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Letter: The Husband Sent a Letter To His Wife, Dear Wife!


By Gaudensio Lakwo Atuka,

A letter was written, Dear Wife.....!
A letter was written, Dear Wife…..!

Nov 7, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Dear wife, I am very sorry for I will not be able to come to Juba and join the family as you might have expected. My inability to come home has been caused by unavoidable circumstance please understand. I failed to save the money for the air ticket fare. The phenomenon was up to no good. My one room, ramshackle house, fit only for goats and sheep’s leaked like a sieve ruining everything, my travel documents were swept away in a downpour together with all my necessary documents. The Sun and the rain did it haunt too. During the day my room is like burning furnace. The comboni priest tells us every Sunday that we sinners will be burned in the fire of hell.

Well, I feel I am already burning in the hell: I dread the coming of the cold season; the temperature can sometimes be so low that meat can be kept out for a week without going bad. I pray that I may not be found frozen to death one morning in my rooms. Every morning, with the Sun sickly white, draining all the moisture from the earth, I join the peoples in search of work. Every place I reach no work. Several times I have been told I am not good for a Chinese work for carry bricks and cements. When passing the people point at me and shout: look a lunatic is coming! For them, my right place is Tigana El-Mahi Omdurman.

In the social place for drinking like Tirra (Soba Aradi) people treat me like the worst criminal, fit only for Kober Maximum prison and not the glamorous streets of Khartoum.

Conjecture those four years I spent at Khartoum University, everyone told us that we were the future leaders, we were well fed and the government maintained our pockets. It was a paradise, when will the future come so that we will become leaders? School never prepared me for this life, not even the Church or the Mosque.

Everything is frustrating. Was it a way of keeping a graduate from the street at an early age? Who knows? Maybe it was, maybe not. I became sick with malaria and was in bed for two weeks, yet God is great and miracles do happen in this desperate world. I was at the point of death with writing in pain, none of my relatives, brothers and sisters visited me. Strangers and friends were the ones hovering over my bed.

Where were my own people? When everything is fine they shower me with sentimental words and phrases that I was their real brother, their source of life and their joy. I understand now what would they have inherited in case of my death? When I am in trouble, everyone avoids me like the rotten eggs. I wanted to commit suicide, but I thought of my beloved wife and how God will feel about my enter in the parades? You are only one who cared and understood me. Wife I have changed so much, but my love for you has not changed.

With love,
Yours Faithful Husband.

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Beek November 7, 2015 at 1:28 am

Northerners/Khartoum themselves are moving to everybody country to look for work,so they are not better than us.Eat,deny themselves and have nothing to do with Islam either. Take over our merchants and let them leave.

Beek November 7, 2015 at 1:47 am

Northerners are like the so-called ISIS because all of are looking for Social Welfare countries. It is now very difficult to find a job because of recession,but they never want to work even there is job.Look at what they have done to Tourism in Egypt,million’s have now lost their work.

Beek November 7, 2015 at 2:12 am

Northerners are looking forward to reunite Sudan because of those Riek Machar and Kiir and i have told them that our people will never accept unified Sudan because those of John Garang, Riek Machar and their big boss Omar Al Bashir did played (CONFUCIANISM) and killed our people in order to rule all Sudan.We are going to say HELL no with out referendum.Who said in the South or protested to unite Sudan,nobody.

Loguca November 7, 2015 at 2:23 am

Check with kirr, the so called President of South Sudan who only belief in war but not peace for the people who voted for him. Next time be careful not to cast your vote any how unless you know who you are voting for

AMEN November 7, 2015 at 6:56 am

Kiir Mayardit is aman of peace in south sudan, he had tried by all mean to restore peace back to the country. But Riek Machar don,t want peace to come back to south sudan his aims is to sell out our country for second time as he did it to Jonh Garang 1991. Riek machar will not RULE south sudan as president whoever think that Riek one day will be president is total wrong. machar had lost his way direct to presidential seat other wise very soon he will be caretaker governor of unity state.

Bool Kuich November 7, 2015 at 9:04 am

Gaudensio Lakwo Atuka: Look Mr. Lakwo! We have sixty four (64) tribes in the country. Each of this sixty three ( 63) tribe is lamenting about situation, gossiping and chatting nonsense about this country. Even worst in the diasporas, the exiled peoples who are crying poor mouth everyday. Even the peoples who are watching on sideline are shading tears about your situation too.

What is your problem? We are born to fight, not to rule. We got independent Republic of South Sudan (RSS), our children dies for it, and your children did not. We got the fruit of our labor and my people die for it, fighting in the frontline with the Arabs, the north. Nobody, imagine we have to achieve this country, now we have it, your are crying poor mouth about us.

The president and the elders are rights. They are champion! They must protect our community from you for whatever, you are coming to do. we have right of this land and everything’s in it are blessed for us by our God, not your God. What shall I say?

We must divide this land for our federalism, not your federalism.

Everybody says, this country started in the wrong putting, it will takes years and decades to repair it. Simply, come with us follow the footstep of our president and the elders, do everything as they did.

Mr. Lakwo, it is time for peace, join your wife in Juba. Maybe, it would be your opportunity to be president, then surround yourself with tribal lunatics, but do not let them burn your houses and the legacy. Maybe, you have lessened from this, or do everything your way. Do everything’s, as they have done, the corruption, the nepotism, the greed, the tribalism, the money laundering, the barbarianism, and authoritarianism. Show the power! No constitution!

Well, Mr.G. Lakwo Atuka provide wonderful satire about the situation in this country.


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