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Rebels warn citizens to stay clear of attack hotspots ahead of independence celebration

Exclusive picture of rebel forces operating along Juba-Nimule road, July 2015....
Exclusive picture of rebel forces operating along Juba-Nimule road, July 2015….

July 8th, 2015(Nyamilepedia) – Rebels allied to South Sudan’s former Vice President warned civilians to stay clear of crowded areas in and around Juba during the independence celebrations and also during night ours as they plan new attacks on Juba Nimule road and also potential attack inside the Capital.

The chilling message which one rebel fighter described as being both an advise and also a warning to those living in and around Juba of an eminent attack on the Juba Nimule Road aswell as areas in and around Juba town, saying their targets will mostly be government army and police posts.

Rebel forces who attacked Nimule last week say they have stationed dozens of their men close to the Juba Nimule road as well and in and around Juba outskirts, warning they will strike to send a strong message to the regime that independence cannot be celebrated under dictatorship and lack of freedoms.

“I will not disclose our plans but we have our forces ready to send a message to this genocidal regime, we will hit them hard this time” said the commander who is an officer with forces under Maj. Gen. Martin Kenyi who is the Equatoria commander for the oppositions SPLM.

The rebel officer says he was involved in last weeks “surgical” attack on Nimule carried out by what he called SPLM-IO “special force division” Equatoria brunch, he warned they would be forced to shut down the road which is South Sudan’s only life line to the outside world.

When asked their names, two of the rebel fighters stated their names only as Cpt. Juma while another identified himself as Lt. Col. Lokudu, they said they were calling on citizens in Juba not to turn up for the celebration while the country was bleeding, saying democracy and freedom which the South Sudanese people fought for has been abused and squandered by Salva Kiir autocratic and tribal regime.

“There is nothing to celebrate” said the young determined commander.

When asked what sort of action will take place, the rebel Cpt. by the name Lokudu said they have planned their forces in and around Juba town to attack the Juba Nimule road and also to penetrate into the capital to disrupt the celebrations which he described as “fake event” to cover the suffering of the people.

“we therefore urge our beloved citizens to avoid crowded places especially during the celebrations, not to move around at the evening or the night hours, as this our time to hit the regime, the civilians they are not our target”.

Government has spend nearly 129 million South Sudanese pounds to prepare for the venue for celebrations of the country’s 4th independence, the money has mostly been given as contracts to business men affiliated to Salva Kiir’s regime, but many of the citizens complain that such money could have been better used to buy food and medicine at a time the country is facing several challenges.

“Salva’s term has expired today, therefore we will not and do not recognise him as a legitimate president, unless he is re-elected again democratically” said the rebel officer.

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Osama Bin Laden is dead and ISIS itself is not exist. Rebels of Riek Machar (PHD) become Robberies. Mabior Garang himself doesn’t know anything about South Sudan unless Hotels public relation. Look back at that Video on Nyamilepedia.


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