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Thousands Turned Up for Kang JJ “Inner Peace” Concert in Kampala, Uganda


Fans took to the stage with South Sudan legendary singer Kang JJ in Kampala, Uganda 2018 (Photo: supplied/Nyamilepedia).


December 11, 2018 (Nyamilepedia) -Thousands of South Sudanese and Ugandan friends turned up on Saturday and joined the legendary South Sudanese singer, Kang JJ in a concert which fans describe as “breathtaking” and couldn’t get enough of it.  

Before the show, Kang was interviewed by UBC radio 98.0, Magic100.0 FM, and on the date of the show, Bukede TV and Spark TV gave him an extensive interview on several projects he recently initiated including “Inner Peace”.

Kang JJ, is set to tour the world next year to promote his upcoming new Album “Inner Peace” which he believed will not only brings the sensational aroma of music into life but something that should be “adopted and practice” by everyone to gain one of the most ignored beauties of life, an ability to focus on “inner peace” of mind.

Speaking to friends who attended the concert at the Emerald Hotel in Kampala, Uganda they described the concert as “one of its kind” and the message was strongly encouraging.

Kang was interviewed by couples of Uganda media outlets before the concert kick on that very evening. Talking to Kang JJ on Sunday morning on Phone, he said, the reason for his concert is all about empowerment and bring back to people the sense of Inner Peace.

The reason for the concert was to share love through conscious music. It was to campaign as well about the importance of inner peace. No matter what the future holds, we must make ourselves aware that the most important peace in human lives is the inner peace that gives you a peace of mind. It gives you respect and love for others. You would not do to them what you do not want to be done to you if you have inner peace. You would not approach everything with a negative mind if you have peace of mind.

Kang’s latest musical philosophy continue to send a meaningful whisper into the ears of the believers of inner peace across South Sudan and East Africa at large. The campaign is deeply rooted 

Hundreds of fans stand up to cheers Kang JJ at Emerald Hotel, Kampala, Uganda.


in self-acceptance and inner focused for strength and transformation. It is only when people accept inner truth by experiencing inner peace, then there is no force that can alter the outer approach of the world.

Fans Comments

The presence of rain didn’t obstruct the turnout.

“Nyamuch M*****s didn’t know you are this cuäl. In support for our brother, son and S.Sudanese great singer Kang JJ Artiste. It was a crazy night I dance for the First time in seven years guess what we dance while the rain was hitting us in the head but we notice not. In his message before the night was called off he said out loud that peace has been signed yes but it means less when the citizens and the people inside here do not put it practices he said when someone steps on your shoe or hit your legs do not react by slapping or something which is barbaric, smile and continues cultivating your inner peace. In his words Kang Is a Junubchild … he is peace lover. Kuoz Lulhok posted on his Facebook page.

The singer is set to launch his musical website early next year and tour Australia and North America. The concert was well attended and one of its kind.







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