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Uncle Sam and his pet projects, the erring isolated voices from South Sudan’s done deal


By Deng Vanang,

Oct 8th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —- Getting isolated and irrelevant on anything as minute as peeling off a finger nail is the Americans’ worse nightmare in the world.

It makes them feel more irritated, undesirable and disenfranchised in a world they so proudly claim to own its every bit.

Such is the horrible situation in which they currently find themselves on the sidelines of South Sudan’s self-imposing peace deal on individuals and groups enraged against hearing any of it.

South Sudanese negative opinion informing Americans’ isolation from the peace process may not come as a surprise to the flatfooted Americans among others.

For those in the know and miserably clueless, following are the streaming hues and cries.

Americans love a free reign particularly over issues to do with weak-kneed third world countries.

At them, they adore shouting aloud with noses poked up with less action.

When is not by merely speaking pompously we solve problems that they know and are extremely good at in their home soil, United States.

Even in those prolonged boring speeches there appears a lot of doublespeak inundated with irreconcilable ironies and mindboggling contradictions.

Primarily coming into mind is Obama’s administration that was madly opposed to Kiir’s regime in 2013.

Obviously for the right reason of robbing and abusing its South Sudanese citizens left, right and center.

The deafening hullabaloo got even extended to Nelson Mandela’s most sacred funeral service. There Obama’s then security advisor, Suzan Rice sheepishly looked down on Kiir’s extended hand.

The altercation signaled a humiliation apart from being a telltale sign that all was not well between the visibly jittery Juba and critical Washington.

From misfortune an eagle-eye-darting Machar spotted the glittering opportunity he was more than willing to grab.

Hoping America was on his side, he upped the antics in his blistering criticism of Kiir’s regime as a crippling fascist, kleptocratic dictatorship.

Not oblivious Americans were only luring him to a bed fraught with thorns on which to lie.

Their hidden motive only lied in driving wedge between him and Kiir so as to catch in on resultant earth shaking fallout.

Not to spare of blame too, are South Sudanese blinding ignorance, insatiable greed and staggering ethnic hatred for one another having played into the foreigners’ scavenging hands and mouthwatering appetite.

Machar’s forces attempt to launch a vengeful comeback to Juba where thousands of his own people were massacred didn’t even help matters as America prodded Uganda’s UPDF to halt an aggressive military advance.

A move which instantly made the two countries comrades-in- crime and plunder.

America’s point of view was opposition forces’ entry into Juba would cause unprecedented outpouring of blood bath.

Quite a bit of mouthful half-truth fraught with irony. Since it is true that massacre shouldn’t be paid back with massacre.

But what has been troubling is refusal to condemn the heinous act, let alone destining the concerned criminals to the tallest gallows.

Making matters even worst was coming of John Kerry to Juba in 2014.

Deng Vanang, the Secretary for Information, Public Relations and Spokesperson for Federal Democratic Party/South Sudan Armed Forces, FDP/SSAF(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Deng Vanang, the Secretary for Information, Public Relations and Spokesperson for Federal Democratic Party(Photo: file/supplied/Nyamilepedia)

There he lauded Kiir legitimacy as an elected President despite his regrettable human rights atrocities he grossly committed without the batting of an eyelid.

Concerned polarizing Americans behaviors and doublespeak led to just two considerable matters of common sense.

Some people are lesser important than others in the hypocritically pronounced democratic country of one people, one nation.

While Americans’ double-dealing of two South Sudanese rival giants, Kiir and Machar, proved beyond reasonable doubt their heinous agenda to cause conflict from which to gain.

The time I revealed this carefully concealed classified secret to former US’ Ambassador to South Sudan, Ms. Susan D. Page while visiting us in POC1 in Juba, she was so ballooned with furry to the breaking point.

Only to be saved from her bottomless pit of rage by my colleagues having pretentiously apologized for me while I silently remained on the warpath.

In 2015, Kiir paid handsomely Washington-based Public Relations firm, KRL International to fully sway Obama administration opinion in his favor.

The result has been spectacular as seen in the way Americans and their government only pay lip service to South Sudanese suffering.

At the forefront are the more vocal Enough Project and snooping Sentry.

All of which lose no time in wrongly documenting South Sudan gruesome war crimes they partly helped engineer by talking big for nothing.

Included in callous cover up are the underestimated war’s dead, disheartening mass rapes and displaced millions. Especially, the more monotonous chorus that South Sudan war has claimed tens of thousands as they rant and rave in their statistics.

Until the recently god-send London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine came to our rescue by putting the death tolls at nearly 400,000.

Springing back to mind is 2016 clash at Juba one Palace in a clear violation of 2015 peace agreement.

An accord deliberately negotiated to lure back to Juba the marked victim for the elimination by an aggressor.

That is besides being denied the agreed number of troops to accompany him back to the lions’ den, Juba which remained awash with lethal weapons contrary to what the deal stipulated.

Officers from the armed opposition were literally hunted down to death daily in the broad day light.

The orgy couldn’t attract desired response from the American sponsored human rights bodies and their pay masters cozily sitting pretty in Washington.

When the long held crashing hammer finally dropped, the victims were not just driven out of town without Americans’ accusing finger being pointed at the perpetrator.

They were as well hunted down like inedible animals that they are.

Spearheading the hunt were American black water drones attempting to smoke out and kill all the fleeing rebels in every valley, hill, thicket and forest dotting central and western Equatoria regions of South Sudan right up to Congolese border posts.

After the main target victim that is Machar survived, he was punished for surviving and subsequently condemned to nearly two years of solitary confinement in South Africa.

The whole narrative cast doubt on Americans’ seriousness to be taken for what they say.

For Kiir remains in power today not because of his might, but American connivance. A fact to be brought to an attention of still holdout SSOA’s factions under the stewardship of several doubting Thomases.

When opposition attempts to topple him from power he grossly abused, Americans say he is legitimate when he severally violated the sanctity of constitution that made him what he is, President.

When opposition groups opt to work with him until elections, Americans now dissuade them not to do so by giving his government all sorts of evil derogatory names that include the sickening violent kleptocracy and a den of thieving tribal elites.

The derogatory phrases are of course well placed and ear soothing, but already proved that they can’t change Kiir and neither push him from power by an inch.

That is to say, words are just words and on their own remain rhetorical and dysfunctional since they can’t help the more desperate situation befalling South Sudanese.

If they were serious not to see the backbreaking warlords running roughshod on innocent South Sudanese, within twinkling of an eye they could vanish than subject the innocent to unnecessary suffering.

In the same way they toppled Panama’s General Manuel Noriega in 1990, Iraqi’s Saddam Hussein in 2003, Libya’s Muamar Gadhafi in 2011 among others.

Deng Vanang is the Secretary for Information, Public Relations and Spokesman for FDP/SSAF. He is cordially reachable at:dvanang@gmail.com

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