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The IDPs in Juba Denounce & Condemn the International Community (USA) and Some IGAD’s Member States For Fueling Conflict in South Sudan in Support of Dictator Salva Kiir

By David M.Gideon,

IDPS Camps, Juba, South Sudan

IGAD country leaders at a press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington DC after deliberating on peace initiatives in South Sudan.(Photo: file)
IGAD country leaders at a press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington DC after deliberating on peace initiatives in South Sudan.(Photo: file)

Dec 03, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— As a matter of fact, we have denounced and condemned unfortunate conspiracy to isolate the leader of SPLM/A – IO, Dr. Machar with the strongest terms possible.

We do know that the conspiracy of travel ban has been in the first place initiated and masterminded by Obama’s Administration, ironically, this evil initiative is null and void because it doesn’t address the underlie root causes of deadly fighting in J1 between forces loyal to President Salv Kiir and the forces loyal to his former first Vice – President Dr. Riek Machar.

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The fight had promptly forced Machar to flee the country unwillingly to safe his life. But because American is always biased, Oboma’s involvement in South Sudan’s internal armed conflict clearly shows USA double standard.

Both Donald Booth, the US envoy to Sudan and South Sudan and the US. Secretary of State, John Kerry, are the big evil on this conspiracy. When they arrived in Nairobi – Kenya, they blindly stated that ‘‘the replacement of Dr. Riek Machar by Taban Deng Gai is legal’’ without scientific process of getting evidence that could have legitimized the acceptance of what happened. This is absolutely an Obama’s Administration myopia because imposing the travel ban on Machar not to enter into South Sudan as well as neighboring countries so as not to exercise his political practice and freedom is not and will never be a mechanism to peaceful settlement of the current armed conflict in the country.

To the best of our knowledge, the US’s initiative to isolate Machar will definitely maximize the tension on both warring parties and distant the proximity of badly needed peace.

In actual fact, the almost outgoing Obama’s Administration is problematic to the World at large due to the fact that the democrats are always theoretically talking about democracy and good governance; however, negate them in practice, especially in Third World nations. How come truly democratic party’s cadres of US stand up for dictators in Juba if they have an intention to transform the World from the dictatorial leaderships to democratic and good governance systems in order to meet aspirations of haves and have-nots?

Therefore, the absent of Machar’s presence on South Sudan soil while his troops are all over the strategic parts of the country, cannot curtail insecurity and military operations that will involve human rights violations. In our views, the healthy intervention that the US should pursue is to deeply engage the warring parties in restoring peace by resuscitating it.

IGAD’s Readiness for accepting Dr. Machar’s Travel ban: In fact, some IGAD’s countries have shown their readiness to execute unfortunate travel ban on Dr. Machar as long as they have been told do so by Oboma’s Administration. The signal of their readiness has already been manifested clearly by unveil actions of the Addis Ababa and Nairobi blocking the movement of the leader of SPLM/A – IO to his controlled areas in the South Sudan. This is a cowardice behavior (act) being displayed by dysfunctional states headed by clique of dictators who never have a dream of democratically transfer of leadership in their own nations. To us, this anti- peaceful activity that has been done by some IGAD’s member states and other international actors has a connection with assassination attempt against Dr.Riek Machar Teny in J1, 8th July 2016.

They can be easily manipulated by the US – Oboma’s governments in order to implement the policy that has been designed in their absent but the only motivation that mobilize them for taking unprecedented action is to appease US to work in favor and make them remain in power for ever.

Having seen Dr. Riek Machar’s political activities in the region as a true pro – democracy in Africa, it is a serious threat to those who monopolize use of power in their given states. Hence, it is not new to see our neighboring countries acting in anti clockwise direction. We know that these neighbors of ours are not able to restore peace in South Sudan rather looking more clearly the lucrative resources to exploit them for their own use meanwhile the citizens of South Sudan can keep on battling themselves rigorously for nothing.

Our recommendations as IDPs in Juba – South Sudan are: The most important priority to be taken into account by whomever (International Community) wants to see this nation to be the viable state in the region, should engage both the warring parties in resuscitating the then collapsed compromise peace agreement rather than imposition of sanctions against the top leaders in the country.

In the aftermath of the resuscitation of peace, justice and accountability should be directed to those have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during the armed conflict in the country. In other word, the sanctions should be considered against whoever tries to be the bottleneck toward being called upon to appear before International Criminal Court (ICC).

These are the critical steps that should be undertaken by President Barrack Obama if he wants to intervene in South Sudan armed conflict because the citizens of in this young nation are yearning for peace right now rather than seeing robust sanction impose on leaders before peace and justice take their own course.

Last not least, the President Kiir and installed first Vice – President Taban Deng after the J1 unforgettable bloodshed will hardly resuscitate collapsed peace in absent Dr. Riek Machar because peace needs consensus around it and the leaders who have overwhelming majority behind them but I think Mr. Taban cannot meet the most wanted human resources to ensure the effective implementation of peace in this critical time. Restoring stability means a lot that ranges from economics, social, political, and cultural aspects in the war – torn country like South Sudan.


David M.Gideon speaks on behalf of the Nuer community IDPS  in Juba. He can be reached at macharadonuer@yahoo.com 

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1 comment

Abu Deng December 4, 2016 at 12:00 pm

To David M.Gideon who says he speaks on behalf of the Nuer community IDPs in Juba:

You are probably using a fake name likely, sorry but based on facts I know from residing at UNMISS Juba myself, You are not the leader of the Nuer IDP Community in Juba. There is no such position at all in the UN camps there I know for a fact.

Actually, each of the three PoC camps have a top leader, a chairman, a deputy plus several officers (youth, women, security, etc. There are about 20 to 30 “real” leaders in the three PoCs there in Juba and I doubt you are even one of this 30, from the feedback I received back from the camps tonight.

So the question is what is your goal hear? publicity, propaganda…? I see you won’t even spell President Obama’s name right, is it a mistake, or on purpose to smear the image of real IDPs I know suffering in Juba or to use their situation for your own gain? Sad either way!!!

Dear International Community there are accredited leaders at the UN PoCs in Juba, recognised by the UNMISS and elected by the people of the different camps this David M. Gideon is not the leader of the Nuers there – there is no such title, job or designation at UNMISS. You may contact me and I can give you the number/name of the legitimate leaders there or you may contact UNMISS yourself for the same.

Shame on you, whoever you are are?

Abu Deng, formerly of UN PoC 3 Juba


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