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Warrap State Youth Condemns Arrest and Intimidation of Youth in Juba

Members of the Warrap state electoral commission conducting elections in Uganda on 18 October 2014 (Photo: unknown)
Members of the Warrap state electoral commission conducting elections in Uganda on 18 October 2014 (Photo: unknown)

July 08, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The youth and civil society organizations from Warrap State condemn what they believe was “unlawful arrest and inhuman torturing” of their members at a social event at Home and Away night club in Juba last week.

“We, the leadership of Warrap youth and civil society organizations are hereby condemning the unlawful arrest and inhuman torturing of the four youth members in home and away (night club) disco organized by Warrap state artist union on 3rd July 2015 at 10:00 pm”. Part of the report reads.

According to the Secretary General of the state youth, Simon Machuar Manhkaracnak Deng, the incident was politically motivated by the Warrap state governor, Miss Nyandeng Maleak, and her allies.

“The occasion was organized by Warrap artist to show their talents to Warrap people and South Sudanese in general but was sadly raided by Nyandeng Malaek and Aguer Ariik raided, who tortured and arrested some youth that they identified to have divergent views on Warrap government.” the SG of youth states.

The youth believe that their state governor and the minister of finance, Hon Aguer Ariik, who attended the show, ordered their body guards to threaten the youth to leave the venue.

“The Governor Nyandeng Malek and her minister for finance Hon Aguer Ariik intimidated the youth by cocking pistol and threatened some youth members by saying you must go out of the hotel or otherwise I must shot you to death.” part of the youth report reads.

“When some youth refused to go out but asked the reason why should they be forced to leave the club, he then commanded the Governor’s body guards to arrest and beat John Angok Mawien, Karlos Maluil Makuek, Deng Kuei Thiep, and Cde Akok Aduol.” the youth said.

The youth further blame Awan Akuin, a close relative of the governor, and Mr. Aguer Ariik for indiscriminate touring  and beating of the party attendants after they arrested four young people.

“Dehumanization, illegal detain and rule of secret of police which are the order of the day in Warrap have been unashamedly imported to Juba by Nyandeng Malek.  We are calling for such inhumane acts by Nyandeng on Warrap population to have borders and to bring them to Juba here.” SG states.

The group believes that four of their members are still missing but urges the relatives and related families to remain calm.

Warrap youth demands an apology from the governor or else warns of serious repercussion if nothing is done.

“We are perturbed by these hitherto glaring constitutional violations and human right abuses by Nyandeng government since 2010 and we would love to see it stop. We knew already that she would one day unwisely decide to arrest the youth illegally as she always jails MPs without lifting their immunities, but we want to remind her that she has crossed redline and she must apologize to Warrap youth otherwise there would be great repercussion sooner than later.” part of the report reads.

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