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South Sudanese daispora community welcomes Dr. Riek Machar Teny to Omah Nebraska in Oct 2015(Photo credits: Komach Deng Dey)
South Sudanese daispora community welcomes Dr. Riek Machar Teny to Omah Nebraska in Oct 2015(Photo credits: Komach Deng Dey)

Nov 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- The Sudanese People Liberation Movement Youth League in the United States had their first annual conference/ fundraiser in Omaha, NE on Saturday October 31st. The event was a success! Our theme was “Give Peace a Chance”. Assured enough the vibe of the whole night was peaceful.

Several grass root community groups came together under one umbrella to share with one another, words of wisdom to better our country. In particular what made this event unique is the fact that it was the first time that the SPLM/A Youth league had gotten so many youth leaders together; that in particular, more than anything, is what made it a success. Groups that were present at this event were Mabaan youth, Naath Youth, Women League chairperson, Nyagile Thot, Honorable Reath Muoch Tang, SPLM/A National Coordinator (USA) Sabatta Ramba. We the SPLM/A Youth league want to take this time to recognize all of your efforts to support us.

A special thank you goes out to all the women who came and supported us at this event. As we all know here in the U.S. it is the women who generally contribute the most financially. The event would not have been such a success with out them. Lastly, a general thank you to all the other community groups who attended.

The total amount that was raised at the event was 1,209 not as much as we could have made but, we believe the most important part was that we created a safe and peaceful platform for people to speak their minds freely.


As we gathered on Saturday, October 31st, we kindly asked everyone to support us. The particular reason being that want we want to establish SPLM/SPLA Youth League offices in all (15) states where there is a presence of SPLM/A here in the USA. In these Youth Leagues we want each office to:

  • Read the peace agreement in detail and discuss it in each office.
  • Advocate for peace in communities.
  • On social media: Internet warriors become advocates for peace.
  • Public rally for peace if possible.
  • Agree to advocate on one medium: craft unified messages.

Nyajuok Gathoth Riek

Secretary of Information and communications

SPLM/SPLA Youth League (USA)

Email: nyawal.lia@maine.edu

Phone: 207-518-0467

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manalone November 7, 2015 at 9:23 am

Called it nuer youths league not Splm/spla youth league , the peace which was signed is for the naath to come back to juba, slpm/ spla is the governing system under the leadership of mr kiir mayardit for south sudanese , and is not supporting the tribalism, nephotism, hatred, and so on like IO did, you guys are supporting the IO of Dr Riek machar to come to the top ,but it will not happened my dear. We have no problem with the copying of the CPA footsteps of south sudanese long civil war under the leadership belove son Dr john Garangand the man who had vissions, love and wisdom to liberate his people from all kinds of mistreatment.Naath movement co existing is important to us all, my advise is that , lets suppot peaces, becase wrong doer is always a wrong doer and feel guilty of his crimines , wether in the leadership or not. What good thing will IO bring to south sudanese other than hunger, death , diseases , and horrible histories to south sudanese inocents population at the grass root ? Let our people be in peace please, we tired of war all the time within ourselves. Lets love our people, cultures, and a land south sudan.

Lualdit November 7, 2015 at 8:29 pm

Ya Manalone,
Just your language alone show how you Jaang will only learn when you are uprooted by force. You people has no sense and logic. Believe it my friend, Jaang has only 30 months to have a Jaang president. After that, it will be somebody else from other tribe. Whether through election or not. Just be prepared. Your mentality of fake born to rule nonsense has gone too far.


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