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IGAD Declares War On South Sudan To Help Dictator Salva Kiir!

By Peter Chot Deng


Peter Chot Deng....
Peter Chot Deng….

Nov 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This article points out some issues that cannot allow peace in South Sudan and some points that could get peaceful solutions for the people of South Sudan.

The factors that will not get a peace in South Sudan are follows;

  1. To reunited the country under Salva Kirr leadership will never happens because Kirr has one who killed 30. 000 civilians in Juba 15 – 29 Dec 2013.
  2. To make peace by the IGAD who are involved in the war at first place which means is joke to turns the country as business centre of created the war in Eastern Africa country.

According to this evidences that these poor mine call Intergovernmental Authority on Development they declared the war to helped South Sudan dictator for ethnics cleansing to massacred the Nuer civilians around the country on 27 December, 2013, East African leaders gave the Dr Riek Machar and his forces four days to lay down their arms, warning that IGAD will take action to stop the conflict in South Sudan  in a communiqué issued in Nairobi.

The poor IGAD leaders said they would not accept a violent overthrow of the country’s democratically elected government, and said any change must come through the democratic process. In a statement released on 28 December, United Nations Secretary-General Baa Ki-Moon  said he lauded IGAD for “appointing a mediation team to work with the government of south Sudan and opposition in reaching a cease-fire, the release of the detainees and building toward a process of peaceful dialogue.”

  1. Poor IGAD leaders look how to rescued Salva Kiir to remains as leader of South Sudan because Salva has catering them with South Sudan oils money when the Libya president called Muhammar Gazama killed by the western power business groups.
  2. The biggest issues will be no trust between Dinka and Nuer at all and also the victims will make revenges event we like its or not that will happen after this rubbish peace mediated by the poor leaders.
  3. South Sudanese will not live in peace anymore if devil poor mine dictator of Uganda as a hands at South Sudanese affairs, to become father of new nation after his assassinated Dr John Garangn De Mabior and that will not works to leave the Sudan cultures to Uganda cultures and that will not acceptable. To ensuring security and stability in the regions of East Africa including the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan Yoweri Museveni needs to leave Sudanese in generals alone

The peaceful solutions that should be division of South Sudan to allow Upper Nile as independent state and if not there is no peace among South Sudanese.

  1. Give leadership to Nuer – to let the world see if they can make revenges
  2. To divide the country to allow Upper Nile region to form their own state- if not which means there no peace on the future.
  3. To give the country trusteeship to UN for 10yrs to allow the reconciliation works between tribes, and to avoids these points above, there will no peace the long runs between who have one tribes addicted of wrong concept that they borns rules event the others tribes in South Sudan by killing without development

The written as graduate of BA & MA for Human Relations. For further information you must reach chotdeng@yahoo.com.au

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