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The Welcoming of Gogrial State Emergency and Request for the Dismissal of Hon. Governor Gregory Deng Kuac.


The last open letter to president, H.E.1st Lt .Gen .Salva Kiir Mayardit,


July 24, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– With reference to the aforementioned subject, Gogrial State Youth Union in Juba would warmly like to welcome this remedial decision you made to declare the emergency to Gogrial state because it’s conflict escalation has affected the former Warrap State, the bigger parts of  Bhar el  ghazal and its neighbouring States.

We would like to appeal once more to H.E.President Gen.Salva to dismiss the Hon. Governor Gregory Deng Kuac because his failed government has given the ground for Apuk-Aguok conflict to escalate to all borders of Apuk Giir and as we speak, Apuk is at war with all States and counties that share borders with, such Tonj, Twic, Wau state in addition to Aguok, Kuac and even Awan counties.

These conflicts have reached your family, you the president in person of Thiik Thiik Mayardit who was recently caused of assassinating Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit after failed peace initiated by Yei Bishop Elisha Taban  on 07/07/2017 at Home and Away on last Saturday.

Your Excellency, the peace of Gogrial state should believe to come in absence of Hon. Governor Gregory in gubernatorial position because he has been seen by some communities of Gogrial state as the governor of Apuk Giir due to his prejudices sectional decisions meant for favouring Apuk according to some other sections of Gogrial  and he is not for entire Gogrial and as such his enmities affected Apuk Counties.

Your Excellency, we are not in position to discuss the presidential decree of emergency but we obediently want to bring into your attention that these recent communal violence has claimed lives of more than 300 persons from all communities,thousands of houses were burned to aches including headquarters of Apuk West county and  many people  wounded in great numbers are treated traditionally at homes.

Therefore, we would like to take this last opportunity to kindly plead you, your Excellency, the President Gen.Salva Kiir Mayardit to dismiss Hon.Governor Gregory Deng Kuac and appoint the neutral person to operationalize the disarmament through cooperation with chiefs and SPLA national gallant forces because people lost trust and respect from Hon.Gregory Deng and with no single adoubt, people will resist the disarmaments and if forces are used then the outcomes will catastrophic.

Your Excellency, we would once again like to inform that Gogrial state elders are divided and some of them are beleive to be the  direct commanders of on going conflict in our state. And need you to give them recess to go and settle their differences and conflict at the grassroots because their differences caused lost of lives and will even bring conflict to the national capital Juba .

These differences involved camps wagging physical confrontation between Apuk Giir headed by Gen.Salva Mathok and former Gogrial West headed by Thiik Thiik Mayardit such conflict and tenstions will never come to an end by emergencies that gives Governor Gregory  the absolute power to do lots of messes more in the state which he made lawless by taking sides and lobbying for the smallest state of Apuk as his voice confessed it in the elders meeting with you previously at State house.

In conclusion, Gogrial State Youth Union, would want to urge Gogrial counties associations, societies and community based organizations to ignore the hate speeches and provocative letter written by Apuk youth Union in Juba on 12/07/2017  because the problem of one man in Apuk should not generalized all Apuk and former Gogrial West Counties.

We also condemn the harassment of Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit by  Thiik Thiik Mayardit  because Gen. Mathok is the elder and liberator , so the disobedience for him should not be entertain by the Union that represent people voices.

Hence, we also urge our youths and elders to work hand in hand with enable leadership of H.E. Gen.Salva  Kiir Mayardit, the president of republic of South Sudan to in sure everlasting peace by embracing national dialogue and advocate for the peaceful coexistence among communities of Gogrial state.



Simon Machuar Manhkeracnaak,

President of Gogrial state in Juba



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