately by Ugandans because ties between Kiir and Seveni is growing by the day,
•Tsunami of hatred will impact negatively on Equatorians-especially from the majority Dinka,
•And education- be it primary or secondary will be equally interrupted. So why bother to follow the crowds?

Daniel Deng July 3, 2014 at 12:52 pm

This message is a response to many articles posted on this side by Mr. Lado Lodoka.

Mr. Lado, What will be your take if the war of all against all take place in South Sudan? The words of Mr. Lado a sound sweet to the rebels and may be a few Equatorians but the fruits are not as such sweet rather than the war of all against all. Keep this message of mine as your reference in the near future when your call materialises. The site I am writing this message will also refer to it soon as the call materialises. No body wants destruction of this country. Wars are planned and drums of war are beaten by cowards who call themselves wise but innocent brave people often suffer. I am a victim of 1983 to 2005 war and I am not interesting to see it happening. Those of Lado Lodoka talks it nicely simply because they will never and never be in the front line. During the war of liberation, non of his kind was able to speak out, leave alone taking gun. I thought people of Lado’s calibres should be busy releasing wise words that can persuade the warring parties to come to peace. Why don’t we stop fabricating lies and help pushing for peace? No body knows how this war will end. It was sweet when we first went to the bush in 1983 but when we reached early 1990, people began tip toeing Uganda where they end up students and refugees leaving their friends in the front lines. Is that what people like Lado need? Ok, it can happen. Especially when it becomes the last option. Personally, I do not need any particular person in the leadership but I need peace because I am a victim of the last war. Those of Lado are beating the drum of death and hell is not very far. One thing I know is that he will never be in the front line. He wants Nuer and Mundari tribes be in the front lines while he sings the song of war in a foreign Country. I am calling for peace than support for war. If South Sudanese join their hands and pressure both the government and rebels to strike a peace deal, that will be the only way we can help ourselves. But support for war is not helpful. Those of Lado think overthowing this government is the only option. I dispute that thinking. It may result to another unmanageable end. Even though the current government is over thrown and they go and form another dangerous rebellion in Bahrain el Ghazal or Upper Nile or anywhere in South Sudan, will that relieve Lado? Let us work together to pressure both the government and the rebels to bring peace than supporting war.


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