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SPLM/SPLA-IO Representative To Cuba Sends Profound Condolences To Havana on The Passing of Fidel Castro

“Our Profound condolences to Cuban Communist Party, The Revolution and the entire People of Fidel.” Amb. Dr.Philip Gai Lony

Cuban Revolutionary Icon, Fidel Castro, hails South Sudan-Cuba relation(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Cuban Revolutionary Icon, Fidel Castro, hails South Sudan-Cuba relation(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Dec 03, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— On behalf of South Sudan and Sudan People Liberation Movement & Army in Opposition, Ambassador Dr. Philip Gai Lony, the SPLM/SPLA(IO) Representative to Caribbean Mission States sends profound Condolences to the People of Cuba, family and relatives of the Former President and revolutionary icon, Fidel Castro and all freedom fighters around the world on the passing of Fidel on November 25th, 2016.

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Dr. Philip Gai, who was officially invited to attend the memorial rally in Havana on behalf of SPLM/SPLA(IO) could not attend the event because he was feeling unwell; however, he strongly believes in the revolution and role played by the former communist party leader, Fidel Castro.

“Fidel was born to fight for freedom, Justice, Equality and liberty; together with Che Guevara liberated many countries to free the humiliated and poor people around the world” Said Dr. Philip Gai Lony.

“Today, Fidel Castro was born again to commence the battle of “Country or Die”. His Revolutionary vision and ideologies always are victorious.” Gai continued.

Dr. Gai, a South Sudan-Cuban who attended schools in the Caribbean nation as part of South Sudanese students who were sent to school in Cuba back in 1980s by the SPLM/SPLA leadership, believes that Fidel has passed but his great achievements leave a bright legacy behind.

“As part of this great nation of Cuban People, we witnessed the physical absent of our great leader when he departed from us, but we are happy that his legacy of knowledge, teaching, revolutionary values, firmness and confidence live in our memories forever. We will continue his bright revolutionary principles and accept the reality of being responsible to fulfill any unfinished work.” Dr. Gai said.

Dr. Gai argues that though some people may think that Fidel is dead, many people strongly believe Fidel is just resting.

“but the majority of the world ‘s population as well as the revolutionary individuals think always that the Commander in Chief, Fidel Catro Ruz is commencing the immortal Revolutionary Life forever.” Dr. Gai narrates.

“Fidel was a father with human dignity, roll model of political ideologies, Economics, Revolutionary and unlimited liberator without borders.” he continued.

Dr. Gai believes that Fidel was not only tough at the frontline but was also a great leader and for such many more Fidel(s) will continue to rise in Cuba and also around the world.

He believes that for many South Sudanese who had the privilege to study in Cuba and share the revolutionary life with Fidel Castro and his Cuban People, Castro will forever dwell in them through social ideals and revolutionary principles they have learned during their stay in Cuba.

“we felt the maximum pain knowing that our great father is no longer with us physically. But mentally, we acknowledge his present through socialist ideologies and revolutionary virtues that saved many lives of those nations which suffered under neocolonialism. We salute him as we always say, “ Hasta La Victoria Siempre, Commandante”.” He said.

“At these difficult times of his passing, we endure the pain, but keep our heads high to confront the imperialism that caused imbalance on human dignity and development; whereas, the world without adequate system is more cruel on innocent people.” Gai continued.

Dr. Gai, who recently fought at the front line in South Sudan conflict tells Nyamilepedia that because of revolutionary ideals and communist marxisms that run through their veins, they will continue to fight for social justice, equal rights and freedoms of South Sudanese people and other oppressed minorities around the world.

He believes that the world lives on interests without no guiding principles for the needy people.

“Many kids have no school, foods, potable drinking water, and proper medications. Nowadays, the world is reined by corruption and war between oppressor and exploited people.” Dr. Philip says.

Philip recalls a historic visit of Fidel Castro and South African revolutionary Icon, Nelson Mandela(Madiba) in 1991, right after serving 27 years in prison.

“When we used to live as student in Island of Youth, Cuba; we had the best moments ever in our lives with Fidel. Whenever Fidel visited us, we felt really happy and exited; especially when he came with Nelson Madela (El Madibo) in 1991 after serving for 27 years in prison.” Dr. Gai recalls.

“Our teachers and the entire people of Cuba have shown us love and compassion. Our childhood was amazing as we learned during the course of our struggle. Fidel was a symbol of love, peace and liberty.” He continued.

As young boys and girls, thousands of miles away from home, Dr. Gai believes that the former Sudan red armies did not miss a thing while in Cuba because Fidel Castro cared for them more than a father could have done.

“He was our father and he loved all of us. One of the best quote for us was, “ I cannot say foreigners, but Cuban born outside”. Fidel Castro, (El Fipo) referred to all foreign students whom were studying in Cuba. That quote was cited on Mach 25/1995 at University Students Federation (USF).” Dr. Philip Gai Lony recalls.

As a representative of one of the major factions of the war-fractured South Sudan, SPLM/SPLA(IO), Dr. Gai believes that South Sudanese people will never forget the contribution Cuba made in South Sudan struggle for justice and equality, a cause that Gai and his colleagues continued to fight for from within after the South gained independent in 2011.

“South Sudan people will never forget those Cuban men and women in uniforms whom died to free all colonized African nations. Thank you Cuba for the patriotism that Fidel cultivated. Today we are grown and became professionals for the immense help you gave us without interest. The formation of Doctors without borders as well as sending of teachers all over the world is a fruit of solidarity and proletarian international.” Gai said.

“The people of South Sudan and its Movement, SPLA/M-IO (Sudan People Liberation Army/Movement in Opposition) under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, share the pain and grieve with the Cuban people for the lost of a great leader, Fidel Castro Ruz.” He said.

“We send our profound condolences to Cuban Communist Party, the Cuban People and the great revolutionaries people around the world.” Gai concludes.

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