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By Nyamal Gathoth Gatkuoth, Denmark

These orphaned children received food from WFP after a humanitarian mission arrived in the town of Pibor in South Sudan's Jonglei state on 3 January 2012. (Photo: WFP/Rehan Zahid)
These orphaned children received food from WFP after a humanitarian mission arrived in Jonglei State. (Photo: WFP/Rehan Zahid)

Nov 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Any leaders who divide us are like a virus for us Africans and are more deadly than Ebola. Because of our enormous differences we must accept and tolerate each other.  This is the only way to unity. Unity in diversity! A woman is different from a man, but yet together we are one and without us, there will not be this world. There will not be love, a newborn baby or a future. Do you see how unity can make our world a better place?

How great it could develop our broken system in African countries? If we accept each other and unite, then we can overcome our little differences. However, we keep going down, because our leaders are making this virus grow when they make some of us support them in their bloody politics.

The broken system 

African countries suffer from broken system. There is corruption, poor health care, bad traffic, and bad roads etc. Students in schools are lacking of good teachers, books, computers, sports fields, accommodation, and other learning tools that can help to elevate our standard of education. Our system is broken, but we are not finding a way to fix it. All we do is making it worse. All we do is making war, growing hate. Why are we not finding solutions instead of creating problems? Well-educated people are our future. We need education more than anyone does but yet nobody is talking about it, instead we are fighting over which tribe is the smartest. We have to mend the broken system if we want a better future.

Hostility of tribes

It makes me sick when our leader of southern Sudan kills the citizens of our country, just because they belong to a different tribe. When I see people support this kind of crime, I cry. When I hear Dinka saying, “Nuer people must all die” or when they say, “Dinka people must all die”, I get sick because we should not kill or divide ourselves. We must stand together against this crime, not support it and get blind. It is not Nuer or Dinka; it is the power drunkenness, hate and greediness of South Sudan leaders that is killing our citizens. It is not the people, so why are you the people being indifferent, letting this affect you and change who you are. Why do you let them entice you and make you a tool of destruction in their hands? What would you do when your mother is gone and your father is gone, and all your siblings are gone? Do you think Salvar Kiir would put life unto them and bring them back? If a whole tribe is dying like this, do you think your life would be brighter?

Don’t you see how this situation has affected every nook and cranny of southern Sudan? We need leaders not dictators

Salva Kiir is a dictator not a leader, he is hungry for power and riches. He uses his power to make atrocities.  But yet you support him and call those who defend themselves rebels. They are not rebels, but people who are putting up an act of self-defense.  Those people are mothers and fathers who want to protect their children from dying. They are saving lives! Just as we acted of self-defense when the Arabs of North Sudan were killing us. Were we rebels?  Were we bad for defending ourselves? Were our fathers bad for protecting us? Was John Garang a bad person? The former leader of SPLM who fought to defend and protect the children of South Sudan with many others SPLM leaders. Are they not our heroes today?  We look up to them and thank them for what they have done, don’t we? If you do not support the opposition against Salva Kiir now, you may never have another chance to do it in the future, because it is not really about the Salva Kiir alone, but for a better system, for a better leader who see all the tribes of south Sudan equal. If those people you incessantly call rebels did not push a defense, Salva Kiir would have razed this tribe to zero point. Is that what you wish? Please we must stop this madness in South Sudan. It is not acceptable! It should not be supported by anyone.

Unity leads

Look at what happened in Burkina Faso. The people were together as one, and took a step that changed their country. Their president was a dictator but together as one they made him step down, he even ran out of the country, which is better than millions of people running out of a country because of one man’s power. They did not killed each other, rather they stand together and made a change together as the people of Burkina Faso, without tribalism. That is the greatness of people uniting and stopping the African virus. It could be better if African leaders follow the law and the timing, but they do not. I wish African leaders understand their time – that you cannot be a president for life. When you support a dictator, you are supporting the African virus.

We Africans want a better life.

We do not want to support a leader who divides us. We are all different and we will always be, there is nothing we can do about that, and it is not bad at all, but when we respect each other for whom we are and tolerate our differences, then we become one great united South Sudan. Today we can all unite and Stop supporting these killers. Don’t you think everyone deserve to dream of becoming the next president? Well, it can only happen in a society where people are free to speak and be who they are and still live as one people. Stop the African virus. It is only you and me, us Africans who can stop this madness and make a change in Africa. Start now with yourself. Think twice of what you wish for your own brother, the words you used when you speak to your brother, the words you write to your brother. Because we are human, if you hurt me, I would be tempted to retaliate! But if you love me, maybe I will even love you more. Hey it’s up to you. How do you want it in South Sudan? Start with yourself! Chose now, Love or hate? Of course, LOVE! Many non-African nations have helped us Africans, but most of them have taken much from us, but you know, those who have helped us cannot help us forever.

It is only Africans who can change Africa, nobody else. So please do not support Salva Kiir or any other leaders who are killing Africans off like flies. Stand up for yourself, for your brothers, for your families, for your country not for a tribe or a name or a family name or whatever. We need to build a better place for us. We need leaders that understand that we are different, but that we need each other and need to go forward. Leader that see us as one! Leaders that want our country to grow and shine like a star, leaders who defend us like King of kings, the lord of lords, and the star of the stars. We need strong, lovely and kind hearted leaders.

Stop the African virus now!

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