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South Sudan: Government Troops Brutally Turned on Civilians In Madi Land, Magwi County

Andrew Olweny | Nimule, Magwi County.

Victims of the weekend attack by unknown gunmen on Juba-Kajo Keji road. (Juba Hospital, 19 July 2015)
Victims of the weekend attack by unknown gunmen on Juba-Kajo Keji road. (Juba Hospital, 19 July 2015)

August 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —  Reports coming from Pageri town and Nyongwa village paint a dire picture for Civilians in the areas. Per credible reports coming to South Sudan Liberty News correspondent here in Nimule, Juba has send heavy reinforcements of between 10 to 15 Lorries, full of fully armed SPLA Juba soldiers and allied militias.

However, to surprise of everyone, knowing the uneasy relations between the Dinka and the local community, 90% of the deployments are Dinka soldiers, reinforced by 4 helicopter gunships and 2 jet fighters. The Jet fighters are identified to below to the Ugandan’s UPDF, while the gunship seems to be of South Sudan military.

This disproportional response to include airpower will be in keeping with; What Kuol Manyon said in the past, they have acquired superior fighting force in order to defeat the Rebels.

“you have AK-47 and they have Ak-47, you cannot defeat them this way, you have to come after them with superior weaponries.” Kuol believes.

To the horrors and terror of the Civilians in Nyogwa and Pageri, the Dinka soldiers have went rampage against the civilians. The terrified people where at first happy to see the arrival of “their army” after gunfight in the area, but to their dismay, almost all the soldiers where Dinka and they without hesitations started beating civilian, saying “ It is your youth who killed us” arresting and torturing men, beating women and children.

An old man, who identified himself as Mr. Fabio Ganyi, 82 years old, was housebound and unable to run because he was blind.

According to the eye witnesses, the old man was beaten before his house was set on fire. Another victim, Mr. Ganyi, was believe to be alive inside the burned house that is now completely destroyed.

As this report is being prepared, his remains are still in the burned down house.

Dozens of houses in Nyongwa and in Pageri have been burned down. Homes and stores are looted. Several women have been rapped. Youth as young as 13th have been rounded and arrested, their numbers and where about remain unknown.

Juba is reacting to the gunfight that took place between their soldiers based in Nyogwa and Resistant movement, Equatoria Division, which took place yesterday morning at 9:30 AM, August 18, 2015.

Per reports received by South Sudan Liberty news, allegedly, SPLA Juba based in the area and in Nyongwa hunted down the resistant forces of the opposition, Eastern Equatoria division, the later responded with furor, causing SPLA Juba in the area to run in disarray with their base in Nyogwa destroyed flat.

According to the reports of SPLM/SPLA, Juba lost heavily including 15 SPLA soldiers Dead, 2 critically wounded.

Resistance fights reported capturing 35 AKA 47 taken in good conditions, 2 pickup trucks destroyed and 2 walk & talkies taken.

The surviving SPLA Juba soldiers ran from Nyogwa to Pageri town Center while awaiting reinforcements from Nimule and the Lories and air cover from Juba.

The magnitude of Juba’s response explains how the loss of men and equipment shock them to the core.

They, however, as witnessed in Nuer, Shilluk, Moro and Azende lands, unfortunately killed unarmed civilian, women and children and carried out destruction of property as a possible warning to the neighboring minor tribes.

The Ma’di Corridor is now at utter risk unless Kiir comes to his senses to spare civilians in this war as he refused to sign a peace agreement.

A Call on Juba

As a new organization, we call on Juba to spare civilians. It is the army’s constitutional responsibilities to protect civilians. Kiir each time is burying his legacy deeper into the dark book of history only reserved for the likes of Hitler. This are supposed to be the peoples army and it is the sole reason for her existence, to protect the people at all cost to include their lives however in South Sudan under Kiir, the world is turned on its head.

~ South Sudan Liberty news.

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