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A crusade to remove Governors of Aweil and Aweil East States has been launched!

By Tito Kuac James.

South Sudan SPLA-IG Chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Paul Malong Awan(Photo: file)
South Sudan SPLA-IG Chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Paul Malong Awan(Photo: file)

April 15, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– In South Sudan, there are those who make their living from political gossip tips. They could be seen hanging around in restaurants and hotels for years without tangible programs. They are fond of claiming every credit that passes by and pretend to have political connections that are none-existence. Such groups keep metamorphizing once new political aspirants appear at horizon. It does not take them much time to be one’s friends or seal the crack. They would be heard talking favorably about the new guys when they assessed their potential to snatch political power base. They utter boastful statements such as aiding some cadres to obtain political power – a believe that is misleading them to erroneously inflate their political weights.

Such a group has launched a political crusade to remove the governors of Aweil and Aweil East States, the two states that have been so peaceful under the management of the young and competent SPLM cadres.

Few days ago, a meeting attended by young political gossipers and some unemployed elders from Greater Mading Aweil was convened at Aron Hotel in Juba under the sponsorship of Garang Deng Aguer, a businessman who has misconstrued the factors behind his business failures. These bunch of political gamblers include some inexperienced lies propagators, Ngong Akook and Nyuol Justin Yac – a character I could describe as an intruder in affairs of Mading Aweil community.

The agenda for meeting was to discuss strategies on how to tackle Gen. Paul Malong’s hegemony in the leadership of Aweil Community. The group which has been pretending all this time as supporters of Gen. Paul Malong secretly switched allegiance and embark on supporting Kuol Athian Mawien, a tested former finance minister, as Aweil community leader. Their strategies include the removal of the Governors of Aweil and Aweil East States; Hon. Ronald Ruay Deng and Hon. Deng Akuei respectively, and replace them with their confidants so as to create a missing political grip at grassroot.

They two governors have been accused of being General Paul Malong Awan’s staunch allies and their removal would provide a path for alternative leaders to take over the leadership of Mading Aweil Community. The allegation is that the present of Gen. Paul Malong in the government has persistently stifled the chances for Kuol Athian to secure ministerial appointment since the time he was relieved as finance minister. It was envisaged that the removal of the two governors will dash Gen. Malong’s political influence in Greater Aweil constituency and give way to new political actors to emerge as leaders of Aweil. One of resolutions is to replace Hon. Deng Deng Akuei with Ngong Akook if political calculations materialize as crafted.

These frustrated elders are being driven by inexperienced political chess players disguised as lobbyists. Ngong Akook Madingdit and Nyuol Justin Yac, the duo with unforgiving personal backgrounds should not drag the rest into muddy waters. It is difficult for one to excel minus history. As a son from Aweil, I want to inform Greater Mading Aweil community that the likes of Ngong Akook should not be allowed to spoil the reputation of the leaders of Aweil. Gen. Paul Malong Awan did not just emerge from empty cocoon to be a leader of Aweil community. He made his name as a people leader through his efforts and influence, and therefore anyone fighting such a rich personal’s history with lies would not realistically achieve intended goals.

Just to give you, the readers, a snapshot of Ngong Akook’s chaotic past while attending High School in Khartoum in 90s. He was badly humiliated and chased out of his maternal uncle’s house when he was discovered to have impregnated his closest cousin (maternal uncle’s daughter) – a girl who was like his sister in the house but unfortunately defiled her to quench his illicit attitudes. I will not mention the name of his maternal uncle just out of respect though the people of Mading Aweil, who can testify this fact like me, are aware of. It is quite unethical for such individuals to be seen taking pride openly when indeed all that is assumed to be clean about them isn’t that clean. Ngong Akook has no moral character to project himself as a possible replacement of Hon. Deng Deng Akuei in Aweil East State.

Another character who has been actively vilifying others in political scene is Nyuol Justin Yac, an adopted son to Yac Arop (hope this is not something new to the rest of you). He is well-aware that Maker Benjamin, brother to Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin is his father though he was adopted for a good cause. He should not first-rate that much because in Dinka one takes pride relative to his family’s background. Politically speaking, Nyuol is a failed young cadre. His appointment to Human Right Commission was a test of his political skills as he barely achieved none apart from siphoning off funds from the commission to enrich himself. He should not be surprised if one comes before him with details of his properties in Gudele, Mia Saba and Nairobi.

My message to Nyuol Justin Yac or Nyuol Maker Benjamin is a warning to desist from intruding into the affairs of Aweil Community. There is no character in him to assist in evaluating the leaders of Aweil community. I am warning Nyuol and Ngong Akook to stop their political witch-hunt that is not based on facts. I am soon going to publish additional materials including Nyuol Maker’s properties if this unceasing campaign against the leaders of my beloved Mading Aweil Community do not come to an end.

The author is a concerned son of Mading Aweil and he can be reached at garangdit@yahoo.com

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