The Gurtong Trust-Peace and Media Project is a revenge preaching & killing Machine: why are the Norway, the UK and the Swiss’ Governments’ Foreign Affairs Funding it?

By J. Nguen,


Google Photo, Gurtong.
Google Photo, Gurtong.

Oct 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Is this how the world works? I am shocked and saddened by the fact that an organization that preach revenges day-in and day-out is still getting hundreds of thousands of dollars funding from well to do nations, like the Norway, the UK and the Swiss. Isn’t it ironic? Where justice in this absurd dealing?

This contradicting proposition reinforced the notion that revenge is sanctioned and in our blood like it or hate it. For one, the Americans perfect revenges like nothing else, wholesale, on daily basis. They do it in disguise of protecting national interest or maintaining human security. The good news is however, U.S., doesn’t preach revenge. Their approach is reactive in nature but disproportional to the core. Call it furthering U.S. hegemony or maintaining human security is not the trajectory of this piece.

The bottom line is, as I write, U.S. is on a full pledged war campaign against the ISIL, the militants organization based in Iraqi and Syria. ISIL made a lethal mistake for beheading two American citizens in cold-blood and threatened yesterday to behead another and called it a show of force. As a result there are now paying for their ruthless deeds and miscalculated combat tactic.

The truth is, hate speech or preaching revenge wherever it happen is a crime under the stature of international law, which is the focus of this article. An essence, any organization or state that promotes or aids this kind of language financially or otherwise is a terrorist and must be dealt with severely with a full force of the law.

Based on this principle, no one, no organization or state is above this clause. Surprisingly and for some reason, Gurtong Trust – Peace and media Project is allowed to preach revenges on daily basis and still gets funding from Norway, UK and the Swiss. Why is Gurtong Trust –Peace and Media Project immune to hate speech crime? Why is it allowed to promote hate speech and revenge without it being made accountable?

As a concerned citizen, I am bothered and saddened and decided to write about it. Thus, I feel I am perfecting my duty furthering forceful stand of international law. Second, it’s my rightful duty as a world citizen to ensure that peace and human security prevail. Therefore, this preluded my legal rights to call to question any wrongdoing or warmongering to prevent futuristic anarchy and bloodshed, even though damage is already perfected in Gurtong’s case.

For example, on December 15th, 2013, Dinka militias directed by the President, who is also a Dinka, went on a revenge sphere against the Nuer innocent civilians in Juba. In this fiasco, perhaps, we know the planners and promoters of the Juba Nuer Massacre and Gurtong Trust –Peace Media Project topped the list.

To put blatantly, Gurtong Trust- Peace and Media Project as an organization is a prime promoter of the Juba Nuer Massacre; a massacre, which subsequently triggered a countrywide bloodbath.

For those who might not be aware of what “Gurtong” stand for and what it means in Dinka, you are missing out. BIG TIME! “Gurtong,” by itself is a double-edged sword and lethal at best. Gurtong are two words combined, “gur” and ‘tong’. Gur means revenge. “Tong” means war or spear in a lesser degree. The direct translation of Gurtong is REVENGE THE WAR. What war?— is indeed what makes Gurtong Trust – Peace Media Project a revenge preaching and killing machine of all time in South Sudan’s shaky history.

To place this into a neat perspective, Gurtong Trust –Peace and media Project was founded in 2002 by Napoleon Adok Gai as “Gurtong Peace Project” in London, UK and registered in Nairobi, Kenya in 2004. Subsequently, in 2007, Gurtong was registered in South Sudan under “Gurtong Peace and Media Project,” where it now exists as “Gurtong Trust – Peace and Media Project.

In the paragraph above, we may have noticed that words such as “peace” and “trust” were thrown in the mix. It was done so intentionally to confuse the funders to ensure monies flow, and it worked. From then, to now, Gurtong is being funded by Norway, UK and Swiss, who would otherwise calls for its shutdown, if they knew better.

Considering its managing characters, Gurtong Trust –Peace and Media Project’s daily business is runs by Mr. Jacob Jiel Akol as its director after Mr. Gai call it quit. Mr. Akol called himself, a veteran journalist. Interestingly, there is no coincidence why Mr. Akol took Gurtong’s managing director. Mr. Akol knew quite well Gurtong’s mission as a revenge preaching and killing hub.

Mr. Akol was the subject of the so- called “Bor Massacre” documentary, which flooded the western media outlets in the 1990s. Akol himself is from Bor where 1991 incidence occurred. Let’s say, he is from the grieving community though everyone was a victim in the “triangle” or beyond. Given Akol’s brief background, it’s sufficient to conclude that he has every reason at heart and purpose in mind to keep the Gurtong running at all cost. Hence, the prime purpose is to keep the Dinka community reminded and to eventually cue Dinka to take revenge against Nuer for 1991.

Below, I provided logical reasoning and justifications for this to make sense to ordinary South Sudanese and Gurtong’s funders. Gurtong Peace Project” as mentioned above was founded during peace times. One, it was formed at the time of the “merger” between two South Sudanese principals, Dr. Riek and Dr. John Garang’s factions after the split of 1991.

Not only that, 2002 was the year when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was negotiated and where some vital protocols were signed between the north and south Sudan warring parties. In 2004 and 2007, when Gurtong was put to operations in Kenya and South Sudan respectively, it was times of tranquillities.

Therefore, I find it very difficult for anyone to call for revenge given the political developments in Sudan at time. Undoubtedly, you will agree with me that calling for revenge considering the circumstance makes no logical sense if ill intention was not the very motive of Gurtong. If not so, then, why are the Gurtong founding members calling for revenge yet the whole country was gearing up for peaceful settlements of her crises?

Is it not true that during peace times, peace promoting organizations would have sprung up and formed at ease? Why calling for war revenge? And to whom was this revenge intended against? After December 15th, 2013, one concluded that Gurtong’s founding members had one thing in mind, preach revenge against Nuer nation.

As planned, a cruel and heartless revenge killing happened against Nuer ethnic group on December 15th. 2013. Reports estimated that more than 20, 000 thousands innocent Nuer civilians were murdered in cold-blood within 4 days. In this case you would say Gurtong’s mission of revenge fulfilled.

Hence, there is no room to deny this. There is no logical reason to argue that Gurtong was preaching revenge against Arabs. This is unrealistic. After the CPA was concluded in 2005 and independence in 2011, any revenge preaching misconception against Arabs north is obsolete.

Based on these grounds, it’s sad to report that the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Norwegian People Aid (NPA), the UK and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded and still granting monies of well intentions aids for criminal activities, Gurtong Trust – Peace and Media Project’ mission to revenge.

The lingering question that needs answers from Gurtong’s funders is whether they knew that Gurtong means revenge the war in Dinka or were they simply blindfolded and cheated by words “trust” and “peace” added in the mix to cover up Gurtong’s vicious plan?

Sadly, before our watchful eyes, Gurtong Trust – Peace and Media Project continue to tell us it trusted revenge and yet three Western nations continued to grant hundreds of thousands of dollars for it to exists and preach revenge and bloodshed in South Sudan. Is it not true that the phrase “Gurtong Trust” mean the organization trusted revenge?

At this juncture, I put my case to rest. However, the ball is in the Norwegian People’s Aid, the UK government and the Swiss’ Ministry Foreign Affairs’ courts to decide whether they should keep aiding and enabling a revenge preaching machine.

Nguen is a concerned South Sudanese living in Canada. He can be reached nyolgaar@yahoo.com

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thebortrust October 8, 2014 at 12:20 am

Thanks Mr. Nguen for bringing South Sudanese in to this point to know more about Gurtong meaning. In my own “Gurtong” is an Anyuak word found by Whiteman called Kwacakworo, alias Dr Perner, the Swiss anthropologist. Kwacakworo chosen Gurtong because he then understands that, the two words were taking pace.
So Mr. Nguen, I am referring you back to any native of Anyuak to describe a meaning of Gurtong in details in English, and for more information, Mrs. Angelina Teny, the wife of former Vice President turned rebel is a board member of Gurtong. She can explain more about mission and meaning of Gurtong in her own language too.
Meanwhile, Gurtong’s log has more information, “The logo is a symbolic union and solidarity of the peoples of South Sudan, represented by the Rhino, the Shield and the Shoebill. The Spear underlining the logo is the symbolic rejection of conflict among them and a call for peace and unity, see more on the website as well to know more about South Sudan’s greater region logos. “Gurtong Trust Peace and Media project” target is for peace to “bringing South Sudanese Together” as it motto written.

** (@samoelwainaina) October 8, 2014 at 3:42 am

Nguen, Stop attacking Gurtong’s reputation. You do not even seem to know the meaning of the word Gurtong. Please visit their website you might be well informed. As a reader and visitor of their website, i can clearly tell you have hidden motives towards them. They preach and spread peace. All i know is that there will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers,(that is you Nguen) and then there will be people like Gurtong proving them wrong.

** (@samoelwainaina) October 8, 2014 at 3:42 am

Nguen, Stop attacking Gurtong’s reputation. You do not even seem to know the meaning of the word Gurtong. Please visit their website you might be well informed. As a reader and visitor of their website, i can clearly tell you have hidden motives towards them. They preach and spread peace. All i know is that there will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers,(that is you Nguen) and then there will be people like Gurtong proving them wrong.

Aban Tijwok October 8, 2014 at 10:30 am

Mr. Nguen, Thank you brother for sharing your understanding of Gurtong and what its doing in South Sudan. When i read your article, I went immediately to Gurtong website on http://www.gurtong.net but only found the website to be the only website promoting peace and unity in diversity much before all those of Sudantribune.com and Nyamilepedia.com came to being. I was also surprise that the meaning of Gurtong was clearly written there to mean peace and reconciliation in Anyuak language and the board of Gurtong has senior people including the chairman being from Equatoria Prof. Charles Bhakit. I do not believe those people would put their names to some kind of revenge organization.

anyway, thank you for sharing your understanding of gurtong with everybody and hope that your allegations will only encourage people to access Gurtong and appreciate its many years work. please also visit the website as it contains very useful information to update yourself.

Mr. Aban Tijwok
Upper Nile University
currently residing in UNMISS camp, Malakal


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