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Undercover Group emerge again: The schemes behind Jonglei State Headquarters’ Protests

By Undercover Group of South Sudan,


Jan 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — “But Jonglei’s information minister Judy Jonglei Boyoris said the protest was “politically instigated” following the dismissal of senior officials from the ministry of finance.”

Our analogies:

The last week protests event in Bor town was well organized by Greater Bor politicians, some citizens and here are some of the agendas behind protesters. Yet, the Greater Twic East and the Greater Duk communities not knowing anything yet but right now they have to know it:

  1. Greater Bor politicians and citizens are not happy with Gov. John Kong, we already know their jealousy toward Nuer people.
  2. Bor County politicians are planning to creates what-so-called “Bor State or Greater Bor Administration Area” whereby the currently “Bor town” will still be the Headquarters of Twic East, Bor and Duk Counties. Yet again, the Dinka Twi and the Dinka Duk communities seem like they are not aware of this. But now they need to know what going on.
  3. The women protests was well planned by some politicians. In beginning, they were thinking that they might be left free without jailed after their protests. But after they have been jailed, now the politicians and citizens from Bor County are outrages due to their secret being discovered. Also, the Greater Twic East Youths in US has released press rejecting the well planned ideal. Again, they are now become furiously against Gov. John Kong. By asking some questions, why John Kong Nyuon has to arrested our mothers, our women and so and so. He has provoked us. Now has to go or he might be facing punishments.
  4. In addition too, few women among the groups from Twic East and Duk Counties were blindfolded to join the protests so that it might look it was actually including Jonglei Dinka communities of Twic East and Duk. But behind the scene, it was a manipulation scheme.
  5. Another point we want to make from this, the Bor County politicians and citizens are not happy at all since former Gov. Kuol Manyang left the office. There were no many chances for them to loots public resources of State as they use to do. Which is contrary to what in now under Gov. John Kong Nyuon Administration. At the same token, they are not happy too because the ‘Finance Minister’ is not longer being occupied by their citizen from Bor County to allows them to loots public resources like in case of previous leadership Gov. Kuol Manyang. For instance, please take this quote from Jonglei Information Minister, Judy Jonglei Boyoris, “the protest was “politically instigated” following the dismissal of senior officials from the ministry of finance.”
  6. Michael Makuei Payam of Kolnyang last year gave warning to Gov. John Kong Nyuon not to ever goes to their area of Kolnyang Payam over Bor County commissioner post contests.
  7. Finally, behind all these, it is true that the Bor County politicians and their citizens are truly planning to creates new state of “Bor State or Greater Bor Administration Area” and at the same time, their “Bortown” too would still be the Headquarter as well. It is one the reason why they are furious in removal of Gov. John Kong Nyuon yet people have not yet understand this but we the Under Group have decoded ideal behind protest. Just take this message from one of the protests, “one of our own.” “We don’t need Nuer.” It has been conveyed by these writers in their press releases at Paanluel Wel blog of Elijah Deng Simon too.

“Political Maturity in Awiel a Lesson for Bor

Posted: January 28, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël, “The answer is simple: Bor governor because only Bor, Twic East and Duk counties are areas caretaker is in charge. Don’t tell me Pibor or Akobo.” To you Greater Twic East and Greater Duk Communities, please analysis this sentence by Philip Thon Aleu from Bor County.

“Twenty Women “Liberators” Arrested in Bor

Posted: January 28, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël, “It is suspected that the former governor is the one who would want the greater Pibor officials to continue in their post in Jonglei. This is one contentious area where the locals from the three Counties of greater Bor won’t agree.”To you Greater Twic East and Greater Duk Communities, please analysis this sentence by Malith Alier Bor County.

“Salva Kiir to John Koang Nyuon: What is Up in Bor town Sir?

Posted: January 27, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël, “I am also told that the local people complain that you (a Nuer) and your deputy (a Murle) and your finance minister (an Anyuak) are only ruling over the three counties of Greater Bor, that you have no authority whatsoever over the Nuer areas nor over the GPAA. I thought you are ruling Jonglei Sir. Are you only ruling the three counties of Bor, Twic East and Duk county and yet the governor, the deputy governor and the finance minister are non-Dinkas? And what is a Murle and Anyuak doing in Bor, didn’t I decreed them a new state, GPAA, in July 2014?” To you Greater Twic East and Greater Duk Communities, please analysis this sentence by Elijah Deng Simon (The owner of Paanluel Wel controversal blog against Greater Twic East and Greater Duk communities in favor of Greater Bor community) from Kongor Payam, Twic East County.

Another press to check outs from Mabior Ayuen Aka Jangdit Dengajok from Bor County: “https://wangdunkon.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/john-kong-nyuons-asses-on-fire-in-jonglei-state-governorship/” “The women are being in police custody with out any charge made on them by the governor. Kuol Manyang and Makuei Lueth are currently threatening the President to remove John Kong and replace him with a Dinka from greater Bor with immediate effect.”

We are afraid to say, the Bor County people are playing with fire toward Twic East and Duk Counties citizens.

“As always you are being advised to be careful with anything Bor people do, writes, says and so forth. Before you ever accept anything from them, you have to look deeps or critical what they writes will have some hidden messages or tricks or something favor them.”
By Unknown


By Undercover Group of South Sudan

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Elbow Chuol


David January 29, 2015 at 9:52 am

Twi Dinka do not even know what the hell they are talking about, if you forks know what you are talking about you should pick up the phone and call home to know the names of those ladies that were arrested, some of you will be surprise. anyway, it seems some times those people who brand their to be Twi Dinka are not really from Twi we all know I doubt they are from Twic east county because Twi community have no dumb thinkers like this group. And if you are really from Twi East County you better stop using the divisive language you always used against other communities please. I have never come across hatred writings coming from other communities like the one you always posted. Think about why they do not do that.

Tut John Nyuon January 30, 2015 at 2:08 pm

What a shame for Juba gov’t?


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