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GEYL Denounces Dec 15th Commemoration by Juba Hypocrites

GEYL Press,

The only foreign president to attend the 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)
The only foreign president to attend the 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)

December 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Greater Equatoria Youth Leadership (GEYL), categorically denounces any hypocritical commemoration of Dec/15/2013 by Juba hypocrites who intentionally created the unjustifiable uncalled misery on the people of South Sudan.

It so ugly, to witness the same group who planned the massacre under the cover of illusion coup in Juba, mobilizing the citizens of the Country to rally behind them in commemoration of   all those they have killed I cold blood.

GEYL, strongly denounced, and condemned such attitudes of hypocrites, and urged all youth of Greater Equatoria from partaking in such celebration initiated by the elements who have inflicted the current suffering on the people of South Sudan.

We perceived that, any meaningful commemoration in remembrance of all loved ones, must not be initiated and barked by bloody thirsty, and power greedy groups using the same national resources of the country to celebrate the national crisis they have created.

Our hearts still remained broken and fresh of all atrocities of those who intentionally abuse the power we have delegated to them, as such its complete insult to joint them to celebrate the killing they have plotted against us.

GEYL congratulates, the entire military and political leadership of SPLA/SPLM In Opposition for having united stood together and drafted first ever strong resolution in pursuing of dismantling the dictatorial regime.

The GEYL would like to ensure the opposition leadership to remain focused because; all hopes and aspirations of people of South Sudan are in comprehensive reform agenda to come.

The GEYL will continue to work very hard toward achievement of liberty and establishment of federal state in South Sudan, to put an end ongoing suffering of innocent South Sudanese, massively displaced, and deprived of their rightful livelihood.

GEYL is very much encouraged by on general equatorial youth decisions in realizing the need for change of current regime, and more importantly in conceptualizing the new dimension of political trends.

Equally the same, we urged the international community to carefully watch out Juba, and Kampala oppressive regimes, move of trying hard to invite what certainly will become regional conflict in Africa.

You can reach GEYL leadership at sebitgey@gmail.com

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Wicji Alther December 14, 2014 at 6:11 am

It is a mockery by the regime to do that so in the expense of Southern Sudan people.
By doing so it is laughing for the victims of Dec the 15th.

Wicji Alther December 14, 2014 at 6:17 am

It was easy by govt to kill thousands of civilians in minutes and it is more easier to laugh at them after killing that is not new.

puot jock (@puot123) December 15, 2014 at 4:13 am

Wicji Alther, if you think this massacre is easy ; it is not easy because south sudan with out Nuer and others tribes could not exists, with the presents of Dinka alone ,and for government that kills her people could not be government if you are really educated person read more on difference genocide that were commited from different parts of the worlds as mentioned by some authors that wrote differents articles on this media. Governement of Salva Kiir is brutal or genocidal government that will not serve south sudanese from this crisis.


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