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By TT Shaka

President Salva Kiir Mayardit looking confused and scared of T.B. Joshua in the Nigerian Airline at the Juba International Airport, South Sudan(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
President Salva Kiir Mayardit looking confused and scared of T.B. Joshua in the Nigerian Airline at the Juba International Airport, South Sudan(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 16, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — I am shocked and stunned to see that the God of Joshua rewards sinners and criminals. This starts with Joshua himself. Joshua calls himself a prophet or a man of God in Nigerian terms but does a lot of evil. I may be a sinner but in the name of God, I did not take it as a chance to sexually abuse the women who took refuge to a church we call God’s house. Can he deny all the testimonies given by women ranging from the age of 14 years who were his victims some of them lived there for years? Is this not a sin or criminal offence? What has the Nigerian government done on hearing these testimonies?

If indeed, TB Joshua is sent by God to solve some of the world’s problems, why did he start with Nigeria’s problems. Nigeria has many people dying due to many causes including Boka Haram, what measures has he taken before South Sudan became  so attractive ?  Does his God works only for South Sudan or because he has a leader ready to loot his people? Does Joshua know the majority of the Southerners living in the camps, in the bushes, UN villages, government servants etc. do not have even a meal a day when he robs them with over $15 million?

How much do you know about floods in South Sudan?  What has your God done about it? How much has the Nigerian governments involved you whenever they form their governments? Does your God want you to be in South Sudan to be effective? Which Pease did you bring in South Sudan when over 80% of the Southerners are living as refugees, exile, UN camps or in the bushes within the country?

Dear compatriots, do you believe Joshua the fake Prophet is bringing you peace? Is this one way Joshua wants to tell you that his God is more powerful than the God of the Vatican? The fact that Kiir is in the Church in the morning and in the evening consulting Kojur does not mean he really believes in God except the God of Joshua.. He pretended to have kissed the feet of the Holy Father just for the world to see.

 If we all know as Christians that there is no one between you and God except Jesus, do not raise your hopes for someone who only wants your money. You may judge for yourself which peace Joshua brought for you. If it could be said, Kiir will “Not authorize formation of Local Government” until TB Joshua visits, this means Joshua controls our oxygen in the South. This is like waiting for a client from another planet to come and save us. Joshua walks on a red carpet in South Sudan, which probably has not happened anywhere in the world. Which sort of Carpet will Jesus walk on if he was to visit South Sudan under Kiir?

Mr. President, if you love the God of Abraham and the people of South Sudan, leave some room for people to remember you. Just wake up, say, enough is enough, and say bye. I am sure not almost everybody may recall all the damages you have caused to them will be forgotten if you were to die the day, you announced your intentions to let it go.

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