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Declaration By The Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Forces of South Sudan

Nov 11, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — This letter serves to inform all the supporters of Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Forces of South Sudan that the telephone conference meeting was conducted on October 10, 2020.

Bidit Liech Riek….

The senior’s members of the Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Forces of South Sudan had elected 1st Lt Gen: Bidit Liech Riek as the new chairman of the moment.

As the struggle continue fighting for regime change in South Sudan, 1st Lt: Gen: Bidit Liech Riek therefore urge all DRA supporters and its members around the globe to stand firm and continue with usual support effective from the date of the announcement.

The chairman and commander in chief of (DRA WOW) 1st Lt: Gen Bidit Liech Riek is also urging all officers and comrades to report themselves immediately into four military Barracks in Upper Nile State, Jonglei State, Unity State and Western Equatoria State in South Sudan.

Signed by DRA High Command Council

1: 1stt Lt: Gen: Bidit Liech Riek the Chairman and Commander in Chief of DRA/Forces

2:  Lt: Gen:  John Kuol Gatduel                       General Chief of Staff of DRA /Forces

3: Lt: Gen: Peter Khor Yak Yiech                   Chief National Security of DRA /Forces

4: Major: Gen: Mubarek Tung Nguot              Military Intelligent of DRA /Forces

5: Major: Gen: Peter Gatreak Mut                  Deputy chief of staff of DRA /Forces

6: Brig: Gen: Tut Chambang Chiran               Deputy National Security of DRA /Forces

Signed by:

Prof: Bidit Liech Riek

The Chairman of Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Party of South Sudan

The Commander in Chief of Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Forces of South Sudan



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