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OPINION: Why Nyacut and Ater shouldn’t refer to gossiping as an intrepidness

By Andrew Machar Clement,
Juba, South Sudan,
Eastern Lakes Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor left and Western Lakes State Governor, Abraham Makoi Bol(Credit: Mabor Riak)
Eastern Lakes Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor left and Western Lakes State Governor, Abraham Makoi Bol(Credit: Mabor Riak)

July 26, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– With due diligence, certainty and respect it is attestable that most of the delinquencies that bedraggles Rin Tueny (Majalai) come from the harebrained duo. The son and the mother. There is much to say about this whore and her son.

The certainty of the fact that those that point their fingers to certain directions are pointing to themselves with three other reversed fingers is static. Rin Tueny is a seaaoned  murderer, whose hands have been soaked in blood of innocent people.

The soundness of his sleep is debatable. Perhaps the blood of the deceased does haunt him. A man who believes in ruthlessness the much he does is perhaps sick. Although a cruel bully, he has few other good qualities and if research is conducted, it can be ascertained that he doesn’t gossip.

He treats his supporters nice although none of them has ever emerged powerful since he grooms those below average. He too feeds empty stomachs although with looted wealth. He fed many dishonest gossipers. Of the gossipers he fed, others are still trading empty rhetorics on the streets of Juba.

Those gossipers must understand that my pieces of writing are mine and they don’t need to be attributed to a third party. Rin Tueny aka Peter Majalai is a bigoted demagogue, typical of a detestable manslayer notably can be involved in deadly plans or engineer them himself. His list of victims is long. He is heartless and his records will always demean his endeavours.

His adopted son, aka Ater Awewau whose tongue does not rest in articulating fake stories is as a faux as his mother. This young lad has been putting forth a diatribe kind of personality. Running errand in the name of people that has no connection with him, just as Nyacut did recently. Putting her nose in the affairs of a lady as young as her own daughter. Couldn’t she be referred to as shameless whore? The asshole of the world?

I stand a chance of putting to a halt the biggest and despicable characteristics of this section. This piece is a call for a short cessation of this progression. Gossip more and you will be served with the opposite version. We are together and so must we respect ourselves mutually.

Rin should sit and reflect, he has offended this author a few years ago and then educate his adopted son to reiterate the same uncalled for offence. He may not recall what he did perhaps because of lack of brains. He must use his brains to acknowledge the fact that the young and the elderly people are too part of society and they deserve respect.

Pride was what prompted the death of the King Herod. He needs to read Acts 12:23. He must stop Nyacut from misleading him by luring him to all the lethal known magicians of the area. God is above all and turning away from magic power is the right way to go.

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