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In what would be the idealist scandal of the 21st century: the case of JMEC in South Sudan Conflict!

By James Gaakuoth,


JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae, who leads international body tasked to implement the peace agreement in South Sudan(Photo: file)
JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae, who leads international body tasked to implement the peace agreement in South Sudan(Photo: file)

Nov 28, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The forth coming report of civilian deaths in upper Nile, Equatoria and Western Bhar El Ghazel states after signing of hostility agreement in South Sudan conflict may be alarming but what does JMEC do or do not do if it is not a Trojan horse in the peace-making process in South Sudan?

South Sudan is neither the first country to be in war nor immune from the common sense mechanisms followed when parties to the agreement failed to comply with an agreement like South Sudanese parties did. When JMEC was formed, it became a common sense that this body would intervene adn enforce mechanisms where there was a non-compliance to the agreement otherwise the JMEC would quit or revive its mandate but surprise of many this defunct organization has only tried to camouflage with the death and suffering of South Sudanese people.

By all standards, JMEC operation in South Sudan despite all indications that the peace agreement is dead tells the tales of African old men who would rather die in office than admitting that they have failed. JMEC has zero power to enforce Permanent Ceasefire Agreement but instead, it has resorted to bootlicking the warring party with an upper hand in the conflict i.e. SPLM/A-IG. This way old men like Festus Mogae and his retired Kenyan deputy can keep steady incomes flowing to their accounts at the expense of South Sudan’s suffering populations.

In basic sense, what did JMEC do when non-compliance of cessation of hostility agreement were constantly committed and leading to collapse of ARCISS in July this year? Nothing, so having JMEC and not having is literally the same. Was ARCISS a trap to forcefully eliminate SPLM/SPLA-IO leadership? Is ARCISS an employment for non-performance or a job creation project?

Of late peculiar behaviours have began to emerge in East Africa especially Kenya and Tanzania that used to be the only “democratic” and civilized countries in Eastern Africa. According to an article on Sudan Tribune last week, Aleu Ayieny Aleu, the former minister of interior who was one of officers in charge of interior ministry at the time at which reckless and brutal targeting of unarmed civilians in Juba that plunged the country to current chaos and mess was nominated for IGAD Secretary general post. Of course Aleu Ayiey Aleu is a Dinka, just like all other importation appointments by the Dinka President but if one wants to know more information about where that ‘tribal militia or shadowy group’ came from, then one should looks no further than that Aleu Ayiey Aleu, the Dinka Council of Elders, Salva Kiir,former presidential adviser on legal affairs, Army chief, defence minister, Salva Mathok, information minister,deputy information minister, Director of National security, Director of External security, presidential guard commander and all other security agency officials.

Aleu does not have clean hands or mind to head that portfolio but being from the home state of the president qualifies him. Other than nepotism and tribalism, Aleu was appointed to lobby for Kiir’s regime and to cover up tribal massacres and genocides the government continues to commit against poorly armed minority groups. There are war crime allegations that may drag Salva Kiir leadership to court and those who were in power during the time of ‘tribal massacres of civilians in Juba, like Aleu Ayiey Aleu, should have had clearance before taking on positions in regional bodies like IGAD. What image does IGAD want to send back to their home countries and international community if the start hiring and employing war criminals from Salva Kiir’s government?

It is very unfortunate that the Botswana President, who had good records during his term in his country, is being tainted by a warmonger dictator with blood money. Mogae could have protected his legacy than serving in an environment where his efforts are being used to rubber stamp death, corruption, tribalism and nepotism.

In conclusion, JMEC need to give the president one week ultimatum to drop all obstacles to peace agreements and other three weeks for implementation to rescue idealistic ideology or pull out of already collapsed peace all together due to non-compliance with peace accord than becoming a scandalous rubber stamp or Trojan horse for brutal regime. It is that part of becoming abnormal vested, idealistic complicity for crimes against humanity and failure to follow conflict resolutions in the 21st century that is scandalous in nature.

The author can be reached at j.gaak@yahoo.com

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