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An Easter ‘Holocaust’ in South Sudan

By Dak Buoth,

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March 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– ‘Holocaust’ is a Greek word meaning burnt whole. John Milton was the first English Writer to use the word in the wider sense; he defined it as intentional and complete destruction of properties by fire or mass murder. Holocaust is often use as a synonym for disaster and slaughter of people on a wide scale. The massacre of 50, 000 civilians en mass in Juba, the recent UN report which reveal that hundred people were suffocated to death in leer; that dozen girls were ganged raped and burned alive; continuous barbaric killings of innocent civilians in Malakal town and other UN camps; the South Sudan state’s policy that allow its fighters to rape as form of payment amount arguably to ‘holocaust’ in the contemporary understanding.

Yesterday I saw the social media was clouded with letters of Easter Holiday; the Facebook, Watsap, print and online newspapers name them. When I realized it now became the dominant trending topic of the day, I also decided to take part in that viral conversation. I made a little effort to reach some guys whose contacts I have at my disposal wishing them happy Easter too. I was relaying the same message ‘hello, happy Easter, and their replies were highly jovial. Some responded to me saying, ‘‘Hello Dak happy Easter to you’’ et cetera.

In early hours of yesterday I woke up in the morning to attend three hours academic session which normally commenced at exactly 7:00 AM. After we came out from that session, I went straight home to do some house cleaning activities. Thereafter, I felt bored and exhausted, and as result I opted to sleep for the better part of the noon. Hours after waking up, first I went around to finds at least something edible substances which my body requires. In the process of doing that, I took my ‘Tecno phone’ and ‘log-in’ to have a glimpse of what took place in the world of social media while I was asleep.
And when I opened the Facebook, I tried to take my eyes nearly through all the posts, quotes and pictures that have been posted therein by my Friends. Whenever I found an attractive post, I would click the like button or drops a comment underneath. Other statements which aren’t pleasing I would bypassed and leave to other viewers to express their reaction on them.

Interestingly, while I was undertaking the process of perusal, liking and commenting on those posts; I was also undergoing meditation about their contents with a view to give final resolution on the same. Most statement I saw posted were all carrying praises to the Holy man, Honorable Jesus Christ. Some faithful posted picture of him with a wooden cross on his head showing how he was crucified. Other guys’ shared major biblical quotations which they feel were relevance to this Easter holiday. Other quotes carries writing which reads ‘’thanks a lot Son of God for giving your life for us on the cross for our sins.

However, after I’m through, I asked myself, what if I was them, what would I write? Would I post the same or difference statement? I answered my inner voice and said, it was ‘Easter Holocaust in South Sudan, and nothing to smile about; I didn’t want to let that sentence evaporate out of my mind. I posted that statement immediately on my timeline. If you recheck or asked my Facebook friends who saw it, they would tell you that is how it reads.
The moment I posted it on my Facebook timeline, another concern arise in form of a question within me. The question was like this; but I had send a difference text messages before to some colleagues that says; happy Easter, how come now I say ‘Easter holocaust in South Sudan’ and substitute the word ‘happy’ with ‘holocaust?

In resolving these conflicting arguments, I first recalled the teaching of my former psychology lecturer Mr. Henry Monyacha who once taught me the structure of personality by Sigmund Freud who talks of Id, Ego and super ego. He argued that Id is the primitive and childish that seeks the pleasure whereas the Ego is the reality principle that checks the Id plus the super ego which is the morality principle.

In comparison to the above facts, I regarded the first view that asked me why I should post the second statement as Id whose characteristic is to fear the dangers from external world. It tries in vain to tell me to consider what other people would say about me after seeing the latter post which talk of Easter holocaust and not the happy Easter, meaning it want me to consider their feelings most than my own feelings because of its fear of danger of unknown. In other words, this Id was persuading me to go by what majority would perceive. It was afraid to have me think and come up with new resolutions contrary to what others believed, and that is why it fears the new title, ‘Easter Holocaust’’ which no one has ever heard about. However, since Ego is the reality principle that checks and approves the Id, the Ego view prevails.

Truth be told, there is nothing like happy Easter holiday in South Sudan. Almost everyone slept with his or her empty bellies facing the sky unlike a few members of political class and their cronies. More often than not, Mothers, fathers, children, and peasants couldn’t go to till in the fields or go about their normal activities in their gardens for fear of brutal killing and rape.

It is common knowledge that civilians are being displaced from their homes and their properties looted. The Government soldiers and its mercenaries chase and continue to attack them in united nation protection camps with impunity. Such a tribulations tells us there is nothing to celebrate and nothing to smile about in South Sudan.
These are indisputable facts which have been verified, witnessed and documented by credible and international human rights organizations; and this is what prompted me to change the title from Happy Easter Holiday to Easter Holocaust in South Sudan.

Just like it was well narrated in the Bible, When Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross together with two gentlemen who were charged for criminal offences. while they were placed on the crosses, One guy at his left pleaded with Jesus when he was about to die, he said to him, ‘‘I beg you sir please remember me when you reach your Father’s kingdom’ On hearing that,Jesus turns his head to him nodding in show of solidarity after that he died.

The major political and warring groups in South Sudan have now begun ‘partying’ celebrating their looming reunion which is expected soon.
This morning, I heard that the former dissident and disgruntle group commonly known as the SPLM-IO are having a party at Kenyatta International conference center (KICC). Their counterparts in Juba, the treacherous armed groups might also be celebrating the maintenance of status quo and for dancing on the graves of the war victims for so long.

We the downtrodden hereby appeal to those ‘partying groups’ like the guy on the cross who begged Jesus to remember him, I say to you all, please remember us when you succeed in sealing your political marriage in Juba. I would like to conclude with the statement by the founder of African union His Emperor Haile Selassie, ‘‘it is us today, it will be you tomorrow’

The writer can be reached for comments via eligodakb@yahoo.com

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chol y March 26, 2016 at 6:52 am

This rubbish mr Dak Kuoth when are you guys going to stop lying so Nuer massacre in Juba. Your 20 000 or 50 000 Nuers killed in Juba is a joke. You massacre Dinka’s at UNMISS camp in Malakal and claimed to a victim. Your lies just never end


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