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South Sudan Security Arrangement is another “Fox’s farm day”

By Paul Tethloach Dak,

A fox on a "farm day" celebration, a tale on South Sudan's fragile security arrangement.....
A fox on a “farm day” celebration, a tale on South Sudan’s fragile security arrangement…..

Nov 4th, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Once upon a time ‘Fox’ invited all animals to gather for a ‘Thank giving day’ he organized appreciating the creator of the universe for blessing his farm with enough produces. He promised everybody that the event will be full of joys and jubilations thus no need for one to worried of their safety.

Animals of all sorts next day attended the occasion in a big number and stampeded it; dreaming for a joyful and a day where a full buffet will be served. However, thing didn’t went well according to the plan when some of the worse ever enemies happened to see themselves in a closely reach range. This forced the farm’s party to burst and exploded into an havoc and chaotic scene where predators jumped over preys and the supposedly joyous party turned out into a killing ground and finally the strongest ones celebrated their win out of their lungs and the weakest ones mourned it eternally!

Coming back to this security agreement, it’s clearly designed in the favor and benefit of the Juba government; meanwhile, it’s the very same regime that perpetrated the December 15th 2013 massacre. The manpower ratio allocation in this security agreement is imbalance; let alone, thousands of Juba soldiers who will be taking advantage of being in the city locking and hiding their weapons in their houses waiting for any time-bomb the parties may trigger during the implementation processes of the agreement.

A very simple question to ask is unless one is behind the news; how are those hiding guns and remnants of Juba soldiers who will happen to lock themselves in their caves in Juba going to be disarmed and where is SPLM-IO position on this matter? Is the composition of forces designated to the radius of 25 km outside Juba having been agreed upon by both parties?

And if the above questions are not fully addressed, the SPLM-IO military wing must devise a strategy that would help protecting its citizens during their stay in Juba. The December 15th 2013 genocide happened at the aye watch of the very same people who are still today making decisions and partly due to some members being so complacent and too ignorance. However, repeating the same mistake is what not everyone is born for… “Fool me one time, shame on you but fool me twice can’t blame you”!!!

Of course, people need peace to come and are tired of this senseless war and no one praises its longevity but if one reads from the Juba viewpoint, you will agree that it’s not ready for peaceful resolution of this conflict and the good example is the recent presidential decree of creating 28 states purposely to derail and abrogate the August/2015 compromise agreement.

In the case of Fox’s fairytale example above who had happened by then to just laughing when animals were killing themselves at his farm; IGAD and other key players have proven that they failed miserably to bring a realistic and a lasting peaceful settlement to the South Sudan conflict and this is well justify by them awarding the very killer a lion share. The world bodies are exploiting the prolonging of the war by serving their best interests, so one would so be naïve taking the world body for granted to provide a better secure Juba, so SPLM-IO must craft a sustainable formula to survive.

In short, this is a wakeup call for SPLM-IO military wing to utilize this upcoming Pagaak conference effectively to evaluate everything from all angles and put a forward solution.

The writer of this piece is a member of SPLM-IO but views reflect on this paper are own opinions and can be reached at: ptethloach@gmail.com

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Beek November 6, 2015 at 11:58 pm

Our Nuer’s brothers need to look like that because there is no need of caution.

Thak Galou Riak November 7, 2015 at 1:22 am

Unbelievable security arrangements , may be Dr.Riek Machar is out of his mind. this is arrangements for another repeat Dec 15,2013 , may God help the helpless .

GatNor November 7, 2015 at 2:51 am

The security arrangements does Favorjuba or else Jaang Council of Elders and their extremists would have already threatened to dispose of Kiir. The bate(peace) is already cast and the big position seekers have already have already hurdle over the fallen victims to grab their positions. Juba will soon be the most deadlines place on this planet. Nowhere will be safe.

This what I know will happened..
They will kill you Nuers all over Juba and the country and say it’s isolated incidents and will try not looking too obvious. When they strike again this time will be worst because it will probably the last time the country is togather as one. But they will try to take a position where your surrender would be the only better option. Their success means a thousand years you will need to recover. At this point

One would have 3 choices…
Stay the course and risk being kill.
Stay the course in total submission.
Leave the country to fight another day. Either way you have a serious delima at hand.

Your rescuing heros Peter Gatdeet and Mr Hothnyaang are at this point the genius should this shambles agreement come shambling down and war kicks off again because it will. Those waiting for the election can continue to dream on.

Gatdar.wich November 7, 2015 at 2:53 pm

Paul, Thak, and GatNor or SPLA-IO supporters,

please stop panicking about the recently signed security arrangements. SPLA-IO-generals who negotiated, and unreservedly okayed the security arrangements, are not dumbs, stupid, or clueless about the issues you raised. They are highly trained soldiers, Generals, and battle tested individuals. In a nutshell, No soldier would go into the enemy’s territory without concrete plans. So, please relaxes and concentrate on doing your tasks. Leave the Security arrangements or security matters to the Generals and soldiers. It is their duties, and they will, shall, and eminently do it, superbly to your expectations.

Paul, Thak, and GatNor, chill out, relaxes, and keep doing your tasks.

Gatdar.wich November 7, 2015 at 3:20 pm

security arrangements is not a big deal. The SPLA-IO Generals who agreed to the security arrangements are fully aware of the enemy’s trickery and dirty-evil plans. Let them do their duty.


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