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Reply to William Nyuon Jok Kam’s False Claims and Character-Assassination Tactics on Gen. Khamis Abdelatif, Commander of Lake State forces.

 As appeared on Nyamilepedia’s June 27, 2015 Publication
Maj.Gen. Khamis Abdelatif the Opposition's Commander of Lake Forces posting for a picture in Panyinjiar after defeating the government troops in May 2015(Photo: file)
Maj.Gen. Khamis Abdelatif the Opposition’s Commander of Lake Forces posting for a picture in Panyinjiar after defeating the government troops in May 2015(Photo: file)
July 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — It is of great surprise and of dismay, to me to have read the utterances and false assumptions by the so called commissioner of Payinjiar County-so called because Nyuon Jok is a ghost commissioner of Payinjiar for he has no place in the county whatsoever.

For the start, we in the SPLA are disappointed but not surprised with Nyoun’s assertions. We are disappointed because Nyuon isn’t of any parity to challenge Gen. Khamis Abdelatif. Gen. Khamis is not a boot-licker nor is he a “yes sir” general. He is a nationalist whose brave decision to join the SPLA under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar ranks high in our nation’s history.

Nyuon’s warning to Gen. Khamis to “leave Payinjiar or face death”, are deceptions to himself. Not only that, Nyuon warnings serve two other purposes: a) to exaggerate his self worth and b) to make him relevant in the debate on current issues in the country.

Nyuon’s claims that Gen. Khamis “is a criminal on the run” and “wanted by Juba” for crimes he committed are false and come from the man whose hand is full of blood of his people.

Let me explicate further.  Gen. Khamis honorably resigned his lucrative position in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. On the contrary, William Nyuon Jok participated in the massacre of Nuer civilians in the hope of landing the position he is currently in. And as if that was not enough, He attacked Nyal and Rupwai (Known in Lakes State as Bar); and burned, loot cattle, sheep, goats and other properties. This was the highest depiction of Nyuon’s moral corruptness.

Moreover, in executing Juba’s indiscriminate killing of civilians, Nyuon killed unaccounted elderly civilians many of his relatives- adopted or otherwise.

His call on the people of Payinjiar to rise against Gen. Khamis to save good relations of Payinjiar county and Lakes State has no basis. Nyuon Joak is not a commissioner of Payinjiar. He is rejected by people of Payinjiar and he knows it.  Nyoun is a wanted man for war crimes and crimes against humanity he committed in his recent attacks on the county.

For Nyuon to claim political authority on Payinjiar County is an insult to John Tap Puot, the real commissioner who is loved and idolized by great people of Payinjiar and many of us in comradeship.

Lastly but not least, Nyuon Jok claim, that Gen. Khamis is based in Payinjiar shows his lack of information on his adversary. Gen. Khamis is based in Lakes State, and he is observing the movement of Nyuon Jok and his forces.

Yes, Gen. Khamis was in Nyal battle and that was only for reinforcement purposes. Gen. Khamis could again in the near future be ready to reinforce Payinjiar should any aggression arise from Nyuon and his friends such as Abdalla Geng and Gatkoy Ter among others.

Finally, Nyuon seems to trivialize the reason behind Payinjiar’s rejection of the regime in Juba by only portraying it as a support for Dr. Riek Machar and Gen. Taban Deng. Yes, there is no doubt that the people of Payinjiar fully support the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar and Gen. Taban Deng. However, Nyuon’s thirst for commissionership has erased the reality of the December 2013 Juba Massacre where Payinjiar alone lost 1042 unarmed civilians. The people of Payinjiar reject the Juba regime and its collaborators utterly under the current arrangement.

In conclusion, Nyuon Jok is powerless to capture Payinjiar County leave alone killing Gen. Khamis. His recent trap in the closet of a tank in Nyal is a testament to this. Nyuon must know that his threats are anti-peace and run contrary to the popular will of the people of South Sudan.

It must be noted that with the current surge in threat levels against us in the SPLM/SPLA, championed by agents such as Nyuon Jok,  Gen. Khamis has instructed our forces to pool together all available resources to track Nyuon Jok and to stop him from sowing seeds of hate and also from carrying out another attack on Payinjiar.

Col. Makuer Mabor Mangar Spokesperson for SPLA forces in Lakes State.

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ALONEWOLF July 1, 2015 at 8:46 am

Makuer Mabor Mangar
let me tell about Khamis Manhomjong Lom, Nyuon Jok is 100% right about criminality behaviors of Khamis. if you old enough you may know about Khamis. do you remember when Khamis was run way from Khartoum to Cairo, for his life because of his bad behaviors towards his religious beliefs, not to respect his religious beliefs.again the same behaviors get him in trouble in Cairo until the lakes community come for his recourse to rise money to buy tickets for him to go to Nairobi Kenya and then from there he joined the SPLA, didn’t join the of SPLM for his free will he joined because of protection from Muslims who wants to kill him for Khartoum and Cairo that is the same away he joined the SPLM IO.

James Droma July 3, 2015 at 3:34 am

AlONEWOLF, Your claims are baseless.

ALONEWOLF July 3, 2015 at 12:30 pm

how do you know my clams is baseless? I’m from Rumbek, I know Khamis more than you know him. he can not be our leader, he is not trust worthy.

Goweng Torbaar July 11, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Alonewolf made folk of the day! Keep on fooling yourself, how many people died per day under leadership of your current Governor and Juba regime is keeping quite?


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