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The Nuer Supreme Council Calls for Calm among the Greater Nuer Community

By J. Nguen | Chairman

Despite many agreements signed within the last two years, many IDPs remain in UNMISS Camps across the country as warring parties continue to violate the agreements(Photo: file)
Despite many agreements signed within the last two years, many IDPs remain in UNMISS Camps across the country as warring parties continue to violate the agreements. The Nuer ethnic group of Greater Upper Nile, most displaced to neighboring countries and IDPs camps continue to live in impoverish conditions (Photo: file)

Nov 2, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Nuer Supreme Council (NSC) takes this opportunity to calls on the Greater Nuer Community (aka Naath) around the global for calm and encourages them to embrace peace. While the Council acknowledges the pains the Nuer Community is going through after the release of long waited AU Report on South Sudan conflict, where the Commission found that there was a State’s sanctioned summarily execution policy against Nuer innocent civilians, the Council feel it’s paramount to remain calm and strategizes for ways forward.

On October 26th, 2015, the SPLM/A –IO and SPLM/- Juba, disguise as the Government of South Sudan signed the PCTSA Security Arrangement metric for the resolution of South Sudan conflict in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia.

Following the signing of the PCTSA Security Arrangement metric on the resolution of South Sudan conflict, the African Union Commission of Enquiry on South Sudan Conflict also made public its Report on Human Rights violations and other Abuse during South Sudan’s Conflict.

The evidence of crimes on the report committed against members of the Nuer ethnic groups are “horrific,” and they includes forced cannibalism, castration of boys and left for dead, gang rapes and chopping off of young girls and women breasts after rapes, forced jumping on fire and forced drinking of human blood after being killed by the perpetrators.

These are insurmountable crimes reported and confirmed by the African Union, committed by Salva Kiir and allied militias in Juba, South Sudan on the 16th- -19th of December 2013.

The validation of these horrific crimes by the African Union’s report on South Sudan is a victory, but has regenerated angers and unease feelings among the Greater Nuer Community. In an essence, these crimes are horrific, unbearable and the NSC understands that Nuer society has a right to be anger.

However, as a community, we need to take back step. Rethink for better strategic moves and answers to the problem. We also need to be thankful to the AU Commission of Enquiry on South Sudan for overwhelmingly and at last validating our long claim crime of genocide committed against Nuer civilians.

This position has consistently been the Greater Nuer Community and the Nuer Supreme Council stance since the day conflict stated and massacre was carried out on the 15th of December 2013 by non-other than Salva Kiir Mayardit, trained militias and organized forces against Nuer.

This position has also been our ground call for justice in order for peace to prevail in South Sudan. More importantly, it has been the basis for armed struggle and to self –defense against aggressors. You may recall, as a community, we had no other reasons than to fight rather than in defense in order to ensure our collective survival.

Various articles on the Commission’s Report justified crimes committed against Nuer innocent civilians. Article 812 for example on the report indicated that the Nuer massacre was a state sanctioned “organized military operation” and in “furtherance of a State policy”.

  1. The evidence thus suggests that these crimes were committed pursuant to or in furtherance of a State policy. Indeed, the method under which these crimes were committed proved the “widespread or systematic nature” of the attacks. The evidence also shows that it was an organized military operation that could not have been successful without concerted efforts from various actors in the military and government circles. Therefore the element of the existence of a State policy can be deduced therefrom.

The other evidence which suggests the manner in which ethnic Nuer civilians were targeted and proved as an element of well-planned and well- organized execution of one ethic group is article 459. Article 459 state that;

The fighting in Giada was just to provoke. It was just only to be a signal for these guys to start their work. So immediately when this fighting started in the others, these guys were now deployed and they did the killing, Nuer ethnic group, in Kor William, in Gudele, Mia Saba, ten so it in these areas where those concentrations had been made. Mostly women and children, elderly and youth. So it was a deliberate, it was something planned and this explains why even there was no talk about it. There was not report in the press about this thing. The population in Juba was told never to talk about it. If you were heard talking about this killing in Juba you will just be killed.”

The Commission believe that crimes such as murder, extermination, torture, rape, persecutions on political grounds as well as inhuman and degrading treatment were committed against civilians in various parts of South Sudan. There are also grounds to believe that these crimes were committed in a widespread or systematic manner.

Further, Article 810 on the report revealed how Juba was sectioned into four quadrants to maximize the execution. The report states;

On the part of the State, corroborating evidence from various witnesses 378 recounted how Juba was divided in four operational zones. Roadblocks or checkpoints were established all around Juba and house to house searches were undertaken by security forces. During this operation male Nuers were targeted, identified, killed on the spot or gathered in on place and killed”.

These crimes are insurmountable and indisputably premediated against defenseless civilians Nuer women and children. The report ascertained this fact on the Article 791 which says;

Indiscriminate killings of civilians as a war crime were committed in Juba. Indeed, unlawful killings of civilians or soldiers who were believed to be hors de combat were committed by element of security forces of the Government. These attacks resulted in massive killings in and around Juba. The people killed were either found during the house to house search or captured on roadblocks.

Though the NSC commended the African Union Commission of Enquiry on South Sudan Conflict for making the Human Rights violations and other crimes committed in South Sudan public. The Council is disappointed that the AU Commission of Enquiry on South Sudan conflict did not find reasonable ground for crime of genocide despite the fact that there are overwhelming prodigious evidence of genocide committed against Nuer innocent civilians in Juba.

The Council believes this is a missed step and gross mischarge of justice in its pure form and may have dire consequences. To avoid this path, the Council calls on the African Union Commission of Enquiry on South Sudan conflict to reconsider it finding. For we know, the people of South Sudan and the world know that crimes of genocide were committed in Juba.

This is our position, and we would like to assure our members that the Council will pursue this path given the magnitudes and ghastliness of the crimes committed against our people.

Under these difficult circumstances, the Council would like to reiterate that it stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of South Sudan, particularly the Greater Nuer Community as we collectively inspires to promote peace to ensure political justice and held to account those who have committed heinous crimes citizens of South Sudan.

Though the Council acknowledges and feels the pains that members of the Nuer Community are going through, it is therefore important to recognize that stoppage of bloodshed firsthand by silencing of guns is imperative. It is the first step toward guaranteeing accountable and seeing to an end impunity.

The Council remind its members that continuation of the imposed war is a blockage to accountability. Undoubtedly, this is what the criminals in the government of South Sudan and Salva Kiir Mayardit himself want.

For Salva Kiir, the continuation war is a strategic pretext to avoid justice. On this desperate scheme, Salva Kiir government is preying on renegaded SPLM/A –IO Generals and using them as a springboard to destroy the agreement. The Council believe people of South Sudan are smarter and won’t be dupe by cheap political propaganda for that matter.

Recently Gabriel Changson Lew Chang, the breakaway disgruntled politician from SPLM/A called for mutiny and desertion within the SPLM/A –IO forces. Therefore, our people must know that these are signs of Kiir’s last desperate attempts to kill peace.

In this regard, the Council urges its members and other South Sudanese to disassociate themselves from renegaded generals. Their aim is to destroy peace and deny accountability to take roots.

We must not allow this to happen in our watch because our objective is to bring those who committed heinous crimes against innocent Nuer civilian to account. This is our goal and common national interest and nothing short of this.

Finally, the Council like to take this opportunity also to acknowledge job well done by educated young Nuer men and women and other open-minded South Sudanese during these difficult times.

Fellow citizens, we have done a great serve to your people and nation. You have assured the world that you are a force to be reckoned with; a force for good against the forces of evil.

J. Nguen, the Chairman of Nuer Supreme Council can be reached at jamesnguen@gmail.com

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chol y November 2, 2015 at 11:32 pm

No genocide took place.

Toney Toney Matot November 3, 2015 at 2:08 am

your Nuer supreme Con- corded Liars will never help.UN balance report by African commission of inquiry will not be accepted by the people of South Sudanese.the report was base on hearsay from the rebel side..

warfive November 3, 2015 at 8:07 am

Let’s let it be known that is not over yet Jieng haven’t seen nothing yet ,so there’s going to be price need to be paid.

Madong Kuoth November 3, 2015 at 3:12 am

What people South Sudan this dumber mind is really talking about, so you should better Dinka plus so call JCE will not accept this period. For your best information your stupid kiir and his nincompoops planned and deployed four operation commanders on the centrian areas in Juba and that why mass killing innocents Nuer on December 15,2013. They must face pay the a big prize now.

Lualdit November 3, 2015 at 5:53 am

Thank you and thank the Nuer Supreme Council for coming up with a collective response to the AU report. The council position is very wise and strategic. The Jaang will definitely want the war to continue so they can avoid accountabilities. Their evil strategy need to be expose. But the question is, what is the Nuer Supreme Council is doing to unify Naath people? Due to our disunity, the humiliation done to Naath will continue and the accountability we are looking for will not happen because it’s the nuer themselves that are being used to continue the conflict especially in Unity State. I applaud your intellectual response to the report and let us do more to let our people and the international communities know that accountability need to happen for peace to prevail. What was done in Juba should NOT be allow to go buried on the ground without justice for a sake of peace. Naath people always have option in dealing with issue like this. Either to pay compensation for the wrong done or the wrong party pay with revenge. In this case, we would like justice and accountability to be the best option. If not, then the international community and our people should be aware of the alternative we have if the accountability and justice route is neglected. There is no way in this universe to allow what was done by Jaang in Juba to go unpunished.

GatNor November 3, 2015 at 2:39 pm

you are right Lualdit, a lot more need to be done by this councils of Nuers.

Goweng Torbaar November 3, 2015 at 10:45 am

Let accountability start!!!!!!!
I needs those of Agumut to appear to the court on what they did, whether mass Killing or genocide, it will be determined by law

Warrap November 3, 2015 at 1:47 pm

Because Nuer ethnic are very stupid people they deserves more than that even, you seen nothing just you have to wait for after peace what will happen because I know you stupidity you will try to do the same mistake again and at that time it will be your last time in south Sudan in the name of God’s.

United Naath November 4, 2015 at 7:23 am

warrap, you are true warrior by voicing the real issue here. You know see what is going to come is the worst than current situation. Nuer were mislet by Riek Machar and lam akol in 2002 when he (Riek ) decided to leave his forces behind so that he could get the third position.

This is the warning to(Nuer) Naath around the globe. For the third times Riek machar has been luring by incompetent killer. I know the worst is yet to come. it’s sincere, trust this.

Gatdar.wich November 3, 2015 at 3:33 pm

Nuer Supreme Council,

Gatdarwich highly appreciate you wise and cautious approach to the current deadly crises. Jiengs and Nuers are distance cousins, and, will, shall, and forever be regardless of our differences !

Gatdar.wich November 3, 2015 at 3:35 pm

Nuer Supreme Council,

Gatdarwich highly appreciate your wise and cautious approach to the current deadly crises. Jiengs and Nuers are distance cousins, and, will, shall, and forever be regardless of our differences !


warfive November 3, 2015 at 3:43 pm

i think Jieng are ready to prepare themselves since the withdrew of Uganda troops either to remain in South sudan or to find some other place like Uganda or going back to Khartoum, the damage has been done indeed.Nuer have been butchered like flies in capital Juba and their bodies were ever where, so i don’t care whether there will accountability-or not but fuck that.

Gatdar.wich November 3, 2015 at 7:32 pm


Our distance cousins-the Incompetent, Tribal warlord, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer Kiir, Malong Awan, Kuol Manyany, Marial Chinuong, Garang Mabir, Bol AKot, Salva Mathok, Malual Ayom, Mabek Lang Bilkuey, Ambrose Riiny, Bona Malual, Makuei Liar, and Philip Aguer, are our heroes who happened to be evil-spirits possessed. So, we must perform the following surgical operations on them.

(1). trephination (cutting/drilling holes in their brains)
(2) castration
(3) cremation

We must cured them before that disease spread to the rest of Jiengs(slaves).

Curing these treacherous individuals is our national duty period


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