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Nov 19, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — The Communities of the Upper Nile (Adar, Sobat, Fashoda) State on 18th of November held a reconciliation conference in Pagak as gesture of good will to bring the communities together after more than 23 months old conflict in the new nation. This was done as part of the implementation of peace process directly to involve the local people.

Hon. Kech Nguoth revealed that, it is the local people inhabiting Upper Nile that came up with the initiative because they realized the time for reconciliation has come.

“This war imposed on people of south Sudan almost break down the social fabric among Upper Nile communities. So they communities leaders realized it is time to settle and come together in order to promotes the agenda of peace.”  narrated Hon. Kech Nguoth in an email extended to Nyamilepedia correspondent.

The meeting was organized by the Governors of the three States with the intention of bringing the citizens together in harmony as they go back to Upper Nile State. In the Federal system availed by the Opposition leadership under Dr. Riek Machar the first designated Vice President for the TGONU. Upper Nile is divided into three states, Sobat, Fashoda, and Adar State. These communities somehow have been living together in peace and harmony until this civil war affects their relationship.

The three states governors organized the meeting in order to bring the locals together as they are preparing to go back to Upper Nile. The communities agreed to work together for peace and harmony.

The gathering was first of its kind since the crisis erupted in the country and it marked the first day of working in solidarity as people of the same region before working with the rest of the country.

After the meeting citizens expressed their joy and happiness in form of songs, and that was all about peace and unity. The citizens of Upper Nile also realized the importance of unity and the co-existence of the people of Upper Nile. Thousands killed in more than 22 months conflict, thousands under protection campus of United Nation within the country and more 2.5 million displaced to the neighboring countries.

The country is under famine threatening the lives of those who remain in the country. The situation in Unity State continues to deteriorate as government keep displacing civilians into swamps areas. These people are having limited access to Humanitarians aids.

Compiled by Elbow Chuol, Nyamilepedia correspondent in South Sudan







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Gabriel Majok Bhar November 22, 2015 at 7:18 am

That is good for you to be realistic and reconcile as one family go ahead with initiative Upper Nile sons Oyee


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