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SSSAK 17TH August, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — THE south Sudan students Association in Kenya; has through its Legislative Assembly also known as the Students’ Council appointed vetted and unanimously approved the new interim executive committee to run the students Affairs ending one (1) year of students leadership vacuum in Kenya. The appointment was done by the Council Secretariat and later submitted their names to the Student’s Council for vetting and approval.

The students Council is a body comprised of the representatives from various Universities and colleges in Kenya. The returning Officers who presided over the exercise ensured that the vetting of the named executives therein was conducted in accordance with article 9 subsection 1.1 of the Interim SSSAK Guiding Principles 2014. The names of the new Interim executive committee tabulated as follows;

  1. Dak Gabriel Buoth – Chairperson                   -Presbyterian University of East Africa
  2. Chol Ajok Barec     – Vice-chairperson                   –   Kenya Methodist University
  3. John Yaak Bol         – Secretary General                     -Strathmore University
  4. Duol Stephen Joak – Deputy Secretary General       –     African Nazarene University
  5. Fairrose Alphonse     -Secretary for Finance           –     Catholic University
  6. Raymond Mathiang – Deputy. Finance                         –   Presbyterian University. E. A
  7. Deng Garang           – Sec- Students Affairs     –     United stated Intl. University
  8. Rafael Poil Deng     – Legal & constitutional Affairs –   African Nazarene University
  9. Ajak John Ateng       -Information & communication – Daystar University
  10. Mr. Evans Jr. Oliver   -Culture & Sports                       – Baraton University

The new leaders, though acknowledge that it is an arduous task leading the expatriate especially at this point in time when our societal social fabric has been torn apart; they vowed to bring together all south Sudanese students studying within its jurisdiction; and that they will work with all sundry and to ensure that the contribution of everyone count during their tenure. They reminded all students of their responsibility to build SSSAK to level that will make it a lovely organization of success in a grand style; and to make it dynamic and vibrant as ever before.

Priorities of the interim leadership           

The priorities and objectives of the interim leadership as enshrine in the SSSAK Guiding Principles 2014 include inter alia, full revitalization of SSSAK, organize and promote student’s unity in Kenya through students forums, review 2010 SSSAK constitution, collection of students database across the country and thereafter constitute electoral commission that will officiate the impending students plebiscite.

Theme and the status of the SSSAK Interim leadership

‘‘Our theme shall be to ‘‘Organize not Agonize’’ on this occasion, your Association wish to unequivocally reiterate to students and the entire south Sudanese community in Kenya and beyond that SSSAK is a neither a political nor is it profits making organization but rather a social organization that help organize and foster the unity of south Sudanese students in Kenya.

While recognizing that we have been dully mandated to revitalize SSSAK, promote and maintain the unity of all south Sudanese students in Kenya. We declare forthwith our commitment to nurture and protect the talent of any of our individuals for the benefits of south Sudan, Africa and the world generally.

That we shall be guided by the Principles, reason, courtesy, realistic and genuine search of all virtues to live in comradeship, peace and salubrious society with all our neighbors and institutions who believed in ideals of justice and equality as enshrined in our national anthem. We are thankful to the Kenyan people and their government for the warm reception they continue to accord south Sudanese who had came to this country to seek refuge and for academic purpose.

Message of SSSAK Interim leadership to Kenya Government

Moreover, we must ensure as Leaders that Kenya government protects south Sudanese students studying in Kenya as enshrined in the Kenya constitution 2010. Several students are frequently harassed and detained by the Kenya police even when they posses valid passports. We condemn it because is tantamount and grave violation of our country sovereignty. If Kenya Police authority does not recognize our country‘s passports, it means they equally do not recognize that we are an independent country. Stressing such a unconstitutional activities does not mean that we do not recognized and appreciate the immense role done to us by the Kenyan people and their Government, we heartedly acknowledge and hold in pedestal the free primary and secondary education accorded to us like other Kenyan children; and their continued impartial role in this conflict.

Message of the SSSAK interim Leadership to south Sudanese political leadership

However, we strongly urge both parties fighting in south Sudan to end hostilities agreed in Addis Ababa; for It is only when fighting cease that we can unravel the root causes of the conflict and ultimately hold accountable the perpetuators and for the atrocities they had committed. Lets rise to the occasion by calling ‘’enough is enough’’ to this war because did not only killed or displaced our people physically, it also invaded them of their psychologically ability and dignity. We call on the African Union, Igad and the United Nations to take any necessary mean to restore normalcy if the two warring parties do not heed to the sounding voices of peace. We wondered where the spirit of Pan Africanism had gone to, why should our people suffered the way they are suffering yet the continent‘s highest body (AU) continue to be silence or do little.

What lead to SSSAK Interim leadership 2014

If you may verily recalled, south Sudan students Association in Kenya held its last election on the 3th June 2012 at Six Eighty Hotel Nairobi presided over by then Embassy Charge de Affairs, Kur Garang. The executive committees elected on the aforesaid date were expected to hand over the students leadership button through the same exercise on 20th June 2013; for the SSSAK constitution 2010 allows that they be in office for a period not exceeding one year. Since then, no election has been conducted due to their internal feud and other claims of financial improprieties that brought the Association into disrepute.

In the midst of 2013, numerous efforts were made to resolve those predicaments both at students and the Embassy levels, the last was the attempt made by the Embassy to involve the community elders but all have been in vain. Moreover, late year seven (7) out of the (10) ten former executives committee had resigned citing frustrations and other factors. The rest had graduated and left, thus creating a vacuum in the student’s leadership in Kenya.

Surprisingly, early this year, it came to the attention of the students’ council that few among the former executives continue to conduct businesses in the name of south Sudan students Association in Kenya that prompted the council members to convene a student’s meeting to deliberate on how those illegal business can be put to an abruptly end. The first meeting was held on 22th May 2014 at Notebook hotel Nairobi. The resolution made in that meeting was that the Embassy would be notify so as to help prevent the continuity of such impropriety. On 28th of May 2014 that letter was written. It was directed to Amb. Majok Guandong.

Unfortunately, on the day the letter was submitted, the 13 men students’ delegation who took the letter did found Amb. Majok Guandong at the Embassy but they learned that he has been transferred though he was still in the office then; he did peruse the letter but did not make a comment on it. The delegation was told that the letter will be responded by Amb. James P. Morgan who was also brought to the office same day to replace him.

The resolutions in the letter were as follows;

First, the students thanks the Embassy and in particular the His Excellency Majok Guandong for enabling the issuance of passport in Kenya; that the students applauded it in high regard. We would like to thank you and the entire Embassy fraternity for enabling the issuance of passports in Kenya. The students applauded the efforts in high regard. The title of the letter was ‘‘seeking your approval on the council’s resolutions to take SSSAK forward’’ it read as follow;

Further to the many letters presented to you in 2013 pertaining our student’s issues; We, the undersigned representatives presented to you with all due respect and urgency the resolutions made in the council‘s meetings held on 25th, 24th 22nd May, 2014, Nairobi, Kenya.

  1. That; in compliance with article 14/9 of the SSSAK constitution 2010, an Executive ceased to be a members of SSSAK from the day he/she completed his studies, hence, whatever transaction made in the name of SSSAK thereafter is crime punishable under the laws of Kenya for which the Association is registered. That the Embassy should not continue recognizing some of the former executives as leaders of SSSAK when you had presided over their graduation ceremonies held at Six Eighty and Haliquin Hotels 2013.
  2. That; the legislative organ (council) and the general Assembly holds that the said former executives are not members of the Assocition neither are they considered leaders of SSSAK at the moment due to the fact their tenure in office expired on 20th April 2013, and whatever they did or constituted after the said date is null and void.
  3. That; they will only be call later to hands over any Association properties still at their disposal.
  4. That the Annual Election due last year is now indefinitely suspended until other matters deem appropriate by the council are first put in place. Thus, the electoral commission formed by the aforementioned group to officiate over the said plebiscite is thereby put on hold.
  5. That upon ascertaining this sought approval from your office, whether positive or negative, the undersigned secretariat shall convene a council‘s meeting in fortnight‘s time to inform the members on what transpired in this subject matter; and to make a wide and extensive deliberation on how to revitalized and advance the Association‘s objectives with a view to unite all south Sudanese students in Kenya. It was also copied to other relevance offices that we deem are privy to issues raise herein.

When we met Amb. Morgan on behave of his Predecessor, he said, he has peruse the letter with keen interest and that he was delighted to see students coming together. That in light with this letter, he will not recognized any other group purporting to be leaders of SSSAK. He told the delegation to go and meet the students and inform the Embassy of whatever decision they took. Herewith were the council secretariat and two representative general assembly who sign the letter

  1. Mayom Winston Ayiik                 University of Nairobi
  2. Chol Ajhok                                   Kenya Methodist University
  3. Dut Mabior Ajak                           Kenyatta University
  4. Manyuon mach Deng                   St. Paul University
  5. Evans M. Oliver                           Baraton University of Eastern Africa
  6. John Yaak Bol                               Strathmore University
  7. Serbido Ambrose                           Mount K. University
  8. Kim Bany Joak                             Jomo Kenyatta Universty of science and technology
  9. Raphael Piol                                   Africa Nazarene University
  10. Deng Garang                                 United states University
  11. Ajak John                                       Daystar University
  12. Dak Gabriel Buoth                        Presbyterian University of East Africa
  13. Gabriel Gai Deng                           Mount. K. University
  14. Riiny Anthony Thiik                       Africa Nazarene.U

After series of consultative meetings with other council members and the SSSAK general assembly, it was found tenable that the only way to revive SSSAK is to constitute an interim body, an idea which was unanimously agreed upon by the members.

In a subsequent meeting held thereafter on the 23rd June 2014, it was agreed that prior to the establishment of interim leadership, there should be a Guiding principles that will guide the interim leadership once it is put in place; because since the existing constitution have been violated in April 2013, it cannot be the same law that can guide the interim leadership.

When the 7 page interim guiding principles 2014 were drafted and approved by the council after fortnight email cross-checking conversation between council, another meeting was convened on 30th June 2014 at metro hotel were the appointment of the interim executives was done as well as vetting.

A week after the aforesaid date, the minutes of the aforementioned meeting was submitted to the Embassy by both returning officers and the interim leaders headed by Chol Ajok Barec and John Yaak Bol. Upon perusal of the minutes and the interim guiding principles, Amb. James Morgan suggested that it would be realistic if the tenure of the interim leadership be extend to one year; he was told that it’s up to the council to decide how long the interim should take.

Below is the SSSAK interim leadership guiding principles



Definition in the guiding principles and any other schedules or annexation to it shall unless the context otherwise admit or require have the following meaning;

Consensus– referred to an agreement without voting.

Dispute– mean disputes as referred in article 9 herein.

Quorum- means half of the members of both interim committee and the student’s council present in the discussion.

  • Recognizing that the Interim SSSAK Leadership 2014 has been formed to revitalized SSSAK, promote and maintain the unity of all south Sudanese students in Kenya. Committed to nurture and protect the talent of any of our individuals for the benefits of south Sudan, Africa and the world generally.
  • Guided by the Principles, reason, courtesy, realistic and genuine search of all virtues to live in comradeship, peace, and salubrious society with all our neighbors and institutions who believed in ideals of justice and equality as enshrined in our national anthem.
  • Thankful to the Kenyan people for the warm reception they continue to accord south Sudanese who had came to this country to seek refuge and for academic purpose.


  • To Revitalize SSSAK, reorganize students, promote and maintain peace and Unity among all students in Kenya
  • To run the Association Affairs within the stipulated timeframe UNTIL another election is done
  • To review SSSSK constitution 2014
  • To collect students database across the country
  • To form and facilitate the electoral commission that will officiate the next election


  • Must be a registered member of SSSAK
  • Must possess valid south Sudanese passport and pupil pass
  • Must pay kshs 500.
  • Must vow to respect and a bide by the principles stipulated herein
  • Must not be among the contestants for upcoming SSSAK election
  • Must be endorsed by 2/3 majority of the council
  • Must have attended the last five SSSAK consecutive meetings
  • Must not be among the immediate former executives committee
  • Must be seen to be competent in the position he/she is appointed
  • Must be endorsed by at least five members of his University.


  • Chairperson
  • Vice-chairperson
  • Secretary General
  • Deputy Secretary General
  • Secretary for finance
  • Deputy finance secretary
  • Secretary for constitution and legal Affairs
  • Secretary for students Affairs
  • Secretary for Information and communication
  • Secretary for organizing and culture.


1.2. There shall be gender balance and equal representation in the appointment of the interim executive committees


  • The executive committee shall be the administrative body of SSSAK and shall direct its affairs in conformity with this Guiding principles
  • Shall plan for the programs and activities of SSSAK and lead the members in implementing them; and reach a resolution by consensus by two (2/3) majority of the members
  • Shall not dismiss any member of the committee without approval from the council
  • Shall appoint ad hoc committee to help in managing short term SSSAK activities when need arise
  • THE CHAIRPERSON shall be the head of the executive committee; and shall sign all official documents of SSSAK as well as the spokesperson of SSSAK.
  • THE VICE CHAIRPERSON shall perform any duties of the chairperson in his/her absence or any duty assigned to him by the chairperson; he shall together with the chairperson and the secretary general formulate agenda of SSSAK Meetings.
  • THE SECRETARY GENERAL shall prepare, keep minutes records, correspondents and official documents of SSSAK; shall be signatory to all cheques of sssak
  • THE DEPUTY SECRETARY GENERAL shall perform duties of the secretary general in his/her absence and shall as well write and keep minutes of the executives meetings
  • THE SECRETARY FOR FINANCE shall formulate financial policies and ensure safe custody of SSSAK financial record
  • THE DEPUTY SECRETARY FOR FINANCE shall perform duty of the finance secretary in his/her absence and other financial duty assigned to him by the secretary for finance
  • THE SECRETARY FOR CONSTITUTION AND LEGAL AFFAIRS shall be in charge of SSSAK legal affairs, received any questions raise over constitutionality and shall me member of the constitution making committee.
  • THE SECRETARY FOR STUDENTS AFFAIRS shall be chief lobbyist for students’ scholarship, and shall give advice on academic matters as well as the collection of students database and record, he shall organized students seminars and workshops.
  • THE SECRETARY FOR INFORMATION AND PUBLICITY shall inform the executives, council and general assembly on latest development concerning SSSAK.
  • THE SECRETARY FOR SPORTS AND CULTURE shall promote creativity and competition among students through sports, music and culture and shall seek funding for sports game
  • The speaker of the council shall be council spokesperson and chair council meetings


  • There shall be three (3) Advisors and Patrons that shall comprise of mature and person of high integrity.
  • The Advisors shall lead students dialogue and peace committee
  • Shall mediate any dispute between executives.


  • The lifespan of this interim leadership shall be six (6) months unless otherwise.
  • These guiding Principles are valid from the day they are ratified up to and including the date when the interim leadership cease as provided in this guiding principles.


  • There shall be an interim executives meeting alone, executives and council meeting and general assembly meeting and emergency meeting. There shall be at least one meeting each month, especially on Saturday at 10:00 am in the morning or 2:00pm or such other time or times as jointly deem fit.
  • There shall be no meeting between interim executives and general assembly or media briefing without council consulting or agreeing beforehand.


  • Decisions of the interim committee and the students council shall be made through consensus


  • If a dispute arises among the interim committee that has not been resolved within 24 hours, it shall be referred to the Advisors in writing. The Advisors shall negotiate in good faith to resolve the dispute.
  • Where a dispute cannot be resolve by the Advisors, the Advisors can refer the matter to the student’s council for final resolution.


The student’s council and the general assembly shall be the depositories of the Guiding principles

Dated and signed at Nairobi this…30TH………..day of …JUNE……..2014

Rep. Students Council                             Rep. General Assembly

Name………………………….                    Name——————                    


I………………of South Sudanese origin, passport or ID……….P.U.E.A/UoN…………………

Having been duly and unanimously appointed as an Interim …………………………..….… of the south Sudan students Association in Kenya (SSSAK), do solemnly affirm that I will be faithful and bear absolute allegiance to this organization; That I will respect, preserve and Protect this Guiding Principles of South Sudan students Association in Kenya without fear or favor.

                                     …….. So help me God…..

  1. Leader’s Signature……..……on this …………..day………….20……..

Before me.……on this …………day of …………….20…………

  1. Presiding officer

Witnessed by; …………………………….on this ………………………day of the …………20 ………………………..

TITLE ……………………CONTACTS……………..…EMAIL……………………………

Dated in Nairobi this…30th day of ……………June………2014

Yours Affectionately

Ajak John Ateng,

Secretary for Information and Communication                                                                                

Cc: Secretary General, societies department, State law office.

Cc: H.E. Amb. James P. Morgan, Charge D e Affaires, Embassy, republic of south Sudan

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David Atem Ayuel Atem August 18, 2014 at 12:29 pm

wild propaganda,stop lying bro Dak and prepare your self to contest in the forth coming SSAAK’s elections.the members who came rejected the proposal of the interim arrangement unanimously.


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