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Nightmared South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, thinking through a tough-day interview on his desk in the war-ragged presidential palace in the capital, Juba(Photo: file)
Nightmared South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, thinking through a tough-day interview on his desk in the war-ragged presidential palace in the capital, Juba(Photo: file)

Monday, October 08, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — On 4th October 2018, I dreamed that late Dr. John Garang De Mabior and Clement Wani Konga were disciplining and judging President Salva Kiir Mayardit in a mud near the river. All of them were dirty in mud, with wrecked clothes, and sited down on the mire. Salva Kiir sat down on his buttock in front of the two John Garang and Clement Wani who also sat down on their buttocks. They were facing Salva Kiir Mayardit scorning him. I came to the scene and shouting at Salva Kiir Mayardit, why are you tribal? Another huge crowd of people came and shouted at him, why do you kill our people? Late John Garang and Clement Wani laugh at him as we rebuke him and he looks miserable like an orphan in a street. John Garang then took a bath in the stream and he put on nice clothes and he becomes the President and Salva Kiir resumes his position as Vice president while Clement Wani Konga was laughing. I don’t understand what this means? The dream keeps recurring and this is sending a live message to the president and Clement Wani Konga. It is up to them to read, digest and judge. This dream happens to me in Nairobi and I have to tell it as it is because a dream foretells the future.

This particular dream prefigures something which may be a warning, comfort or guidance. The dream did not say Salva Kiir and Clement Wani will die or are dying, it says that Salva Kiir was dirty in mud and he looks like orphan and sat in front of Clement Wani Konga and Late John Garang. The two were disciplining and judging him. The dream says John Garang was reinstated President and Salva Kiir becomes Vice President, and it also says, I and some people rebukes him as ruling with tribalism and a killer. The dilemma of this dream is: why are the two living people (Salva Kiir and Clement Wani) brought together with a dead person in mire? Putting President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Clement Wani Konga together with late John Garang is something for us to digest. However, some dreams bring revelation of God and His plans. Dreams need to be interpreted by God and God’s standard for judging dreams, visions, and prophesies is to wait for independent confirmation. Let us then wait and see what this dream is about, when it is going to happen and how this dream will come to pass. It is incumbent upon the prophets of our day to interpret it because I am not a prophet but through number of dreams of this nature, I am being use as a channel by which dreams like this is passed. Similar dreams like this have come to pass, and I am compiling them into a book, among them is the following.

In 2003, when I was a student at Reformed theological college in Kampala, I had a similar dream that got fulfilled in 2005. In that dream, I found myself walking along the tarmac road coming from Buluk, to the roundabout near South Sudan’s national Parliament. Next to the parliament, south of it, there was a big function happening in the exact site where John Garang was buried. That function drew large number of people from different countries and nationalities together, and the compound was full of cars including UN cars. I entered into the venue passing through a route under the up-water Tank adjacent to the parliament.

In the venue, a certain medical Doctor, by names Dr. Samson Baba called a white man in charge of protocol to receive and accommodate me.  There were so many people in the compound, and the Whiteman then called two waitresses to show me my room. In the compound, there were three blocks of a U-shaped white prefabricated building facing east to the site where John Garang was laid to rest. The waitresses took me along the first and second front lines of the prefab building, but there was no empty room. They then took me behind the prefabs buildings; again there was no empty room. Finally, they took me to the third block of the prefabs building where a manager received me and showed to me the first room directly facing the exact location where John Garang was buried. Inside the room, there were heap of mattresses pile up to the roof of the room. I grew annoyed rebuking the manager asking her, is this store or a sleeping room? The manager calmingly answers, sorry sir, I will dress the room well. The manager pulled one mattress and put it on the bed, suddenly, it turned into a beautiful casket. Outside the room I heard a buster of cry. We all rushed out to see what is happening. We show crowd of people wearing black mourning clothes, they were wailing with their hands on their heads. As they mourn, a choir appeared in the place where John Garang was buried, they were singing a mourning song and the rhythm of the song goes like this “Oh my people! Oh my people! Who will set my people free….”.

On 17th July 2005, the date I had the dream, I arrived to Juba traveling from Tali through Lainya and arrived Juba late in the evening. When I saw the same place where John Garang was buried, it was the same place that was shown to me in a dream two years ago, the picture of the dream came afresh in my mind, I stopped the driver called Chan Ali Malou and I went to pay respect to the fallen hero, the Moses of South Sudan. My spirit was over taken by the picture that envisages the location of the burial of this great hero. I could not control my emotions; I collapsed on the grave and wept loudly for almost three hours. The guards guarding the grave carried me out to console me. I then wrote my condolence in the register book to the greater family of South Sudan for the demise of our great leader whom we all expected not to die prematurely and sympathized with his family.

That was a divinely preplanned event foretelling the location where John Garang was going to be buried. I sometimes laugh when I hear some people saying let the remains of John Garang be removed from Juba, anybody who will want the remains of John Garang to be removed out of Juba will be fighting God Himself because this event was shown to me since 2003 and John Garang died in 2005. Dreams and visions can bring warning and they can bring comfort as well as guidance. There are dreams which are false, but false dreams are not fulfilled. The dream prefiguring the location where John Garang was buried was revealed to me in 2003, but it got fulfilled in 2005. This second leadership dream is showing the three leaders smeared with mud near a stream, at the end they formed the leadership. It is evident, South Sudanese has suffered much in the hands of cruelty and God is putting an end to their suffering. The message may be a warning to Salva Kiir Mayardit or a comfort or guidance for him to make a U-turn and begin to act and behave in the manner the people of South Sudan wants and in the manner God wants. Those who are near the president, let them give him this message. It is upon the president to digest upon it or reject it. I have done my role.

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