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South Sudan Government Backs Land Grabbing From The Native Bari

Officials saying good bye to Salva Kiir as he heads off to Addis Ababa in 2014 to meet Dr. Riek Machar Teny over South Sudan conflict(Photo: file)
Officials saying good bye to Salva Kiir as he heads off to Addis Ababa in 2014 to meet Dr. Riek Machar Teny over South Sudan conflict(Photo: file)

March 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Few weeks ago when the settlers from Dinka Bor community and some officials under gun point began grabbing land in the Eastern bank of the Nile, President Salva Kiir and Chief of SPLA, Gen. Paul Malong Awan, promised Gen. Thomas Cirilo of intervening in the matter. In fact they tasked a seemingly neutral Maj. Gen. Marial Chanuog of Presidential guards to stand with Gen. Cirilo to defend the Bari land from the land grabbers. However, it turned out that this was a just a face value service to calm down the angered Bari youth, who began to mobilize to defend their remaining piece of land from the Dinka Bor settlers. Today, all that promised intervention has disappeared in a thin air and land grabbing is intensifying. It is now proven beyond reasonable doubt that Kiir government supports the settlement policy.

A close investigation by the Equatorian officials have found that the battalion which was deployed in the area was withdrawn and now what is remaining on the ground is just a small force of National security which don not stop the settlers and land grabbers from displacing the locals. Some members of these national security, in fact, are taking part in land grabbing under cover for their own good. Now the patience of the host community is running out as the truth began to leak out.

Last Friday the Dinka Bor community with their cattle who were in Lobonok areas came under very intensive attack by local youth, which led to huge loss of lives and properties. The Dinka Bor cattlemen were pushed back to Rajaff areas.

It’s worth mentioning that the area of Sherkaat is grabbed by Dinka Bor officials including Gen. Kuol Manyang who established a huge petrol station. Some of the youth from Dinka Bor from Sharikaat areas moved on foot to Rajaff area were they met local youths from Bari who fired on them killing 2 and wounding others. It was not the militias of Gen. Thomas Cirilo who killed them as alleged by some other news outlets.

The Dinka Bor after hearing the incident mobilized themselves in big numbers and went to the village taking law into their own hands. They arrested 11 persons 10 men and a woman. People in the village thought it was the government forces who came, because they’re all armed, driving military land cruisers. The families of those arrested look all over for their loved one in vein, until the Dinka Bor youths wrote to the commissioner of Rajaff County asking if he doesn’t hand over those missing youths from Dinka Bor, then they will kill all the 11 persons under who are under custody.

The family of the 11 persons reported to the SPLA Chief of staff and requested his intervention, Gen. Paul Malong pleaded with them and asked them to release the 11 persons. After a long day negotiations the guys were released.

The authorities are informed about the deteriorating security situation in the area, but no response, since the police is very weak and the land grabbers are stronger, the local populations is left to battle it out on their own, the only force available now is Tiger for most of the intervention within Juba, but since the land grabbers are senior official of the government, nobody is going to demolish this illegal structures, Gen. Mangar Bong and Gen. Marial Chunweng are helpless.

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