Greater Equatoria GRECOR Henry Jembi Press Release South Sudan

GRECOR Declares 100% Allegiance To The SPLM/SPLA-IO

Dr. Henry Jembi Samson Lokou | Chairman,

YAMBIO, 13th July, 201– The 9th July South Sudan Independence Day celebrations in Western Equatoria State's Capital Yambio(photo: via gurtong)
YAMBIO, 13th July, 201– The 9th July South Sudan Independence Day celebrations in Western Equatoria State’s Capital Yambio(photo: via gurtong)

Nov 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Your joy is our joy, your happiness is our happiness and your pain is our pain, your suffering is our suffering and so forth, it goes without saying. In honor to our late chairman, Prof. Wani Tome Lako Lokitari, on the role he had played in uniting us Equatorians, and believing in the important of leadership hierarchy, and conscious of the necessity of struggle and revolution, and fully aware of the need of the system in place, and to realize the dreams and aspirations of the people of South Sudan, and with the consultation of the entire members concern, and convinced  with leadership of Dr. Riek Marchar, and because of the signed Compromise Peace Agreement, and acknowledging the urgent requirement of peace to our people, I Dr. Henry Jembi Samson Lokou GRECOR Chairman hereby reassure and renew our alliance to the leaderships of the SPLM/A-IO Dr. Riek Macher, and Gen. Lado Gore, and to the entire SPLM/A-IO members. However, I fervently declare our total Allegiance to the leaderships of the SPLM/A-IO Dr. Riek Macher and Gen. Lado Gore for their revolutionary sound leadership and concern to the South Sudanese who are unwillingly forced to war again for no good reason at all. Nevertheless, we as GRECOR members are fully committed and supported to our visionary leader Dr. Riek Marchar for his courageous and steps of refusing and renouncing the evil to control our new born nation South Sudan.

GRECOR will always and often fight very hard to recognize the spirit of struggle, liberation and revolution movement in South Sudan so as to bring an end to the domination, injustices, oppressions and marginalization practiced upon us by the oppressed government of SPLM/A-G.

GRECOR is going to act positively in order to help in bringing true change and genuine transformation in the country and to create a state that we all belong to regardless of our cultural background, geographical location, ideological upbringing and contemporary perspective.

GREOCR as a whole with its vision, mission, objectives, methodology, structures and internal affairs is going to be under the hands and use of the SPLM/A-IO until South Sudan is totally free from tribalism, nepotism, sectarianism and favoritism, which were created by wicked and weaken South Sudanese leaders and politicians. Long live Dr. Riek, long live SPLM/A-IO, long live new South Sudan and long live the rights and freedom of innocent people of South Sudan.

The idea of GRECOR started in 2012, and the really formation of it as a body was in 2013, while the declaration of the GRECOR as an opposition movement was in March 22, 2013, In Addis Ababa. While the actual activities and programs to enhance the new body started in 2014 up to date. GRECOR is a political organization, an opposition, and a resistance movement, to lead political and military work that will bring total change and transformation in the Republic of South Sudan socially, economically, politically, militarily and security. So as to bring true and genuine unity, harmony, stability and peace in the country based on the national projects, national call and national reformation in the entire structures of the new born state of South Sudan.


On behalf of the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR); we would like to make the following statements:-

  1. The GRECOR, which is an umbrella of various political parties, NGOs, Women, Men, Youth and Children of Equatoria Region, hereby, declares that, as from today, Saturday, March 22, 2014, the current crises are no longer confined to political differences over the issues of leadership within the SPLM as the ruling political party in the Sovereign Republic of South Sudan (SRSS);
  2. The political and military allegations, by various national, regional and international individuals, groups and organizations that, they said crises in the SRSS are due to political quarrels between the Nuer and Dinka tribes of the SRSS, are unfounded and untenable;
  3. It is not true that, the Nuer as a tribe, in the SRSS, are the ultimate threat to the prosperity of the SRSS. The truth is that, lack of prudent leadership and the absence of attainable vision are the threats to the prosperity of the SRSS;
  4. The core causes of the current crises in the SRSS and which are also the ultimate threat to the well-being of the entire peoples of the SRSS, are entrenched corruption, tribalism, nepotism, exclusion of others, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, misuse and abuse of comprehensive fiduciary duties and lack of meritocracy;
  5. The perception inside the SRSS that, current negotiations, being mediated by IGAD, and other international partners, are basically negotiations between the Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal Regions, and in total exclusion of Equatoria Region, in the SRSS, is a recipe for future comprehensive instabilities in the SRSS;
  6. The Equatoria Region of the SRSS has always been the stabilizer of comprehensive issues of governance in South Sudan since 1956 until 2005, when it has been comprehensively marginalized by the operationalisation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005 to date;
  7. The ubiquitous absence of effective and efficacious participation of Equatoria Region, in the legislative, judicial, political, military, security, economic, financial, moral, and social administration of South Sudan from 2005 to 2013; due to the dysfunctional operationalisation of the CPA, has fundamentally contributed to the extant symptoms of a failed State in South Sudan;
  8. The GRECOR, with the total support of the peoples of Equatoria Region, reject the mobilization of their sons and daughters, into various military and security institutions; in the SRSS, in order to fight against the SPLM/A, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar;
  9. The GRECOR, with the total support of the peoples of Equatoria Region; of the SRSS, calls for, and encourages, the mobilization of all women, youth, and men of Equatoria Region, to work together, with the other peace loving peoples of the other two regions, in the SRSS, for the creation of a stable SRSS, via the instrument of an interim government, with equitable representation of all women and men of the SRSS;
  10. The GRECOR, in total support of political realism in the SRSS; supports the call for the establishment of an interim government, under the leadership of competent and capable South Sudanese Woman or Man, to steer the SRSS in this interim period, during which, all institutions of governance are reforming for the total interest of all peoples of the SRSS;
  11. The GRECOR supports the call for the establishment of a federal system of governance in the SRSS, based on the former three regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal;
  12. The GRECOR calls for efficient application of illustration laws as instruments for building a peaceful SRSS which is at peace with herself and neighbouring countries in the region, and which respects international law for a peaceful regional and international coexistence;
  13. The GRECOR calls for the engendering of the negotiation process to ascertain a just peace for the interest of all peoples of the SRSS; and
  14. The GRECOR warns that, an unstable SRSS is already a threat to the peoples of South Sudan, and will be a threat to the regional and international peace and security, and as such, an all-inclusive and representative settlement in which; all peoples of the SRSS see themselves is a must.


  1. GRECOR advocates for rights and freedoms based governance of the Sovereign Federal Republic of South Sudan (SFRSS); imbued with the principles and doctrines of Constitutionalism; the Rule of Law; Equality; Democracy; Meritocracy; Accountability; Transparency; and positive foreign policy guided by the respect of all species of International Law for cordial regional and international relations.
  2. GRECOR advocates for a federal government in the SFRSS consisting of Equatoria State with a capital at Juba; Upper Nile State with a capital at Malakal; and Bahr el Ghazal State with a capital at Wau. The Federal Capital shall be built at a geographical point where all these three states meet;
  3. GRECOR advocates for the constitution of a representative interim government in the SFRSS, with a life span of four (4) years; to pave the way for comprehensive reform of all institutions of governance in the SFRSS and the writing of a Permanent Democratic Constitution;
  4. GRECOR advocates for the restoration of all occupied and forcibly settled villages and other parcels of lands, in Greater Equatoria (GE) and Western Bahr el Ghazal; to their rightful indigenous possessors and owners, as the first step towards the building of permanent peace in the SFRSS;
  5. GRECOR advocates for the restoration of all expropriated rights and freedoms of all peoples of GE (PGE) in particular and of all South Sudanese in general. It shall also protect extant and future rights and freedoms of PGE and of all South Sudanese;
  6. GRECOR shall fight all types of racial, ethnic, tribal and gender discriminations in GE and in all Southern Sudan (SS);
  7. GRECOR shall fight for gender parity and for the constitutional representation of SS women in all levels of governance by 40%; and
  8. GRECOR shall fight for effective constitutional protection of Children and Youth of SS as the future leaders of the SFRSS.


GERCOR was born long time ago in the hearts of the Equatorians, the people who live in the tropical regions of the Sudan now South Sudan. Mostly they underwent gradual changing of attitudes and dispositions as you might have known very well. They are famous in many things and are characterized differently from the rest of the Sudanese and South Sudanese peoples. They had undergone many hardships, torment, and tribulation in life and history, yet they still exist and survive and they will most probably overcome all the above-mentioned human and natural disasters.

GERCOR advocates for the RIGHTS of the Equatorians i.e. central, western and Eastern all together. It’s the track, van and ship that carry them towards their ultimate goal today, tomorrow and forever and ever.

GERCOR is a new voice to the voiceless people of South Sudan, in fact, they are not voiceless, but they respect themselves and others because they were born and brought up soundly in that manner. Decent behavior is their attitude, hospitality is theirs inner self, order and organization are their good friends; patience is their wholeheartedly daily life.

GERCOR will always and often be GERCOR whatsoever schemes are being made and planned to extinguish their flame and fire by all means, the fact is that it’s a waste of time and effort. Let the engineers spend their time in designing new bridges and dams instead of Hogan houses.

GERCOR is about humanity, i.e. Man action cannot create man as a man, but God action can create man as a man. So when He created us (human), He didn’t mean that we should be oppressed, persecuted, undermined and degraded, but to be free and free from all kinds of injustice, marginalization, slavery, subjugation and domination.

GERCOR is a new bloc animating its message, mission and objectives among the young Equatorians and elders who are concerned with their political, economic and social affairs of Equatoria States. There are many Blocs which acting and doing the same work which GERCOR is doing here and there.  I personally would like to encourage them to keep doing what they have started for the sake of Equatorians everywhere. As you might have known and heard, the entire road goes/leads to Rome, so somewhere at that junction we will meet and if we meet please let us proceed together towards our common goal and the ultimate goal, without division, grouping and hatred, but unity, peace and understanding as a sign of maturity.

GERCOR will never give up its vision; mission Statement and objectives of free, safe and federal, State within united South Sudan, unless the lion, tiger and cobra have persisted not to change their minds and hearts. It’s good and excellent to live in a country where people understand themselves, where people have a common aim and goal to pursue, where people have realized that they are one and should be united, where they have a common vision, common objectives, common ABCD Up to Z feelings and emotions and common thoughts. Likewise, it’s fantastic and fabulous to live in the South Sudan as we did during the Referendum and voting.

GRECOR is a board made up of some of the sons of the three States of Equatoria residents in the Sudan and Diaspora (Diaspora), and who joined it voluntarily, and according to their personal belief in the calls of political leaders of the Greater Equatoria (new vision for the management of the newborn country).

GRECOR seeks to organize the people of Greater Equatoria States who are living in the Sudan and Diaspora, and the development of public policies that consistent with the ideas, calls and resolutions issued by the leaders of the people of Greater Equatoria on the conditions and political changes in South Sudan, and the Board of Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR) also studying the various issues, files and projects related to the sons of Greater Equatoria and provides suggestions and solutions to them. The Council also looks forward to achieve all the dreams and desires and ambitions and aspirations of the people of Greater Equatoria.


GRECOR had managed to tour the world such as America, Canada, Australia and Europe to enlighten the Equatorians and call them to rise up to take the lead.

GRECOR had been able to raise and present the issue of Equatoria people to IGAD through Gen. Sembeiywo and Ambassador Mesfin.

GRECOR has been represented in peace talks playing the role of the civil society’s organization.

GRECOR has been taking part seriously in the meetings of Equatorian leaders and politicians in Nairobi, Kenya in order to bring unity, harmony, understanding and reconciliation between them.

GRECOR has managed to open offices in those countries: America, Canada, Australia, Finland, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Russia.

GRECOR has played a great role to spread its vision, mission, objectives and methodologies positively through Media especially Facebook.

GRECOR everywhere has organized and conducted a number of meetings, workshops, training sessions, consultation sessions and global teleconferences successfully.


In order to achieve our dreams and our desires and ambitions and aspirations, we must proceed from our vision, and our mission, and our goals, because it serves as our strength and our faith and our spirit and our hopes towards good and advanced Equatoria community, which lives in peace, stability and prosperity, where there is justice and equality. So the objectives of the Council are:


Defend the rights and freedoms on the basis of government in the Republic of South Sudan federal sovereign, and imbued with the principles and doctrines of constitutional, rule of law, equality, and democracy, and merit, accountability, and transparency, and the foreign policy of positive guided by respect for all kinds of international law relations, regional and international friendly.


Give to Caesar what Caesar, to God what God! (Matthew 22/21). And give right to his own.

Through Legal objectives we seek to sense ourselves and others to be just and fair in the division of powers and the distribution of tasks and to give responsibilities equally among ourselves that ensure compliance of individual and collective rights and duties and as a result, this automatically  a good step toward building unity and will definitely lead to nationalism.


Self-defense, security of properties, customs and traditions, behaviors, tendencies, cultural heritage and desires and ambitions of the sons and daughters of Greater Equatoria. Besides, the military should be national and other forces should be national likewise so as to guarantee national unity in South Sudan.


While the economy plays a great role in the development of peoples and the prospects for fee determination, the economy, which contributes to the composition of the layers in society through natural resources, capital, labor and technology. All of these are available in the Republic of South Sudan, so our economic goals are the total reliance on agriculture, livestock, and wealth forestry, and fisheries, etc. and by attracting and encouraging investors and local companies, regional and global action in this area, which provides employment opportunities for residents this is the local development of the sense of liberation.


Social objectives are the backbone of the human person and human building, where they play the most prominent and important role in all human acts. In addition, it depends on the scientific base of knowledge and skills in the field of many human relationships, which are aimed at helping individuals and groups to reach a level of compatibility and approach and self-reliance. And to help people to cure social problems and Prevention (CDC) and the strengthening of their time to their social jobs. To help people individually and in groups to achieve positive relationships between them and a better standard of life within the limits of their abilities and desires. Therefore, social objectives include: Educational objectives, Health objectives, Cultural objectives, Sports objectives and Religious objectives.


GRECOR knows where it is heading and will not end up someplace else without accomplishing its goals and aspirations.

GREOCOR has a big dream to attain, it’s not unrealistic dream, but realistic dream.
GRECOR has a declaration to peruse, positive language and positive energy and keenly aware of the signs.

GRECOR is sure of something great, huge, amazing and something bigger than us is going to come out of this call and move.

No matter what, GRECOR dream is going to come true in some future time. GRECOR is a miracle blueprint into our lives at a very deep level and we promise you it will never be the same, the future.

GRECOR will always and often mastermind in order to bring national transformation within South Sudan.

GRECOR knows what to do in order to accomplish its big dream and to experience some great results.

GRECOR aspires that the people of South Sudan should achieve the greatest life, the life that they dreamed of.

GRECOR is conscious of the external situation that is causing suffering to our people and of the inner thoughts that is causing suffering likewise.

Signed by:

Dr. Henry Jembi,

Chairman of GRECOR
Email: henryjembi@hotmail.com
Website: http://GRECOR

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Gatdar.wich November 19, 2015 at 5:28 pm

Congratulations GRECOR for reaffirming your support to the Freedom Fighters’ Movement-SPLA-IO.
Unity of all patriot forces under the leadership of SPLA-IO is exactly we need because Juba’s demonocracy-Ethnocracy government is cancer to all the nationalist tribes, and must be totally destroyed, cremated, and throw into a dumpster for the betterment of all Junubiin period.

Beek November 20, 2015 at 3:58 am

What people of Nuer going to change in politics since you behave so bad with only Dinka in your tiny skull. Government of your Riek can collapses within 24 hours. I was in Moscow before and we were denied by UN and Church because of being a Dinka by your Nuer and Shilluk because those two were advised,but we have manage to live of our own. Stop spoiling innocent people with out any reason.

GatNor November 20, 2015 at 4:18 am

In the picture the one in the bottom was said to be a Nuer, the one in the middle is an Equatorian and the A-hole up top is said to be a Jang. standing on the shoulder of the idiots on the bottom.

Congratualations Grecor the news has a seigh of relief.

lokiden November 20, 2015 at 5:09 am

your entire mentioned objective is correct but we should have army to work along side with SPLA IO, a little that we have, no any support even from Lodo gore, that means he is not serous with the issue. Therefore he should have to visit the units in Equatoria to ensue his commitment. Since the death of Dr. Wani GRECOR is dead in some part of the world even in bari clan.Therefore, I want you to mention which part of equatoria that grecor is operating now?

Beek November 20, 2015 at 2:54 pm

I am sorry to say that Nuer are like Arabs and the so-called Terrorists in general because most victims in Paris are Arabs from North Africa. They have being used by unknown aliens to kill their own citizens/use slaves to kill slaves Mercenaries and money is good which is a nightmare.

Beek November 20, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Halal Meats and Halal Restaurants and that is Nuer.

wedjuba November 20, 2015 at 4:17 pm

Long live GRECOR!!!. The best days for Greater Equatoria still lays ahead. We must pull together the strings of struggles and strive for the benefit of our next generations.

It’s a good move to join and support the opposition. We need to bundle our efforts and vehemently confront the Jieng thieves and their evil council in Juba, with all our mights and intellects.

There will be no progress, development or peace in South Sudan if Equatorians don’t play major roles in shaping the fate of the country. Just take the facts of the last 10 years. We have seen real thieves (Jiengs) at work, plundering and crippling South Sudan to nothing. Others caught at British Airports with sums of stolen Dollars in their bags. Just imagine! They have destroyed everything that matters to our country.

IGAD plus the international communities must at some point come to the recognition that Greater Equatoria has always been the backbone of South Sudan, and that the entire societies in these regions have always coexisted peacefully together and that the only way forward is, to approach the experiences and expertise of Equatorians.

IGAD must see South Sudan as a Country of three blocs, namely:

1)Greater Equatoria,
2)Greater Upper Nile,
3)Greater Bahr El Gazal.

We must present these three facts very vividly and clearly to anybody who needs to construct a genuine peace in our country. The real PEACE must be met among the three mentioned blocs, this is common sense. “There must be some ORDER in the house!

Our homework in Greater Equatoria has just begun and once again “here another foe claiming responsibilities in our own territory”.

Remember, “They come, They go”, and what ever destructions they bring with, they will fail!

There will always be GREATER EQUATORIA!!!

GRECOR, the Sons and Daughters of Greater Equatoria are convergently behind you, in full spirits and awareness. Please hold up high the flame of direction and conscience, and lead your people to the promises of their forefathers!!!


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