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Juba teaching hospital treats over 5 rape victims every day

Nov 24, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Juba teaching hospital receives five to seven rape victims everyday as the cases of gender based violence increase in the country.

Members of UN Police at Juba Teaching hospital in the past(Photo: file)
Members of UN Police at Juba Teaching hospital in the past(Photo: file)

According to the head of Gender-Based Violence at Juba Teaching Hospital, Dr Samuel Legge, there is an increasing number of rape cases across the country.

“There is a rise in the cases of GBV, we normally receive 5 to 7 cases per day,” Dr. Legge said.

Dr. Legge went on to say that even worst among the victims are teenage girls who turn up pregnant as a result of rape.

“We have seen bad signs of the increases, and bad signs of the increases are teenage girls coming with pregnancy. This is where we are talking about 20 cases all that involves rape and GBV.” He said.

“Most of these 20 cases are pregnant cases and they are below 17 years old teenagers,” he concluded.

Dr. Legge encouraged rape victims to seek medical attention to prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

“If such kind of things happen to you, though you don’t want to report the case to authorities, please come to medical services,” said the head of Gender-Based Violence at Juba Teaching Hospital.

“You will get prevented from getting an infection like HIV and Hepatitis and unintended pregnancy because if you don’t report, you may not know that you are eligible to become pregnant,” he said.

Lina Sity, a nurse at the Gynecology Department in Juba teaching hospital reiterated on the subject saying that issues of rape have become very rampant.

“In a day we could receive more than five cases of rape those are mainly old women, teenage girls, and pregnant mothers,” Lina said.

According to the nurse, an old woman died at Juba Teaching Hospital last month after being gang-raped. There are many rape victims who have lost their lives as a result of excessive bleeding.

“As doctors, we give rape survivors “Preps” drugs to protect them from unwanted pregnancy and contracting diseases such as Hepatitis virus, HIV Aids and sexually transmitted diseases,” Lina added.

A toll-free national helpline number 6-2-3 was also established to support the survivors of gender-based violence in the country.

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