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Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR) Concern Regarding Peace!

By Dr. Henry Jembi,


Jan 01, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Security issues: Is one of the crucial and incredible issues in South Sudan, it has never experienced positive progress and change at all. As a result Equatorians are the most victims; as such security in Equatoria should be under the Equatorians, likewise in the other States. What do you think? Should South Sudan continue to be a failed State? I don’t think you like that status quo, do you? Then what should you do as a Vice President?

(2) Human Rights Issues:

It has been one of the major issues in South Sudan, which is unbelievable and unbecoming and there are no excuses in that because it’s distorting the image of the people, government and nation all together. Hence, order and law must be set and built so as to guarantee system, duties and responsibilities of the individual, communities and the nation at large. We are duty bond to work very hard to realize Human Rights in South Sudan, it’s the role of the government first and then the people without distinction.

(3) Housing issues:

Lands are government property, but the government is the people so it should be keen, watchful and fair-minded as well as to enforce the law regarding the lands issues. It shouldn’t side with land grabbers. However, possessing lands on the gun is a criminal act against the human law and divine law as well. In the military, police, prison, wildlife and fire brigade services, they ought to have housings similar to that of Sudan as well as considering our long experience and life in Sudan before the independent.

(4) Struggle and Liberation:

Dear Chairman Dr. Riek, why did you revolt against the government at the time you were the First Vice President? I think it’s obvious and it goes without saying that South Sudan still needs intensive work on the same line of struggle and liberation, as such military training has to be fostered and encouraged all the time. We cannot guarantee and realize our revolutionary demands through political means and dialogue, never, we need to have military power as you and Gen. Lado said in Khartoum: “this peace needed to be protected.”

(5) Federalism issuses:

GRECOR advocates for a federal government in the SFRSS consisting of Equatoria State with a capital at Juba; Upper Nile State with a capital at Malakal; and Bahr el Ghazal State with a capital at Wau. The Federal Capital shall be built at a geographical point where all these three states meet. However, since we have already ten (10) States, then those States can be maintained as federal States, plus your proposal of twenty one (21) States and Kiir’s proposed twenty eight (28). Bear in mind that the Compromised Peace Agreement was signed based on (10) States. This circumstance is created in order to paralyze your brilliant ideas, people’s popular demand and opposition’s escalation. Through a federal system of governance, South Sudan will experience fast development and rapid progress soon and very soon just within Ten (10) years.

(6) Education and Agriculture Focus:

Are the backbone of the people and nation, as a result, we need to rethink and restructure our educational system so as to reflect our identity, culture and to bring up good citizens who can use their brain and wisdom to demonstrate and develop themselves positively. We also need to focus on the agriculture for our safety and survival, as you know very well that without food, health and education, we cannot meet and achieve our goal and aspiration. Our Schools should be comprehensive i.e. they must be our priorities, because education is a light literally and medicine to so many diseases that we have for ages and uncured. But through education, we can be able to find remedies for them. Agriculture likewise is to be a means of stability and sustainability since men cannot live without bread or food, we need food for growth and maturity. A hungry man cannot dig the ground, cannot build a house, cannot run and fight during the war; South Sudan is a hungry country and misery place to live without food. Food is life, strength and power that reflect the face and image of the nations.

(7) Coordination:

According to the above mentioned, SPLM/A-IO is the hosting ship and vehicle that has been fighting the SPLM/A regime zealously, in order to bring true change in the system. Similarly, it has been called the rest of the opposition and movement groups to tune to its voice and tireless tweet and as others had responded and some are still responding. Definitely coordination is badly needed at all levels so as to foster our structure and system organizationally. The role of the coordinators is inevitable. Coordination is a very important tool and mechanism in any system, be it private sector or government sector. In order for you to carry out and render your office, company and business properly, you need to rely on coordination and coordinators who are well equipped and trained to meet and demonstrate the interest of the organization, company, institution and party.

(8) Major Challenges:

We believe that life is full of challenges, which cannot be avoided and especially the political life whereby leaders and politicians must understand the origin of those challenges and fine fundamental solutions and remedies to them. Likewise, the people of South Sudan and the South Sudan Nation ought to know and understand these major challenges very well and exert much effort to address them boldly. Those dreadful challenges are tribalism, nepotism, sectarianism, favoritism, ignorance and grouping; they have been practicing negative and the outcome is almost always fatal hatred, envy, enmity, fighting, revenge, war and in war horrible actions are widely committed such as on December 15, 2013 and portrayed in AUCISS report.

(9) IDPs and refugees:

These are our grandfathers and mothers, father and mothers, brothers and sister, nephews and nieces etc. They have been living and experiencing hardship, tribulation, agony and inhuman due to the war. I think they deserve a rest and appreciation from the SPLM/A-IO and all of us. It’s urgent. The IDPs and Refugees have high hope that you are the only person, a leader and politician who would really release and relief them from their long suffering and inhuman situations. Both are aspiring that a savior is coming and liberator is on the way, to save and liberate them from their agony and past tribulation. Let’s not discourage them this time I bet we plan well to at least meet their concern to live the rest of their lives at home, where their grandparents died and had been buried. However, this is the work of good leaders who have clear vision, sound mission and upper hands of their people.

(10) Reunification:

Since the SPLM/A has altered and deviated from its authentic vision and acquired new ideologies, which are different from the SPLM/A-IO vision and ideologies, then there is no need for the reunification. Instead, we, the opposition groups need to enhance and foster unification among ourselves. If we decide to call and work for the reunification with the SPLM/A, this means that we are weakening, devaluing and sabotaging ourselves. We would better maintain and our shape, substance and essence to the end. However, we also ought to work for the unity of the people South Sudan instead, but not the reunification and unity of the former ruling party. Categorically, when the SPLM/A was one, but not united, a lot of mess had occurred due to a lot of misunderstanding and lack of trust in the midst, and it failed badly to address and solve its internal problems.

Lastly, they resorted to violence, armed conflict, war and extermination. Do you think that those comrades and friends of the past, if they unite something new and good will come out of them? I don’t think so, the issue is clear without saying, I prefer, let’s each one wears its pants and garment and wash its wax alone in the suitable pond.

(11) Our Identity:

There is a necessity of conducting studies and research in connection to our tradition, custom, norm, heritage and history, both social and political so as to come out with one, identical and united identity for South Sudan as a result of academic and Scientific work, instead of our natural multicultural identities and spiritual differences, which in most cases are expressed in a negative, outrageous and shocking perception. Who has right to determine our identity? The Dinka? The Nuer? The Equatorians? The others? No, never, who then has the right if not the above-mentioned groups? (WE), have the right to decide for ourselves Right, freedom, independence, destiny and doom if we are wise enough, excellent leaders, sound politicians. I wish this crucial issue be left and assigned to our academicians, scientists, expertise and others to shape and come out with moderate identical identity representing South Sudan as a result of studies and researches on the matter.

(12) Outstanding Issue:

Between Sudan and South Sudan there have been an authenticated at the regional and international level, which means that delaying in resolving them might create another dimension between the two States. We had all witnessed the approach of Hegileg and the other places likewise; we need that our coming government should be firm in addressing our political issues constructively. The velocity of progress, development, stability and good neighborhood between Sudan and South Sudan as well as Uganda people and government depend on sound leadership, political will and how fast those outstanding issues are solved and freezing for the interest of both sides. Where is the border of South Sudan as an independent sovereign State? It’s now four (4) years that the so called South Sudan gained its freedom from Sudan in 2011. Yet its tails, wings parts of its soul and spirit are still detained in Sudan, due to lack of wisdom, diversion from the principles, creation of wicked barriers and mostly internal problems, which indicate categorically that we are not yet a sovereign nation unless we resolve the above concern and dispute.

(13) Our Nationalism:

Nationalism in South Sudan is a big challenge to all of us as we were all born connected to our tribes. When we open our eyes, we found that we belong to this or that tribal group. Being in this or that group is very important to each and every one of us. So, we never learnt how to break and come out of those narrow minded environments, which linked to our grand grandparents. We tend to think that they are positive all the time and inevitable, i.e. we cannot live without it. As a result, we also tend to negate, undermined, manipulate and work against other tribes that we don’t belong to by blood or by any other means. Nonetheless, It grew ruthless and helpless when all our actions and deeds are linked to our politics, i.e. South Sudan politics where our leaders and politicians are almost always blind and crippled in their perspectives, which later on produced huge negativity in our social, economic, political and military lives. However, let’s make our national call and national reformation to be our fundamental priority towards building new South Sudan that can host us all otherwise, fail status will prevail.

(14) Other issues:

Which need to be considered and addressed in the near future: National service, jobs, media, unity, culture, relationship, leadership, resources, dialogue, governance, women, youth, children, development, constitution, democracy and foreigners, just to mention a few.

For direct responses and concerns, you can reach Dr. Henry at henryjembi@hotmail.com

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 2, 2016 at 2:30 pm

Dr. Jembi,

first we wish you a happy new year. Your article has covered many areas which need a hard work in order to realise the best future of this beloved country call South Sudan. I am so much touched in the area of COORDINATION. Coordination can take us very far to where we want to reach. The other point is the quetion of Nationality. Blinded by the wrong idealogy of the jenge council of awirin,almost all jenge believe they are the only nationalists of this country. Some of them like tolio, amen beek etc went very far by saying they are the only people who liberated this country from the arabs without remembering that they were the majority in the Khartoum government before the INDENDANT. Every body knows that many jenge who are now in the South Sudan government were serving under Basher of Khartoum. All the main challenges you mentioned like NEPOTISM, TRIBLISM, SECTARIANISM, FAVOURITISM, IGNORANCE, LAND GRABBING, COMMITTING ATTROCITY, LOOTING of PUBLIC MONEY are practised by one TRIBE the jenge/jengetot/dinkajin. And they took all these bad habits from North Sudan.

Jembi, as you mentioned, indeed there is no any need for reunification of OLD corrupted SPLA/M. Better the SPLA/M-IO champion its own way to realise its dream of good governance. What we need now is the full implementation of the agreement to take us to the fair election where by I believe no any freedom lover will vote to any jenge. Unification will allow the jenge council elders to swallow our dreams.

FEDERALISM is the only solution for everything in this country. Enough is enough. See what the dinka are trying to do with the THREE GREATER EQUATORIA STATES. They ommitted the the historic names of CENTRAL EQUATORIA STATE, EASTERN EQUATORIA STATE and WESTERN EQUATORIA STATE just to take over Juba. We will never allow. In the begining, the government was having plans of relocating the National Capital to Ramcial, but because of the jenge agenda of land grabbing, they drop the idea. Instead they begin by baptizing Jebel LADO as jebel dinka. Is there any body in this world who can allow his/her ancestral natural gifts to renamed? If I go to warap and tell the inhabitants there that I want to name it LURI OF JUBA, will they they live me return to Juba alife? Of course not, instead of asking some whys, they will burn me alife. Hmmm, these jenge……………………..they are really looking for problems, we will never leave you unquestioned this time. Let the jenge start to find some answers to the massacre committed in Juba. Nahna jinna gam khalas, laa ruju.

The call for freedom is very clear, we want to enjoy life and this can not be done without freedom in this country. So right now let us work together to assure that the reforms we are fighting for are reached in a good time. My name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ, which means only time will explain. Now it is very clear that the peace we have longing for is very near. Let us not give up.

somere991 January 3, 2016 at 12:49 am

I Strongly believe that if the chairman Dr. Riack really need to make some differences in this country, then let him live up to the standards of nation building and should be like some one beginning from zero.
do not ever and never unite the party, let the IO be separate headed by you and the the people of south Sudan while the SPLM Can be under the jeing council of thief’s, this is very important during the transition period and Election shall run between IO and the thief’s in juba
we the people in equatoria are convinced that if you show political maturity then there will be no problem to put aside the jenge thief’s, allow us in equatoria and uppernile to put the country attractive to all.
equatoria need a lot but cheep, remember it and see what will happen or please do a small research in random selection within Equatoria

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 3, 2016 at 6:16 am

hello tolio, amen and beek,

where are you? are you already suffering from heart attack? Hope you recover soon because I need you to comment on this article which is full of wisdom and fact. I hope this atricle helps you realise your mistakes and align with peace loving citizens of this country. Please no need to follow the idealogy of the dinka council of elders. You are young people and you have good things to enjoy infront of you rather than planning killing of innocent people all the time. It is a high time to work gether for peace……….

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm


you have completed every thing and may God bless you by giving you wisdom so that we combat these jengelon. Their time is vey near. Greater Equatoria will be like before very soon. FEDERALISM is our popular demand and no body will silent us at all………….


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