Press Release

Southern Liech State Government Statement on Humanitarian Crises

By Hon.Peter Makuoth Malual Wun,

State Minister of Information, Communication, Culture, Youth and Sport.

“Southern Liech” State,


Members of Leer County, Unity State, Dr. Riek Machar's home town, starved in swarms during the three months occupation by the government. SPLA-Juba prevented humanitarian access to Leer until in April, 2014(Photo: UN)
Members of Leer County, Unity State, Dr. Riek Machar’s home town, starved in swarms during the three months occupation by the government. SPLA-Juba prevented humanitarian access to Leer until in April, 2014(Photo: UN)

Jan 13, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The Humanitarian Crises in Southern Liech State has no link with the dismissal of the former Deputy Governor Simon Chuol Biel and the former Government Chief whip in the State Transitional Legislative Assembly Hon.Khan Nin Yieh. The humanitarian affairs and disaster management are under the state Relief and Rehabilitation commission[RRC] and the state ministry of General Education, Gender and Social welfare jurisdiction according the state constitution.

The fact remain, this reshuffle was base on their performance at their place of work and their political affiliation after the 8th July 2016 incident in Juba. The two comrades joined the state government in early monthes of 2015 after denouncing their position in the SPLM/A IO and joined the former Unity State Government.

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In Simple search, Google Simon Chuol Biel in the military government of Cdr. James Koang Chuol as the military Governor of Unity State 23rd Dec 2013 loyal to Dr.Riek Machar Teny. In fact Mr.Chuol Biel has been known for his conspiracy and flattering speeches in the state, that cause a lot of political unrest in the state and the relationship with NGO and UN agencies was detoriating by labeling them rebel, example in October 2016 in humanitarian crises management team visit to Leer meeting, he singled out a national NGO called UNIDO as a rebel led organization, that lead to it closure November 2016. In May 2016 he even initiated conflict between the commander of the wounded hereo and Division Four Infantry brigade commander in Leer, if it was by the mercy of God that it didn’t happened . When He was summoned by the Hon.Governor of the State. He said his intention was to Kill the State Minister of General Education,Gender and social welfare in security meeting at the state headquarter in May 2016.

Imagine ,what kind of a leader is he? If he could plan to murdered his subordinate. Who are the aid workers to him?. The current situation on the ground there is no James Andrew and Mary, who are aid workers in the state headquarter Leer. All the UN Agencies and NGO evacuated the area on 13rd July 2016, when we were attacked by the rebel group loyal to Riek Machar. The UNMISS POC site is managed by GhanBatt soldier that is the only existing UN agencies in the state capital.

The propaganda team led by the former deputy governor and the former government chief whip is a threat to the national interest in international face that the peace is not realize in South Sudan by quoting unauthorized unmeaningful facts that was not confirm by national human right commission, that is total violation of South Sudan sovereignty. while the government is working for national dialogue to address the root cause of the conflict in the country and these few individual are enemies of peace they are working against the national dialogue that led to the detention of the commissioner and the aircraft by giving false information about his visit to Ganyliel. The governor has the constitutional right to relieve them. Two different mission and vision in the system that is what cause conflict in South Sudan presidency and we will not allow this to happen in Southern Liech State.

Finally, the state government is giving pledge to her citizen that all their constitution right will be respected and let the peace be our priority.

The author is a concern South Sudanese citizen. He can be reached at sgpechdak75@yahoo.com

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James Ruei Majok January 18, 2017 at 11:26 pm

if this is the fact of what is going on in Southerner Liech state , what will be the solution to Humanitarian access to people who are in need of aids assistance ? like people of Leer county , for example if this case was not address very well to concern people what will happen to people who need assistance ?


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