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South Sudan: Nuer-UN Worker Kidnapped In Malakal, Upper Nile State!

Mark Diang, who works for World Food Programme, kidnapped by militants in Malakal(Photo: Mark's)
Mark Diang, who works for World Food Programme, kidnapped by militants in Malakal(Photo: @Mark’s/Nyamilepedia)

Oct 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A United Nations worker, who works for World Food Programme was kidnapped at Malakal airport, in Upper Nile state, on Thursday morning to unknown destination by armed soldiers.

According to the president of the United Nation Mission in South Sudan, Bennett Kenyi, the worker was waiting for a UNMISS charter at Malakal airport to Juba when the soldiers suddenly appeared and took him from the queue.

“They just grabbed him from the line and took him away in a car,” Kenyi said.

The worker, who was identified as Mark Diang, is a Nuer by ethnicity from Panyinjar county of Unity state. According to Puoch Riek Deng, a close friend who communicated with him on Wednesday night, Mark was concerned over his safety in Malakal.

“Mark Diang has expressed his concern yesterday night on facebook chat with me. He said Shilluk militias are looking for him and he fears if caught by them, he will not survive. This is capital crimes and crimes against humanity.” Puock elaborates.

“This continuing genocide against Nuer tribesmen and women is happening on the very watch of the UNMISS forces in Makakal. UN is facilitating the genocide against one ethnic group in South Sudan. Shame on UN and shame on all UN and humanitarian agencies operating in Juba.” Puoch stressed frustrations over UNMISS’s efforts in the conflict.

Various sources reiterate that the kidnappers are either from the government security forces or from allied militia group from Chollo (Shilluck) tribe. The two armed groups, however, are under direct command of Gen. Johnson Oliny, a son of Chollo by ethnicity.

The Upper Nile state government under Salva Kiir pledges to investigate the matter. Peter Hoth Kwach, the Upper Nile Minister of Information, said the state has started an investigation.

“The government as well as U.N. agencies and UNMISS are working hand in hand to make sure that this situation is contained,” Kwach said.

In August, Gabriel Yien Gach, was pulled out of a NPA vehicle and killed based on his ethnicity in Mabaan, according to NPA reports. Six other Nuer -UN workers were targeted in Mabaan county by government allied militia.

In April the UN Secretary General, Ban ki Moon, and other UN organs stressed that any attack on protected persons under UN Charter constitutes war crimes and crime against humanity, however, neither the United Nations nor the regime has taken enough measures to identify the perpetrators or protect the endangered UN workers.

South Sudan conflict from its onset has been dominated by rebels and tribal militias fighting on both sides. The current Chief of General Staff for the army, Paul Malong Awan, recruited over 3000 tribal militia from his tribe as earlier as September 2013 while he was serving as the governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

The militias from Dinka tribe, identified as Gelweng or Mathiang Anyor, were trained and equipped by the government as “reserve army”, according to president Salva Kiir. In December the Gelweng were accused for door-to-door execution of Nuer Ethnic group in Juba. The Juba massacre which claimed thousands of lives prompted thousands of Nuer’s White armies to take army against the government. Today, ethnic militias are emerging from different parts of the country and as well as from regions of Sudan.

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James Wuor October 17, 2014 at 12:03 am

Dear Nyamilepedia, Correctly we have heard that information occurred in Malakal about Mark Diang was been Kidnapped by sector two 2 commander soldier scurrility, under command Lt Gen. Gony Bilieu, is very badly news, United Nation, Now was pursue after him to find destination they hided the man, but let us praying for God saving him in good situation, But again another information to you all members of Nyamilepedia we have 35 Traders are been Kidnapped from Rumbek on 15 /10/2014. are all Nuers traders in Payinjiar County, of Unity State- Bentiu, Traders , but doesn’t sure were they are take them no good clarification message to their life now.

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Michael chuonyok May 13, 2015 at 6:39 am

always government violate peace,these days they burned all unity state ‘s Rubkona county houses,raids cattle, raping young ladies by force where are the AU,IGAD and the western world?


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